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Chandra Pandey | CEO & founder | Seceon

Seceon: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for Digital-Era

With a clear vision of delivering “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital Era” and solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges faced by digitization, Seceon came into existence back in 2015. Unlike the siloed solutions, Seceon’s platform was built ground-up to proactively detect breaches and threats via comprehensive visibility of all assets (users, applications, services and hosts and their interactions), and automatically contain and eliminate those threats in real-time.
Seceon’s team is all about “Cybersecurity Done RIGHT” and making it happen each and every day. The company’s mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to proactively detect and automatically contain and eliminate breaches and threats in real-time. Its continued goal is to give customers the best comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, so that they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about cyber-security.
Solutions that are Making Internet a Safer Place 
When it comes to solutions, Seceon provides industry’s first fully-automated solutions offering real-time, proactive threat detection, containment and elimination for all threat categories including Cybercrime (malware, ransomware, spyware, APTs), Insider threats (compromised credentials, insider threats, privilege misuse, UEBA), Denial of services for applications & protocols, Vulnerability exploits for web/emails/OS applications, Data breaches and exfiltration, Detect IT mistakes, IIoT/IoT Cyber-security, IDS and Network Behaviors.
The company offers two solutions: aiSIEM™ and aiMSSP™ built on its award-winning Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform.

  • Seceon aiSIEMTM goes beyond traditional SIEM and eliminates the need for adding multiple silo solutions. It ingests raw streaming data – logs from all devices, OS, Apps and Services in the ecosystem, flows and subscribes to Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory™ service – from Cloud, Endpoints and other IT data sources.
  • Seceon aiMSSP™ enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to offer outsourced security services, including 24×7 security monitoring, threat intelligence, and proactive threat detection, elimination and containment in real-time, at a nominal and predictable costs.

The Passionate Leader 
Chandra Pandey, the Founder and CEO of Seceon, is passionate about cybersecurity and is renowned for developing innovative solutions. He holds multiple patents in security, networking and computing. Chandra works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, and solutions for defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise.
Chandra realized from the start that in order to really help the industry, Seceon would have to develop the best possible cybersecurity platform for enterprises and smallto- medium businesses (SMBs). It would also need solutions that worked instantly out-of-the-box, were easy for enterprises to manage, and were affordable for even small businesses which are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals because they often don’t have the expertise or resources to stop attacks. Thus, Chandra and his team created comprehensive, cost-effective and quick to deploy cybersecurity solutions that would solve the tough cybersecurity issues companies have been struggling with. Chandra fosters continued innovation at Seceon by empowering all team members with decision-making capacities, advocating open and respectful communications, and building a culture of continuous improvement. Seceon’s award-winning solutions are the result of 50+ passionate professionals on mission to do Cybersecurity Done RIGHT, instead of doing another “me too” product.
When Eliminating Cybersecurity Threats is Prime Target 
Since the launch of its platform back in 2016, Seceon has won more than 80 cybersecurity awards including the recent 2019 Cyber Defense Magazine for “Hot Company MSSP Platform InfoSec Award”, “Next Gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) InfoSec Award” and 2019 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence award for Best SIEM Solution.
The company gained recognition from leading industry influencers including 451 Research, Ovum, Enterprise Management Associates, IDC Research, CSO, International Data Group, Markets and Markets, and Solutions Review. In 2019, Seceon aiSIEM was named as a leading solution in the “EMA Top 3 Decision Guide for Security Analytics.” Team Seceon has also built an award-winning channel partner program, steadily increasing and solidifying Seceon’s network of more than 50 US and international Managed Service Providers, value added distributors and reseller partners.
Seceon continues to be laser-focused on eliminating cyber threats and staying ahead of cybercriminals by adding innovations to its aiSIEM and aiMSSP “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era” solutions. Seceon’s culture helps spur its progress and innovation. Its culture is based on a strong passion to deliver on Seceon’s vision of “Cybersecurity Done RIGHT,” mutual respect for its peers, and an insatiable appetite to solve the digital era’s most urgent cybersecurity challenges.
Tackling Challenges and Preparing for the Bright Future
As a 100% channel-driven company, Seceon was initially challenged by partners whose processes and approvals required longer cycles to reach customer engagement. Over time, Seceon learned how to identify and partner with managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs) that are equally vested in Seceon’s goals and motivated to quickly achieve them. According to Seceon, traditionally, enterprises have built their security posture by layering multiple security tools from firewalls, SIEM, User Behavior Analytics, SOAR, EDR, DLP, Email/Web Filtering, etc., and having a welltrained SOC team. But the truth is that this doesn’t do the job. Despite deploying these tools, enterprises still get breached and face malicious attacks causing data frauds on a day-to-day basis. With the shift towards cloud computing and IoT, the attack surface is growing exponentially. Additionally, in the face of advanced threats and increasing attack vectors, stacked silo solutions presents a false sense of “zero-trust” security that no longer suffice.
These disparate silo security solutions are also inherently not designed to work together and, thus, leave holes that can be easily exploited by the attackers. Attackers leverage these gaps to intrude into the enterprise and then work their way deep inside. Seceon was founded with a clear vision of delivering “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital- Era” and solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges faced by digitalization. Unlike these siloed solutions, Seceon’s platform was created to proactively detect breaches and threats via comprehensive visibility of all assets (users, applications, services and hosts and their interactions), and automatically contain and eliminate those threats in real-time.