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Screwtop Media: Navigator of Business Solutions and Casting AR

The game ‘Pokémon Go’ can be considered as one of the well-defined example of Augmented Reality  as in this game one can actually see a ‘Pokémon’ in front of them. AR does not start and end with only games. AR is being implemented in day to day life.  Augmented Reality has been used in the armed forces since a long time now. This technology that has been overlaying digital elements has now paved its way into business. Let it be manufacturing or retail, AR has created new ways to engage with the world.
Digital marketing is one of the flourishing arenas of business. Advertising delivered through digital channels such as emails, search engines, websites and mobile apps are now changing the face of advertising. There is a new business, start up or idea that is always digging its roots in the world. With the endless competitions one should be very much prepared to enter into the market. For any business or idea to succeed, one must market it uniquely. Digital marketing being the most adaptable tool is now playing a great role in the success of many businesses. However, the drifting ways how customers react to internet finding success through digital media might be challenging. Screwtop Media has accepted this challenge and managed to successfully outshine.  Established with the motive to develop quality web development and email marketing services at an affordable price, Screwtop Media has managed to place themselves amongst few of the best digital marketing service providers.
Leading the path of Digital Marketing
Established by a small group of marketing and technology professionals, Screwtop Media is a media and digital marketing company which provide web based marketing solutions. This company undertakes all business related issues and provides solution like reaching out to new markets and attracting new customers. The company’s goal is to assist its clients with brand development, market share expansion and increased marketing ROI. It has succeeded in accomplishing this by providing technology solutions necessary to increase customer engagement with their brands in a way that delivers efficiency and profitability seamlessly.
However, during the initial days the company had only focused on the traditional website development and email marketing. But soon as the traditional ways started being outdated; Screwtop Media took a major step by engulfing the technology and infusing it with their method. The team at Screwtop Media then realized the need and demand of interactive marketing that utilizes augmented reality technology to promote various business industries including travel/tourism, mobile telecommunications, and the retail sector. In this process they have set themselves apart from other digital media companies by leveraging and combining cutting-edge technologies of augmented reality. Screwtop Media has built a powerful suite of technology-based solutions for businesses spanning nearly all industries, including tools for design and development, e-mail and social media campaigns, and interactive mobile brand engagement through augmented reality.
The Vigorous Leader who Aids the Company
This digital marketing platform is steered by Todd Brown, who is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Managing Partner of Screwtop Media. Before entering business, Todd was a third-generation veteran of the US Army and a graduate of Texas Tech University. Todd decided to enter the world of technology in the year 1996, during which he worked for a local Dallas interactive marketing company. After gaining experience for multiple interactive marketing and advertising companies, Todd along with his colleagues, Brady Tinker and Matt Ferrell, established Screwtop Media, LLC.
Outshining the Competitors
Screwtop Media is not any regular technology service provider or marketing partner, it has the capacity to pinpoint solutions for any industry type, and has specialized in the development of technology-centric marketing opportunities that increase user engagement levels, expand application adoption rates, and has the innate ability to track all analytics associated with its service as a holistic business partner for any company. Todd Brown, the CEO has quoted that, “By fostering an environment of collaboration, we can build and deliver the comprehensive solutions necessary to overcome challenges with customization and flexibility in mind”.
While many of the agencies are viewing Augmented Reality in a traditional way, the team at Screwtop Media has positioned itself in a way that they expand the understanding of what AR can be used for and how it can be integrated into marketing. The firm developed an AR platform, Mobile-Eyes®, which now is recognized as their brand. This platform represents the most cutting edge, highly adaptive, and customizable technology to allow a customer’s end user to immerse themselves fully into a brand. The innate function of this platform is to foster brand interaction and better customer engagements. The Mobile-Eyes®; which is Screwtop Media’s “White Label” content delivery platform, is designed in a way to provide companies with a website, mobile site and native mobile application- all from one single code base. This platform is extensible and scalable software which works for all digital needs. Mobile Eyes is profoundly compatible with functions including geo-targeting, ecommerce and social media as well as augmented reality technology.  For example, this platform can be utilized in the retail industry, providing its customers a customized, immersive experience, highlighting various actions provided across all one’s business’s marketing touch points at once. The only limitations placed before it is the imagination of the retailer. The uses of this immersive experience do not end with just brick-and-mortar facilities. Mobile Eyes has been used at festivals and other large events, as well as with off-site engagement opportunities.
