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Sangoma: A Comprehensive Unified Communications Solutions Provider

Be it collaborating with team members, or presenting any product or service to customers, communication plays a crucial role for business success. Considering this unwavering fact, a trusted leader, Sangoma Technologies is redefining the way businesses communicate and market content to their customers through a comprehensive Unified Communications solution.
Founded in 1984, Sangoma is a leading voice and Unified Communications (UC) provider for SMBs, enterprises, OEMs, carriers, and other service providers. It offers on-premises and cloud-based UC/PBX systems as well as phones, gateways, and session border controllers, providing a comprehensive solution for its customers. Sangoma leads the market in the enterprise, value-based communications segment, which includes small businesses to large enterprises who are looking for all the advantages of UC at a fair price. Sangoma’s UC solutions meet the needs of this segment with advanced features, such as presence/chat, conferencing, mobility, fax, and more, built into the base platform. This enables businesses to truly communicate better with their customers through a high-quality solution with a low total cost of ownership. This is true value.
Tailor-made Solutions 
Sangoma thoroughly understand SMBs, and this is what has made it the leader in value-based communications. It makes upgrading from a legacy phone system easy, because it offers businesses deployment options that fit their needs, whether they are looking for an on-premise, virtualized, or cloud-based UC system. The company also includes call center functionality in its base system, without requiring SMBs to purchase expensive add-ons or packages. Most of all, it provides value, which is exactly what SMBs really want from their UC system.
Additionally, Sangoma is also expert at providing a small business a Unified Communications solution that is tailored to their needs. Its small business customers fall into four broad categories when considering UC, which includes upgrading a legacy phone system, obtaining more call center capabilities, increasing employee productivity / combining disparate communication systems into one, and wanting to move to a cloud-based architecture.
This means that a small business may not want the entire suite of capabilities that typically comes with a UC system. However, the company can make sure that they only pay for what they need, and they know how to use what they have. They also typically will upgrade to utilize other features later on. They would simply need to unlock this functionality a no cost later.
An Exemplary Leader 
Bill Wignall, as the President and CEO of Sangoma, leads the company in the execution of its growth strategy. His deep operational and strategic skills are major assets to the corporation. Bill brings to Sangoma his personal style of working closely with existing customers and valued channel partners. As a technology industry veteran, Bill held the role of President and CEO at Truition Inc., a developer and marketer of e-Commerce software. Prior to that, he worked as the President and CEO of Electronics Workbench and has served in senior management roles throughout his career at companies ranging in size from start-ups to Northern Telecom, BNI and Telezone.
Under Bill’s leadership, Sangoma has dramatically expanded its product portfolio and is targeting new markets and territories to further accelerate growth. In 2018, Sangoma has successfully completed the acquisition of Digium and the Dialogic Converged Communications Division. Prior to that, Sangoma purchased VoIP Supply and Schmooze, among others. Bill has transformed Sangoma both through M&A and organically.
Enabling Customers Obtain Exceptional Value 
According to Sangoma, there is misinformation about Unified Communications in the Industry. There are suppliers that claim to provide UC, but in reality simply have a basic phone system. So it’s important to understand what UC is. UC is basic telephony and voicemail capabilities, but also includes other forms of communication, such as presence, instant messaging, collaboration, fax, video, and file sharing. It also enables one’s smartphone to be tied to the primary business phone system, essentially extending people’s office phone numbers beyond the physical boundary of the office. It’s important to note that more modern phone systems, whether they have UC capabilities or not, are also increasingly including some basic call center features, such as IVR, call transfer, and call monitoring and analytics, as part of the phone system.
Secondly, customers assume that the additional UC features will come at price points they can’t afford. At Sangoma, the UC features are included in the basic phone system one is buying. The company wants its customers to obtain exceptional value at their price points.
Ahead of Competition 
Sangoma’s PBX/UC platforms include UC functionality as part of the base platform. This means UC is part of the PBX and a business doesn’t have to pay extra for this functionality. Sangoma’s platforms are also engineered to be flexible so that it can be configured easily by any user. Sangoma also offers customers both an on-premise and a cloud based UC solution. This means Sangoma can discuss the pros and cons of each offering for the specific business in question, and as such, is in a truly unique position to be a trusted advisor to its customers.
Contribution in Industry 
Sangoma Technologies is the world’s largest provider of open source communications solutions, and is the primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk project, the world’s most widely used open source communications software, and the FreePBX project, the world’s most widely used open source PBX software.
Sangoma’s globally scalable offerings include SIP trunking, IP phones, gateways, session border controllers and telecom interface cards. Together, these provide seamless connectivity between traditional infrastructure and new technologies.
Company’s Prospective Sangoma will continue to support both the Asterisk and FreePBX open source communities and will continue to drive its UC platforms forward by continuing to add new features, such as a mobile client, and ever increasing scalability and robustness.
Mark of Excellence 
“We found PBXact has the best value we saw compared to some of the other solutions we looked at.” – Joseph D. O’Brien Jr, Founder, O’Brien Automotive, USA
“It was an honor to work with the PMC Bank – one of the biggest co-operative banks in India. We are happy that we could provide them the solution to fit their needs. The Sangoma solution was effective in enhancing the voice quality, a critical factor for any contact center. We have been using the Sangoma hardware for all our customers. It helps us to provide a robust and scalable solution with the highest quality to our customers.” – Mehul Shah, CEO, Elision Technolab LLP, India
“ANTlabs has seen dramatic improvement in the quality of our service to the customers following the new installation of Sangoma solutions. We have benefited from reduced monthly telephony overheads, and expansion at the client device level has brought much ease to operations. Our remote staffs are able to communicate with each other seamlessly. The advanced features of the Sangoma telephony are positively impacting both our staff and customers.” – Troy Tan, Operations Manager at ANTlabs, Singapore
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