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Secucloud: Innovative Cloud Solutions for a Safer Cyber-World

As we step forward into the promising world of networked “Internet of Things”, we become more vulnerable towards cyber attackers. Faced with the complex attack scenarios that are part of the networks age, traditional antivirus solutions just cannot provide enough protection anymore. Brian Dye, the Senior Vice President of Information Security predicts the end of classic antivirus protection as such solutions can ward off only 45% of all cyber-attacks.
Hailing from Hamburg, Secucloud GmbH is a global provider of high-availability cyber-security solutions, offering a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform to ISPs, Enterprises and SMBs.
Founded in 2013, Secucloud operates worldwide with representations in USA, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Secucloud’s innovative solution is much more comprehensive than the prevailing end point approach. Using cloud technology with its high scalability and TCO efficiency, it transfers the protection of end user devices into the network. This provides real-time prevention, as the attacks are detected and blocked before hitting the device(s). This also enables universal protection and attack prevention of IoT devices for which end point solutions are not viable or even exist.
Attributes that differentiate Secucloud from others
Being in the cloud, the solution provided by Secucloud sources multiple AV sources, content and URL filters and combines them to a global cloud intelligence machine learning platform.
This approach can only be effectively managed in a cloud-based environment, whereby the end user has no need to install or manage any part of the service. The user experience of the end user is the primary factor behind the company’s objective to provide both ease of use and maximum possible protection and attack prevention.
As mentioned above, the solution is network-based protection (as opposed to end point) in a pure cloud technology approach allowing the product to scale for large consumer markets (100 m+ subscribers) whilst operating at low TCO. Pay as you go business model possibilities are also a major advantage to the company’s customers, who in turn are able to attain low to zero CAPEX and negligible OPEX.
Introducing the Secucloud Security Suites
The company offers three suites of varying protection to the consumer market via Telcos/ ISPs. They are:

  1. ECS2 Advanced
  2. ECS2 Premium
  3. ECS2 Expert

The above technology is additionally deployable as an end point solution SDK that Telcos can integrate into their customer care apps. This approach also enables offnet protection in open, insecure Wi-Fi in cafés or hotels.
In the B2B space, the company targets SMBs via IT-Resellers or directly, with a Firewall-as-a-Service operating in a public cloud called Secuscaler which utilizes the ECS2 core technology.
The CEO with Exceptional Dynamism
Dennis Monner, the CEO and Founder of Secucloud began his journey initiating Gate Protect in the early 2000’s as a provider of enterprise UTM appliances. He soon realized that this appliance based approach was not scalable and indeed a significant part of the economy was missing out on high grade cyber-security, i.e. consumers.
Thus in 2012, Dennis founded Secucloud and started developing from scratch the product as a network based security solution on cloud technology.
This approach enables Secucloud to offer cyber-security to a much broader enterprise segment and most importantly to the wider society of connected consumers.
Dennis is a decisive, innovative and strategy-driven senior operational leader with over 20 years of frontline experience that includes implementing effective operational structures for over 200 personnel, and outperforming over 500 direct competitors to achieve global Top 10 status with ranking in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
Additionally, he has demonstrated his ability to identify operational weaknesses and optimise performance through best-in-class process and system improvements. Dennis track record excels in developing, restructuring and successfully expanding international sales networks supported by insightful product, marketing, and sales strategies. He is exceptionally skilled at negotiating lucrative global contracts. Well-versed in fundraising and M&A negotiations, Dennis also possesses ability to recruit, develop and lead large, multi-functional teams that consistently exceed their objectives.
Products and Services
Elastic Cloud Security System
Secucloud has been widely acclaimed for its award-winning Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2 ). This innovative solution protects data traffic against external threats in mobile communication networks and prevents botnet traffic enabling the providers to play an important role in the protection of their customers against malware and unwanted harmful content.
Secucloud Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering (IABS)
The Secucloud Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering (IABS) engine performs a preliminary categorization of incoming network traffic and then passes it on to various security analysers for further classification. With the help of the IABS engine, the individual components of each SAN are combined intelligently with one another, ensuring maximum security and performance.
Featuring the future
According to the COO, Mark Rees, “the only current hurdle that we still see is a below the par understanding and appreciation among the public at large, for the need of combating cyber-crime. This is changing but it is a slow process.” He further adds, “Our solution communicates to end users as much as possible on the dangers of ignoring these threats so as to raise awareness. This holistic approach across the entire supply chain is unique and we are again a 2019 SC Award finalist for best UTM Security Solution.”