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SecurView: Implementing Secure IT Architecture

Everyone wishes their organization could be more secure. With the number of hackers posing threats to your business and intellectual property, you can always benefit from enacting a new security practice. Constant reports of hacking attacks, denial of service attacks, ransomware, and leaks by malicious insiders reflect the amount of cyber security threats that organizations are facing every-day.
It is no wonder that in our age of evolving threats and compliance regulations, companies struggle to keep their data protected. Therefore, many businesses have turned to SecurView, a rapidly growing cyber security solutions provider, for assistance with setting up, assessing, and optimizing components of their networks.
SecurView provides a full life-cycle of cyber security services for clients of all sizes and verticals.
Foremost Among Cyber Security Solution Providers 
SecurView was founded in 2007 to deliver cyber security solutions. SecurView’s corporate journey started when the company received strategic funding from Cisco to become a leading cyber security service provider. SecurView provides support for security products from all major vendors, including Cisco, Check Point, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto, Fortinet, FireEye, and IBM/ISS. Their security services specialize in areas related to datacenters, mobility, network visibility and access policy, and segmentation.
The company’s two main offices are located in Edison, New Jersey and Pune, India. The Edison office specializes in next generation security solutions in cloud and mobility. The Pune office specializes in remote and managed security services. Over the past few years, the company has expanded and set up sales offices in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. SecurView aims to open more offices globally in the near future.
An Ingenious and Inventive Leader 
Rajeev Khanolkar, President and CEO, co-founded SecurView with NitenVed in 2007. As the CEO, Rajeev forms several strategic partnerships that, in turn, contribute to the development of new products and solutions. He has been instrumental in building and maintaining a strong partnership with Cisco Systems, which enables SecurView to reach a global client base. Under Rajeev’s leadership, SecurView has become a leading cyber security solutions company.
Rajeev is a serial entrepreneur. He had also co-founded NetCom Systems in 1995 with his partner NitenVed. The company was very successful in delivering enterprise management solutions to Fortune 2000 companies. In 1999, NetCom Systems spun off netForensics, a pioneer company in SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).
As the CEO of netForensics from 1999 to 2005, Rajeev helped shape netForensics into a global leader in the SIEM field. Under his leadership, the company won many technology and business leadership awards.
Cutting-Edge Services 
SecurView specializes in Advisory, Integration, and Managed services. Advisory services identify security gaps and provide recommendations to resolve them. Two examples are Network Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing for network infrastructures. Integration services design and implement the appropriate solutions to remediate the identified security gaps. This includes Design, Implementation, and Optimization services for Network Access Control, Network Segmentation, VPN, and Firewalls. Managed services include comprehensive management and unique features to further protect the network, such as Advanced Analytics and protection from threats caused by Malware/APT.
The most prominent security products that SecurView supports are for Network Access Control and Network Segmentation. The company has managed some of the largest Network Access Control projects in the world. “We have a deep understanding of the Enterprise Infrastructure Security and Compliance Domain, especially with respect to Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) solution. We have an advanced Cisco ISE lab and a skilled team that delivers portfolio services to partners and clients globally. In addition, we developed a tool named ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) to enhance our Cisco ISE and TrustSec services,” stated Rajeev Khanolkar.
Design, Build, and Operate with SecurView 
SecurView provides customized solutions for Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The company has a history of building and operating SOCs, CERTs and NOCs for Fortune 500 companies. Exclusive partnerships have been enabling SecurView to access and test next generation security solutions for operation centers. As a result, the company was the first to build an “Intelligent Operations Center,” which is a combination of a SOC, CERT, and NOC. The company’s clientele includes top tier telecom operators, financial institutions, airports, cable operators, and hotels.
SecurView designs SOC architecture to meet business and operational requirements for client. Their design services include recommendations for hardware and software. Their consultancy services ensure that the SOCs will possess high value and operational efficiency.
They have a professional services team that can build custom SOCs. They also offer a rapid deployment solution that enables their client to become operational in a matter of weeks. Specifically, this includes the full SIEM solution with log retention, help desk, and collector manager that can be procured either through a build-and-transfer model or leased on a monthly basis.
SecurView has trained SOC analysts that help client operate their SOCs. This approach reduces the operating budget and enables client to focus on their businesses.
Envisioning Innovation and Growth 
Through SecurView’s new product, it is clear that the company strives for innovation. Their most celebrated product, ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA), is a multi-tenant application that reduces the manual effort required to roll out Cisco ISE in client environments. Specifically, it helps automate the network readiness assessment, configuration of network access devices, and troubleshooting. IDA 2.0 also offers several premium features, including template based provisioning for network access control use cases, reporting, and troubleshooting day-to-day operations.
SecurView provides actionable services that improve the overall IT security framework and reduce the attack surface to protect the business and intellectual property of their clients.

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