Exceptional Services Provided
Being a digital marketing consultant, it offers all kinds of marketing solutions including designing websites. The team undertakes the designing task with great caution and everything they design is done with keeping the needs of the retailer’s customers. Irrespective of the medium they provide thoughtful, researched and intelligent design concepts that will draw your customers in, and keep them engaged. Using one of the fascinating technologies is an upper hand, with the help of AR, Screwtop Media helps in creating a customized reality mobile app that helps in promoting the products and services of one’s business. This firm also offers the most refined, vibrant and real-time targeted email messaging that is completely automated, taking advantage of powerful segmentation, automation, and predictive capabilities, along with powerful reporting tools to understand campaign and program performance.
The company also conducts a social media program evaluation for prospective which provides the clients with feedback regarding their existing program as well as how well their social media efforts fit into their overall marketing strategy. With the help of this approach they make few recommendations using the Mobile-Eyes® which helps in fostering brand interaction and better customer engagements. With the increasing number of media and technology industries and the expansion of the services the company offers, Screwtop Media also has included additional services which include email marketing, ecommerce development and interactive content production.
Strategic Method of Work
Screwtop Media’s sole purpose and aim is to help its customers with its business. To succeed in their goal they have set few procedures which include steps like Pre-Discovery, Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment.
Under the first phase; Pre- discovery, the team learns about the goals of their customers and aspirations to develop a thorough understanding on how to best serve their company and their customers. At the second phase comes the Discovery, a custom architecture and project plan to make absolutely certain that their customers are receiving exactly what they need, perfectly tailored to the company’s digital goals. The third phase includes the Design, under which the talented team of designers at Screwtop Media will work to understand every detail of their customer’s brand, voice and mission and how they combine to communicate to their customers and a site is built. Under the fourth phase Development, the web development professionals will tirelessly test the site to identify and eliminate any flaws to ensure complete functionality. The last phase which is the Deployment, which includes help in monitoring the new developed site and also the market experts at Screwtop Media, would train its customers how to maintain the website. The company monitors the overall function of the projects of their clients.
Success Stories and Client Satisfaction
Employees play a major role in the success of Screwtop Media and Todd adds, “At Screwtop Media, the level of character and integrity of our employees is paramount”. Screwtop Media has been crowned as one of the Top Interactive Marketing Agencies in Dallas for the year 2017.  The greatest accomplishment of Screwtop Media was its involvement with WinStar World Casino and Resort. Using the Mobile Eye, Screwtop Media developed a native mobile app that provides a digital experience based on the same functionalities found on their website and other functional options. They also helped in creating a more comprehensive email program that would provide attractive and track-able emails for entertainment events, hotel and casino operations. Collaborating with WinStar, Screwtop Media has created several custom templates that coincided perfectly with other marketing efforts for consistent brand messaging. As a result at present, WinStar has a reliable email marketing campaign with full analytical capabilities which has boosted open and click-through rates, helping to produce consistently profitable ROI figures. Among many other satisfied clients, Samsung, Shermco Industries, Metro PCS, Purus Labs and Ag Power are some of the beneficiaries.
Advice for the Growing Startups from the CEO’s Desk
“Stay persistent and never give up. You must be relentless in everything you do and remember that quality is found in the details. Finally, never forget that your integrity is non-negotiable…Always do what is right, even when it hurts,” adds Todd.
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