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Seceon: Visionary Cybersecurity Leader

Companies of all types and sizes, in countries around the globe, are jumping on the digitization bandwagon. This new, increasingly connected digital world promises to drive tremendous efficiencies, accelerate the pace of business and boost competitive standings. However, along with these advantages, the digital era is also bringing much more frequent and aggressive cyber threats perpetrated by highly determined criminals. Businesses urgently need to find an effective, fast way to combat them. While a variety of vendors have been developing cybersecurity products, Seceon stands out for its uniquely effective approach and highly affordable solutions.
Advancing Cyber Security
Seceon is dedicated to eliminating cyber risks faced by enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). In order to ensure “Cybersecurity Done Right,” the company developed its Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform from scratch. As a result, OTM works out-of-the-box to instantly protect against known and unknown threats. It provides comprehensive visibility, proactive threat detection, automated elimination and containment of threats in real-time, all while minimizing costs, staff bandwidth constraints and performance impact.
Seceon’s platform uses AI with actionable intelligence, machine learning, and dynamic threat models with behavioral analytics. This helps enterprises automatically generate prioritized threat alerts in real-time, providing IT teams with both the ability to detect and respond to the threats before critical data is exfiltrated.
Seceon offers two advanced solutions based on the OTM Platform:
Seceon aiSIEM™: This service goes beyond SIEM, eliminating the need for adding multiple silos. It ingests raw streaming data, applications, identity system, flows and raw traffic from network to provide comprehensive visibility, proactive threat detection, automated threat elimination and containment, and continuous compliance, policy management, and reporting. Machine learning handles large data volumes in conjunction with contemporary big data frameworks efficiently. An AI algorithm bolsters cybersecurity by generating meaningful alerts and producing actionable intelligence for threat containment and elimination in real-time.
Seceon aiMSSP™: This service enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to offer outsourced security services, including 24×7 security monitoring, threat intelligence, detection and remediation in real-time, at nominal and predictable linear costs. The aiMSSP consists of aiSIEM, SOC-in-a-Box and aiMDR capabilities that allow MSSPs to expand their service offerings while bringing advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities to SMBs.
Passionate Cybersecurity Pioneer
Chandra Pandey, the Founder and CEO of Seceon, is renowned for developing innovative cyber security solutions and holds multiple patents in security, networking, and computing. A passionate leader, he built Seceon into a company that fosters innovation by empowering all team members with decision-making abilities, encouraging open and respectful communications, and building a culture of continuous improvement.
Knowing that even the best products won’t be adopted if businesses can’t afford them, Chandra galvanized the Seceon team to develop advanced cybersecurity solutions that would be both affordable for SMBs and efficient for the largest enterprises.
Chandra and his team of experts in cyber security, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), fast/big data streaming and dynamic threat modelling, left no stone unturned. All of their diligence paid off when the company developed Seceon’s award-winning OTM, the comprehensive cybersecurity platform for the digital era. Chandra continues to work closely with customers to define and address their problems, implications, and solutions for defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise.
Complete, Automatic Threat Protection

Seceon’s unique culture and commitment to developing solutions that solve the digital era’s critical cybersecurity challenges, have helped establish Seceon as an industry leader. They have also led to unmatched satisfaction by Seceon OTM customers around the world.  The industry’s first fully-automated platform, Seceon OTM offers proactive threat detection and elimination and containment for all threats categories, including malware, ransomware, spyware, botnet, compromised credentials, insider threats, denial of services for applications & protocols, vulnerability exploits for web/emails/OS applications, data breaches and exfiltration, IT mistakes, IPS, IDS and Network Behaviours.
Customers benefit from:

  • Comprehensive Visibility

The OTM Platform ingests all raw streaming data (Logs, Packets, Flows, Identities) and provides real-time extensive view of all assets (users, hosts, servers, applications, data access and movement, traffic) that are on premise, cloud or hybrid and their interactions.

  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Identify (MTTI) with Proactive Threat Detection

The platform proactively detects threats and surfaces threats in real-time or near real-time without an agent or alert fatigue.

  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) with Automatic Threat Remediation

The OTM Platform performs automatic threat containment and elimination in real-time. It also provides clear actionable steps to eliminate the threats that can either be taken automatically by the system or manually by the security expert post-analysis.

  • Continuous Compliance, Policy Management and Risk Monitoring

The platform provides continuous compliance and scheduled or on-demand reporting for HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, FINRA and many other similar regulations.
Charting the Future
Advancements in technology have created an increasingly connected world, which has brought a rise in cyber threats for organizations of all sizes.  Seceon will continue to be laser-focused on eliminating these threats by adding innovations to its aiSIEM and aiMSSP “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era” solutions. It will expand its list of top-tier partners as it targets and wins customers around the globe.
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