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SearchMarketers: An Internet Marketing Consultancy you want to Work with

In today’s digital world, if you own a company, you need to have a website, regardless of the size of your company. But the real catch here is, just having a website doesn’t guarantee you an increase in business. If millions of potential customers are not stumbling over your website, then you are in a virtual space. To serve you with your ultimate internet marketing needs, is here.
In an interview with Insights Success, Joe Britton, CEO of gave some insightful answers highlighting the contributions made by his company to take search engine campaigns into a new level.

  1. Brief us about your company and the various services that you provide in the media industry to stand different.

SearchMarketers, an internet marketing consultancy based in NYC and LA, professionally develops, implements, and manages paid and organic search campaigns for lead generation, eCommerce, and brand advertisers on all global search engines. Our biddable media experts work with companies of all types and sizes from start-ups, ad agencies, to enterprises.
SearchMarketers builds custom-tailored search engine campaigns to achieve maximum exposure for our clients in search engine results and deliver high quality leads and phone calls that increase sales. After scaling thousands of search campaigns, we saw first hand how search reaches a point of diminishing return. We thus created SearchMarketers to help clients grab a larger share of voice across all search devices and biddable media channels.

  1. Tell us something about the CEO and your journey to this successful venture.

Joe Britton founded from the conference room in his apartment complex 5 years ago. Since then, he has overseen tremendous growth in the company. At that time, has been named the #38 Fastest Growing Private Company in the US by Inc 500, as well as the #4 Fastest Growing Tech Company by Deloitte last year. Joe’s work ethic is that of a relentless pursuit of perfection on behalf of his clients. His creative genius and ideas for clients are what separates him from other CEO’s in the tech space in Orange County. The old adage about investing in the people behind a company more so than the company itself is evident in the case of Joe Britton has made clients and partners more than satisfied with the results produced by the company.

  1. What were the different challenges that you faced in the initial days and the experiences that led you to be successful?

At, the team is hyper-focused on big picture items. We apply the 80-20 rule to everything that we do. 20% of our clients are responsible for 80% of the revenues that we bring in, and to that end, the focus of our team is primarily on those priority clients. We apply the same 80-20 logic to our personal environments for a 80-20 work-life balance.

  1. How are you using technology and social media to grow your company in the media industry?

We focus primarily on Search Engines and use social media only for remarketing.

  1. How does your company perform analysis on mobile audience that can be leveraged by brands to create personalized communication?

We use numbers tracking and analytics tools to measure mobile performance including Google Analytics. This allows us to segment audiences and change messaging for mobile ads.

  1. Kindly brief us about the latest trends in the media and entertainment industry that is not followed by any other company.

Search Engine traffic continues to grow and is without a doubt the best converting traffic on the internet.

  1. Your beneficial tips and suggestions for the budding entrepreneurs

Fall Forward.  Don’t ever give up.  Keep testing different methods and ideas until you find what works.

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