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Se2: Future Proofing the Life Insurance Industry

Back in the 1950s, a classic American Television show aired called Father Knows Best starring actor Robert Young, the protagonist of the show, who played the role of an insurance salesman. Since then, the insurance industry has more-often-than-not been portrayed as conservative, unvarying and dull. Today, the scenario has dramatically evolved.
Emerging start-ups and traditional insurers are reinventing themselves through new program development, acquisition, and collaboration. A big reason behind such a change in perspective and evolving trends has been due to the services provided by the Third Party Administrators (TPA). Insurance industry views TPA as an extension of their department, where the need to provide exceptional customer service is higher than ever. Leading the list in Third Party Administrator for the US life and annuity insurance industry stands Se2, setting the standard of service among its contemporaries. Whether it be simplifying operations, shifting from fixed to a variable cost model or bringing-in new and innovative products faster into the market, Se2 is the go-to technology and service company in the insurance industry.
Headquartered in Kansas, USA, Se2 lends support to more than 20 top clients, represents over 35 carriers in North America and has over 2mln policies under administration and supports over 2mln insurance sales reps and sales entities. Combining its peerless knowledge about the industry with fully integrated end-to-end services and operational support capabilities, deep expertise in business transitions and their purpose-built state of the art technology platform, they ensure optimum operability for their clients. Recognized as an industry-leading innovator, Se2 envisions on becoming the foremost TPA provider, delivering high-quality and innovative solutions through their exceptional workforce and advanced technology. Se2’s path to success lies in it being a leader of the new breed of TPA firms, harnessing advanced technologies to drive transformation for its clients. The strategic capabilities of Se2 also explains why over half of its clients utilize Se2’s services to launch new business. It has leapfrogged its competition, having moved past the days of fulfilling requests on traditional “your mess for less” or “lift and shift” type of work that drags down its rivals.
Providing Customer-Centric Solutions of Highest Value 
Se2 boasts an unmatched track record in optimizing back office operations to future-proof insurance companies. They help their clients to accelerate product innovation, increase speed to market, expand into new market segments and administer third party administration of closed and acquired life insurance and annuity blocks of business.
Partnering with Se2 provides businesses with deep domain expertise, proven processes and methodologies, a dedicated team of experts, and a technology-driven platform suitably built for life and annuity insurance. The resultant outcome is a proven and scalable process that takes the risk out of business transitions and conversions.
Adapting to the Current Market Trends While Preparing for the Future 
At present, life insurance and annuity carriers are facing unique challenges within the market. These ranges from increasing regulatory pressures & low-interest rates, the continued search for growth, changing customer demographics and influential ruling by The Department of Labor Regulations and Compliance Developments.
To tackle these existing challenges, Se2 is closely working with its clients to help them maximize efficiencies by embracing digital and administrative solutions, ensuring both protection and growth as a result. Se2 believes that in the future, customers will smoothly embrace digitization, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and advanced robotic process automation, enabling them to achieve their goals of providing superior customer service.
A Seasoned Leader Who Paved the Way for Success 
Gautam Thakkar, CEO of Se2, is one such individual with more than 25 years of experience in sectors such as global consulting, technology services, business operations and M&A across numerous other industries. As the Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Gautam drives business strategies and day-to-day executions for Se2.
Since joining Se2, he has consistently been seeking ways to improve clients experience and help build the company into a leading technology and domain business partner in the US Life and Annuity Insurance industry. Having worked for large corporations across the world, advising numerous clients on business transformation and organizational strategies, Gautam draws upon his extensive leadership knowledge from his vast work experience. Before joining Se2, he was the CEO and Member of the Board for Infosys BPO, leading a global team of over 30,000 professionals.
Rising Above the Competition and Creating a Productive Workplace Environment 
Se2 goes great lengths to create a positive and warm corporate culture, one which combines strong work ethic with a flexible approach to foster a strong sense of job satisfaction among the employees. They have ascended above their rival companies, with its rich life insurance heritage, comprehensive operations, and advanced technology platform. Their constant impetus on the importance of teamwork has yielded better results for the organization. Se2 hires, develops and retains an exceptional bunch of people, who thrive in a highly collaborative and fun environment that provides them with infinite opportunities for growth and progress.
The Future Ahead for Se2 
By continuing to provide superior services to their clients, collaborative situations for its partners and a positive and work-friendly environment to their employees, Se2 believes that they can continue to rise-up the ladder of success. Their persistent attempt to add value to all its employees and clients will reap dividends for them years ahead.

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