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Seemant Sehgal | Founder & CEO | BreachLock Inc.

Seemant Sehgal: Harmonizing Knowledge, Efforts, and Decisions with Business Needs

A clear vision is one of the most important attributes a leader can have. This vision allows a leader to inspire change while driving a collaborative workforce of individuals to meet important business goals. Leaders should also have a strong sense of self-awareness. Knowing when to step outside of their comfort zone and provide critical direction in times of crisis is what makes a good leader great.
More importantly, great leaders are never discouraged by their setbacks. Instead, mistakes are viewed as stepping stones on the journey to success. Great leaders overcome these setbacks by re-focusing on their goals, and, with determined efforts, learn and gracefully to overcome any obstacles. Once one milestone is achieved, they set another one. In this way, great leaders champion constant improvement and an evergreen renewal process for visionary goals.

“BreachLock™ offers a SaaS platform that enables its clients to request and receive a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks.”

Seemant Sehgal is one such leader. Seemant is the Founder and CEO of BreachLock Inc. – the World’s first AI-powered full stack and SaaS-enabled Penetration Testing as a Service. Since 2019, BreachLock has quickly emerged as a market disrupter in the traditionally human-dependent Penetration Testing market.
Purposeful Business
For Seemant, his business is a reflection of his personal values. He believes that, whatever one has, it needs to be multiplied and shared for the greater good. In a world where not everyone is given an equal opportunity, Seemant strives to make a difference in others’ lives. With his team and the knowledge he brings as the founder of BreachLock, Seemant aims to constantly bring purpose and meaning to his day-to-day operations. After all, without a purpose, business is nothing more than a financial transaction. Seemant’s drive to constantly progress can be applied to all aspects of his business – from the technology BreachLock offers its customers to the way BreachLock endeavors to change the way businesses remain secure in an exposed world. Seemant’s belief in setting a good-intentioned purpose is at the heart of what drives his business to achieve new heights.
Seemant believes that life does not change in a day or with one single event. For him, he views setbacks as the best fuel – something that fires him up and motivates him to do even better. Regardless of what the setback may be, Seemant overcomes these obstacles by attacking them with vigor and becoming even more committed to his goals. He states that setting clear goals and being focused on them is essential to sustaining an entrepreneurial spirit. He believes that goals help keep you on course and align you with your vision. Without them, you would never know where to focus your knowledge, efforts, and decisions.
Contributing to a Shared Mission
BreachLock sets high standards for anyone that joins the organization. BreachLock looks for people that are hungry to make an impact and value the opportunity to learn over anything else. Seeking employees who are self-driven ensures that new team members are a strong fit for BreachLock, which prides itself on never having to motivate its workers to give their best. They are all the “CEO” in their own right for their own assignments. They take full responsibility and go beyond the call of duty to contribute to a shared mission. BreachLock also encourages a very informal way of working where team members from all levels of the organization are encouraged to share their thoughts freely because the best ideas lead the company – not a hierarchy.
Using Technology Realistically
Technology is an enabler. Using technology without aligning it with business goals makes it useless. For tech endeavors, this can be difficult. It is common for tech founders to fall in love with the solution and lose track of the problem they intended to solve. As a result, tech founders often find they’ve developed a cutting-edge product that no one needs or cares about. Seemant believes the needs of a business’s customers must remain at the core of its vision.
Moving in the Direction of Clear Vision
Seemant believes the market is just one of many important dimensions any business must evaluate before it considers attempting to enter and compete in an industry. Once you have studied the market, designed your vision, and decide to compete, the market dynamics become secondary. Your vision leads you in the right direction and you, by default, pivot as needed. Seemant explains that understanding market dynamics is akin to driving a vehicle down a busy highway. You might check the rear-view mirror every once in a while, but you never drive constantly looking backward. In order to have a clear vision, you must look ahead in the direction you want to go. That is, of course, the only way you will reach your desired destination.
Mastering the Art of Scaling Time
To Seemant, a leader is like a funnel. All of an organization’s issues are reviewed and contemplated by its leader. With only so many hours in a single day, effective leaders must master the art of scaling one’s time. Scaling time requires the leader to mentor others in order to feel comfortable delegating tasks thereby freeing up the leader’s time to process more issues. He details further that you can also scale time by developing other leaders and experts that work relentlessly to support your mission, which inevitably creates multiple channels for issues to be processed and attacked head-on. Seemant explains, “a leader does not choose a team. The team chooses its leader.”
Smart and Scalable Security Testing
BreachLock’s unique approach makes use of manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods aligned with industry best practices. It executes in-depth manual penetration testing and provides both offline and online reports. It retests fixes and certifies for executing a Penetration Test. This is followed up with monthly automated scanning delivered via the BreachLock platform. Throughout this process, customers have access to the platform and its security experts who help find, fix and prevent the next cyber breach