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Reed Nyffeler | CEO | Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security: Providing Peace of Mind

Signal 88 Security offers a full suite of world-class and industry-leading security services with a mission to make businesses and communities more secure.
The vision of Signal 88 Security is to provide an innovative approach to security services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. This is based on a fundamental belief that safety is a basic human right and need. Their vision statement is “we’re here to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.”What this really means is that the company recognizes that its clients have a purpose, which they can only fulfil if their physical environment is safe and secure. A healthy and safe environment gives neighbors and local organizations the opportunity to prosper. Signal 88 is guided by a set of core values: Passion, Honesty and Integrity, Relationships, Serving, and Learning.
Fully Customizable Solution 
Signal 88 provides a niche service, so they know that a single approach can’t be applied to every property or situation. The promise begins with first listening to the customers’ need and learning the desired outcomes. This helps to create a customized solution unique to the customer, property, and personnel’s needs.
The next step is to conduct a full site assessment, bringing in the expertise and recommendations of the Signal 88’s trained staff. The company won’t propose a generic solution, but instead one that is tailored to the needs and desires of the consumer. Following, are the flagship services of the company, which combines prominence and cost effective security solution together.
Mobile Patrol: Signal 88’s unique mobile patrol model is proactive, not reactive. The presence of a trained officer behind the wheel of a high visibility SUV deters crime and gives the community the peace of mind they deserve.
Industry-Leading Technology: Signal 88’s state-of-the-art 88Edge technology helps officers patrol safely and effectively. Their digital reports – including photos, videos, and GPS data – are always available to the clients for total accountability. The clients have access to online dashboards where they can customize workflows for their properties
Assisting in Every Step 
Signal 88’s services, and franchisees are able to provide customized solutions based on territories. Instead of large companies providing standard services across the country, the local owners are more in tune with their communities, thus can offer customized solutions with an advanced level of customer service to their clients.
On a franchisee level, Signal 88 is proud of the fact that over 80% of its owners are from either military or from law enforcement department. Their passion to protect their communities make them great operators and partners for their clients. The franchise headquarters provides franchisees with sales support, payroll processing, lead generation, telemarketing and email campaigns, marketing and website support, an industry-leading technology platform, in-house financing, and much more so that the owners can focus on what they do best.
The Visionary 
Reed Nyffeler, CEO of Signal 88 Security, was instrumental in introducing and developing the franchise model to the company and industry. Serving as its Chief Executive Officer, Reed oversees the overall direction and vision of Signal 88. He also manages the research & development, administrative duties, sales and marketing strategies, and general operations. His vision is key to bringing in new franchise owners, and as the network grows, his vision remains constant. He continues to introduce new ideas that helped the company scale and increase profitability for the franchise owners. Prior to Signal 88 Security, Reed played a crucial role as the Regional Sales Manager at Black & Decker in the Midwest and later became the National Sales Executive for a prominent holiday lighting distributor and developed the distributorship program.
Keeping Values as Asset 
According to the Signal 88 “The most important lesson learned is to have a clear vision and always remember your core values while living out that vision.” The company’s core values of Passion, Honesty and Integrity, Relationships, Serving, and Learning have shaped how it does business every day and continues to guide its growth.
Drawing the Future Roadmap 
Signal 88 Security strives to be the largest physical security company in the world. Although it has some ground to make up, the company has grown rapidly and is confident that the franchise model sets it up for long-term, sustainable growth. This is easily seen with consistent double-digit growth year over year and new national partnerships coming to fruition constantly.
Best technology in the security business, well-managed, and ALWAYS professional.” -Jamal Powell, Fort Myers, FL
Our residents are familiar with a number of the staff on a first-name basis, which adds to the level of service, security, and overall resident satisfaction.” -Kip Rasmussen, Denver, CO.