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SevenTablets: Digitally Transforming Enterprises with Mobile Apps

As the use of hand-held devices and cloud computing usage ascends up the technological bandwagon, the need for businesses to rethink their manner of performing conventional tasks has become of utmost importance. Enterprise Mobility enables this shift in work habit, where employees can access data pertaining to their responsibilities with the press of a button, tap on a screen or click of a mouse. This facilitates a large portion of the workforce to move out of the traditional on-premise setups and enhance the overall productivity and output of the firm. One such company, SevenTablets, is helping enterprises leverage the power of mobility to increase revenue, streamline operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SevenTablets is a full-spectrum B2B mobile solutions provider with offices serving strategic markets in Austin and Houston. The company is an expert in mobile application development and predictive analytics and specializes in leveraging technology to provide its clients with the greatest immediate and long-term value. As part of its business first approach, SevenTablets consults with stakeholders to identify business objectives and ensure that its work in developing custom applications for iOS and Android, among other technologies, achieves the desired business impact.
Overcoming the Challenges to Stand Out Among the Crowd 
One of the key challenges faced by the company during its initial phase was establishing a brand, especially considering the competitive industry landscape. Over the last two years, the company has leveraged a strong marketing and sales organization to fuel its exponential growth. The result is reflected by 340% growth and greater awareness of a market player that can offer the power of a publicly traded company alongside the custom, personalized customer service that is more typical of a small business. In addition to a strong business solutions team, SevenTablets offers clients the value of a highly adept, local development team. The company’s local software developers utilize its STAX mobile framework to produce the highest performing mobile solutions available. The company’s value proposition combines business savvy with only the best technology, prompting customers and competitors to sit up and take notice.
Unparalleled Mobile App and Analytics Solutions 
SevenTablets offers a wide-range of mobile app and analytics solutions to help businesses increase their revenue and cut down on costs. Its applications fully consider the end user and are designed to encourage engagement and repeat use. The company’s experienced creative team ensures that mobile applications offer the best user experiences through exceptional easeof- use and appealing interfaces. Its proficient and dedicated team of developers provides streamlined agile development, enhanced analytics and military-grade security. SevenTablets also employs enhanced analytical services to ensure an exact understanding of how users interact with the clients’ product. Its suite of services and solutions include:-

  • Mobile App Development
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cloud Integration
  • UX Design
  • Mobile Strategy

A Leader with Impactful Contributions 
Kishore Khandavalli, Founder and CEO of SevenTablets, is the visionary who identified the need to form a stand-alone business that would serve companies seeking digital transformation. Incepting in 2012, SevenTablets started off as a spin off from Kishore’s other company – iTech US, Inc. Having built iTech US from the ground up to an Inc. 500 company, Kishore’s industry knowledge and market foresight allowed SevenTablets to build strong competencies in predictive analytics, mobile security, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.
Kishore is a licensed pilot, member of YPO and Vistage, and is a two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Recently he was honored by the Dallas Business Journal as a Minority Business Leader Award recipient. As an awarded and capable business leader, he is a mentor to health technology startups that are associated with Dallas-based business accelerator, Health Wildcatters.
Kishore holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Akron. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children as well as friends and other close family.
SevenTablets’ surge in the marketplace couldn’t be possible without its management team; comprising Shane Long (President), the visionary entrepreneur who set the direction for SevenTablets; Venkatesh Kalluru (Chief Technologist), the technology and business expert who uses his IT capabilities to solve business issues; and Adam Rizzieri (Chief Marketing Officer), the marketing expert who develops online strategies that champions SevenTablets as a leader in the mobility space.
Understanding the Client 
SevenTablets uses its “business first” approach to ask important questions that help it understand its clients’ business drivers as well as their goals and objectives. This, in turn, helps the company quantify the ROI before a client chooses to invest in a mobile solution.
SevenTablets also effectively makes use of its STAX mobile framework, which is unlike anything in the market. STAX allows its apps to perform 85% faster than the App Store standard, with an impressive load time of 200 milliseconds. In addition to these, its developers and designers based in Dallas, Texas offer a completely domestic, local solution to companies in need of digital transformation. This offers better synergy and communication, greatly reducing project risk.
Leveraging the Mobile Technology Revolution 
“People are connected in stronger, more immediate ways than before. Mobile technology has both created opportunity for speeding up business cycles and it also creates new vulnerabilities specific to information security. From a mobile app perspective, SevenTablets champions industry leading security and performance standards,” points out Kishore.
All of its mobile-based solutions are developed with utmost consideration for value creation in the immediate and long-term scalability. Moving forward, SevenTablets expects to help clients leverage augmented reality and artificial intelligence to connect better and relate to their customers and workforce.
Its mobile solutions are fully considerate of the end user and monitors usage patterns to ensure that its mobile apps are logical, intuitive, and easy to use. All of SevenTablets’ solutions are customized and built specifically to the needs of each client.
Continuing to Lead the Pack 
“SevenTablets will continue to lead the pack as things pertain to custom business mobile solutions. We will continue to offer clients a white glove customer experience starting with our business first approach and following through versions 2, 3, and 4 of their mobile solutions. We will also democratize predictive analytics and allow small-medium high growth companies a better way to compete for market share,” exclaims Kishore.

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