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Sara Brown: A Keen Marketing Leader

Every business requires a marketing person who is comfortable in any business environment. Without that skill, a marketer simply won’t be able to build the necessary relationships for business and its objectives. Sara Brown, a dedicated marketing professional from the US, is a highly skilled communications professional with extensive experience in delivering results in executive, internal and marketing communications, and public relations.
Currently, Sara is Vice President of Marketing for MultiTech. She is responsible for brand strategy and product marketing, as well as all global marketing and communications. Sara has more than 20 years of technology marketing experience, with twelve focused on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to her experience in the technology sector, she also worked as a Senior Copywriter at Ogilvy, a premier advertising agency. Her long resume also includes working for IBM, Wavecom/Sierra Wireless and Telit Wireless Solutions. She has consulted with numerous global technology companies and was recognized as a Woman of IoT in Marketing in 2016.
Sara started her career in 1990 as a reporter at Capitol Hill and later in the trade press covering mergers and acquisitions in the broadcast industry. After moving to North Carolina, she switched to public relations and marketing.
Communication Solutions for Industrial IoT
MultiTech offers a broad portfolio of communications solutions designed to provide the customer with a choice of bearer technology in order to enable the exact right fit for purpose. For 48 years, MultiTech has worked closely with customers to understand individual use cases and customize its offerings to better suit the customer’s needs.
MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s commitment to quality and service excellence means customers can count on its products and people to address their needs. In addition, the company’s history and dedication to innovation ensures that it stays ahead of the latest technology.
Dynamic Attributes of Tech Individuals
Curiosity: Sara believes a natural curiosity is critical to succeed in tech. Curiosity about the technology itself. Curiosity about what’s happening in the market. Most importantly, curiosity about how to overcome the “big picture” problems of our world.
Creative Problem-Solving: Creative problem solving refers to the process that involves breaking down a problem and generating new ideas to find effective solutions. It is one of the important attribute of any tech individual.
Sara explains, “It begins with the belief that even the most challenging problems can and will be solved. From there, the ideal tech individual can draw the stick-to-it-iveness to try and try again until a solution is found.”
Business Acumen: Business Acumen is a crucial attribute that helps businesses to build credibility and deal with a “business situation” in a manner that leads to a positive outcome.
Sara explains her views about business acumen as, “Real success comes from tailoring technology to address the specific pain points of target customers and getting the word out that their problem has finally been solved.”
Lifelong Learning: Engaging with people from other cultures and backgrounds has given Sara an appreciation of different thought processes. More importantly, it is a great way to hone in on those universal human needs, feelings and desires – essentials for any marketer. Having worked across industries and countries, as well as product and service types, Sara has learned that an understanding of those universal drivers is portable. We all respond to a set of motivators, whether selling entertainment, charitable causes or technology.
Emerging Tech Enthusiasts
Sara also has a word of advice for tech enthusiasts. She says, “Technologies can be learned and mastered, while relationships require tending. I’m not just talking about personal life I’m talking about applying relationship principals to professional connections as well. Looking back, mastering BASIC or BetaMax or POTS, while impressive, isn’t super useful today. Relationships, on the other hand, if well-tended, are likely to outlive technologies and survive your entire career.”
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