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Shaw Academy launches a new Education Technology Platform

Considered as the world’s largest live online educator, Shaw Academy has launched its own education platform, in order to accommodate the continued surge of students availing of its content. The Irish based company has offices in UK, USA, and India, and provides live online education across a range of subjects, focused on practical skills. With a triple fold increase in student enrollment in the past twelve months and also increased turnover by an average of 322% year on year since its inception in 2011.
With co-founder James Egan and Adrian Murphy at the helm, Shaw Academy’s rapid growth is based on the core principles of delivering great education, affordable and accessible, to everyone, supported by proprietary technology. Its courses are curated and developed by subject matter experts, and practical faculties include Marketing, Technology, Design, Finance, Sales, Nutrition and Photography. The lessons are delivered live, ensuring the most up to date trends can be covered with the students, while interacting with them in real time. The students can also choose their own time.
Providing a more automated yet personalized service to its students, Shaw Academy’s new platform entitled Pheonix enables them to teach more students to live online simultaneously than ever before. Shaw Academy provides fully tailored information to learners based on subject matter choice, experience level and desired career path. Also, numerous gamification elements are deployed throughout the period of study, which is relevant to the subject to further boost completion rates.
“The creation of Phoenix is a very exciting development at Shaw Academy. We now have our own scalable live educational platform that is continually improving itself. It allows us to further personalize and enhance the learning experience to our students, whose goals, dreams and aspirations are our number one priority. Our continued growth will mean that by the end of 2017 we will be teaching two million new students every month. Phoenix allows us to show true innovation in the delivery of education, teach millions of new students, and continue to drive down the cost of education.”, says James Egan Co-founder and CEO at the launch.