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Scribe: Enabling Healthcare Providers to Focus on What Matters Most – Patient Care

Scribe empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records, and more than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe. Scribe is at the point in healthcare where the “rubber meets the road.” It’s where the patient sees the provider and a wealth of important and useful data is collected. Scribe was created with doctors, practice managers and administrators to mold the latest technology and services to the way providers work. The company’s cloud-enabled platform returns flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare providers. It restores physician productivity through simplified and easy to use apps and services. With an unrivaled dedication to supporting its clients, Scribe gives its users more time to focus on patients while meeting regulatory requirements and improve back-office productivity. Its responsive approach to meet challenges gives providers opportunity for improved patient care and practice profitability.
In the ancient world, scribes were trusted professional assistants and advisors. Like them, the organization supports and advises, so healthcare providers are free to focus on what matters the most.
The Man behind the Mission of Simplifying Healthcare
Mark D. Boyce is the CEO and President of Scribe. Scribe’s mission of simplifying healthcare through innovative technologies evolved from entrepreneur Mark’s past success in the management of organizations large and small. From founding his own Internet Company to help organizations get online in the early days of the Internet to developing the winning strategy that led to’s successful IPO and subsequent $770 million acquisition, Mark has always been at the forefront of strategic thinking. He has over 20 years of management experience in finance, operations, marketing and technology with companies such as IBM where he helped to start the IBM PC division and later at Anixter where he helped formulate the strategy that fueled their growth from a $500 million company to $1.5 billion Company. Mark holds a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School. He also is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Dean College in Franklin, MA.
When it’s All about Getting It Right the First Time
Scribe believes that the key to efficiently collecting and analyzing data in healthcare is all about getting it right the first time. That is precisely why Scribe designed the cloud-enabled platform that can assist physicians in capturing, creating, and managing appropriate healthcare information—right from the first time a patient visits a doctor. Scribe believes that the healthcare providers need to focus on their patients and medical care, and not on the paperwork and medical documentation. When a doctor tends to a patient that is when the rubber meets the road. If the collection of the patient encounter is not performed properly the rest of the documentation process doesn’t work efficiently.
Path Breaking Solutions
The Scribe team designed solutions that are customer-centric, provide flexibility, control, and increased physician productivity for documentation, coding, billing, and analysis. In order to do all these, the company provides  path-breaking solutions including Scribe Create is a complete family of cloud-based solutions to create, manage, complete, and communicate clinical documentation; Scribe Mobile app is the most efficient way for providers to capture patient encounters both quickly and efficiently and then easily review, approve, and access patient documents anytime and anywhere; Scribe Monetize enhances coding and billing workflows to ensure the documentation is optimized to clearly support the provider’s billing, resulting in fewer denials and increased revenue; Scribe Analyze improves efficiencies with innovative tools that use the Next Generation of data and information management technologies to help providers better understand their productivity and profitability status.
It’s All about Tackling Turbulent Weather and Cruising Comfortably
Sometimes Scribe has been the “pioneer” – getting out ahead of the market. The company constantly suggests “not to pave over the cow path” – don’t do things the same way just because it’s easy. Scribe has created some new paths, and now people are following the company to some exciting new areas and solutions to reduce their pain significantly.
Scribe expects to see explosive growth for technology-driven services that will take the pain out of capturing, communicating, and analyzing healthcare information. Scribe’s team is focused on solutions, not only products and knows how to work effectively and efficiently in mixed technology environments. Their vast experiences in making the cost-effective solution for the clients are benefiting its clients. Additionally, the company is not afraid to innovate and to bring solutions that can be easily understood, driven by technology, and supported by high-quality services.
People are the Best Asset
Scribe believes that its people are the best asset for them, followed by their innovative technology. The organization doesn’t stand still. Scribe works to continually be “fleet-footed” and stay informed and ahead of the industry in general & its customers in particular. It has to be flexible to rapidly adapt to changing needs and find technical solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges to keep costs down and to improve the quality of care.
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