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Secucloud GmbH: The Cyber-Security Expert

Headquartered in Hamburg, and represented in USA, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East, Secucloud GmbH is active worldwide as a provider of high-availability cyber-security solutions, offering a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform for clients.
Founded in 2013, the company is led by a team of managers and experts on network security with international experience. Right from the start, Secucloud solutions were conceived as purely cloud-based, enabling customers to take direct advantage of the elasticity of the cloud and flexible consumer offerings for the benefit of their own business models.
Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) enables a wide range of markets and target groups (mobile communications & landline consumers, small businesses & home offices, SMEs) to enjoy the benefits of enterprise level security solutions. This innovative platform does not require any special hardware or proprietary appliances, scales automatically, and is capable of supporting more than 100 million users and their connected devices.
Solutions that Keep Cyber Crime at Bay 
The technological core of Secucloud’s solution is the Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2). Here, the platform combines a variety of powerful enterprise-grade security mechanisms like sandbox technologies, deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems to analyze incoming data streams and test their harmfulness – in the cloud and therefore separated from the customer’s systems. Thus, there is no longer any need to deploy a local security solution. The advantage of this is obvious: No performance losses on the edge device, no need for constant updating and maintenance of an onsite installed security solution.
On the one hand, the company’s offering is directed at telcos, which can implement its solution directly in their infrastructure and then provide their customers with its highperformance security in the form of a subscriptionbased service. Since Secucloud’s solution provides almost unlimited scalability, even large customer bases of 100 million users and more can be protected at the same time.
On the other hand, the organization also offers a managed service in the B2B segment, in the form of “Secuscaler”. Secuscaler enables vendors and resellers in the firewall-asa- service business to act as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and provide small and medium-sized businesses with a suite of powerful security technologies that scale as needed and stay up-to-date without any maintenance.
Tech Expertise Ensuring Success 
Dennis Monner is the Founder of Secucloud and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He is a true technology entrepreneur: He was also the founder and chairman of the executive board of the IT security manufacturer gateprotect, which was aquired by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity in 2014. Under his direction, the company was able to outperform 500 international competitors and is considered today to be among the top 10 in the industry, ranking in the Magic Quadrant by the Gartner consulting firm.
Fostering New Innovations 
Secucloud believes that, in order to successfully fight cybercriminality, security providers must display a very high level of innovation. In that regard, the company is certain that the cybercrime industry is its true competition. Secucloud is continuously competing against hackers and criminals in a struggle to outdo one another by harnessing the latest state-of-the-art technology.
In order to stay ahead in this everlasting race, evolving technologies and fostering innovation has to be at the center of the organization’s work. For example, it is currently working on ways of utilizing artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks to classify network traffic. A neural network would be ideal to recognize and identify the continuously changing and evolving harmful data streams on the Internet – not based on known attack patterns, but rather thanks to a true understanding of the difference between good and bad network traffic.
Evolving with Changing IT Landscape 
According to Secucloud, the IT landscape has been changing rapidly for many years now, as has the security threat landscape. Thanks to digitization, internationalization and the increasingly widespread use of IoT and mobile devices, today’s corporate networks are more complex than ever. And with that, the task of ensuring protection against hackers and industrial espionage are also becoming more and more complex. By accompanying its clients through these ever-changing times, Secucloud has always been able to stay at the forefront of the latest technological developments and contunualy adapts its portfolio accordingly.
For example, one of the most important current technology trends that will revolutionize the market in the near future is the Firewall as a Service (FWaaS). As early as 2017, Gartner included the technology in its hype cycle, calling it one of the emerging technologies (“on the rise”), and gave it a ‘high’ benefit rating. Even then, Gartner named Secucloud as one of the few vendors for this emerging technology trend. With Secuscaler, the company has been able to tap into a further field of application for its innovative cloud offering and to provide the customers with a turnkey solution for this major future technology today.
Backed by the experience gathered on its journey so far, Secucloud’s goal is to always stay ahead of upcoming trends and further affirm its market position as the ideal solution provider and consulting partner for any organization that wants to provide their users with a powerful protection technology adequate for today’s requirements.
Client Feedback 
Given the sheer number of connected devices in companies and households, it’s simply not possible to provide an appropriate level of protection on the individual device level,” explained Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani, CEO of the Ooredoo Group. “Instead, efficient protection today needs to be integrated natively into the network. And that’s exactly what we’ve found with the German security specialist Secucloud.”
What VinaPhone customers needed was a security solution that provided reliable protection simply and effectively while they were using the net”, said Tuan Nguyen, CEO at VKAS, a business partner of the Vietnamese telco VinaPhone. “And that’s exactly what we’ve been able to find with the Secucloud solution. Another benefit is that the solution enables VinaPhone to handle peak user traffic, even several million customers simultaneously, with no negative impact on performance. We’ve chosen a solution that’s capable of supporting the future evolution of the telco and that is flexible enough to grow along with the company.”