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SafetyChain: Ensuring Food Quality and Safety through Software

The food and beverage industry is of critical importance because it impacts all of us in some way, every day. Comprised of a number of sub-industries, the F&B industry includes everything from food processing plants to fast food restaurants. The standardization and enforcement of quality and safety standards is more complicated and critical than ever creating a monumental challenge for today’s food companies.
Historically, these companies have relied on outdated, paper and manual processes that are both resource and time intensive. But there is a shift among many leading food processors and manufacturers who are not only concerned about quality and safety but the efficient operations of their facilities. To address these challenges, these same companies are now turning to software designed to help manage food quality and safety programs.
One notable example of such a platform is SafetyChain, who earned Insights Success’ recognition for The Top 10 Most Recommended Quality Management Solution Providers, 2018. SafetyChain is a Quality Management System (QMS) that helps food and beverage companies improve productivity, profitability and compliance with a flexible, user-friendly software platform that captures, manages and analyzes real-time operations data.
A Unique Food Management Solution
SafetyChain is a user-friendly software platform which captures, manages, and analyzes real-time operations data. It provides solutions for Quality Management, Food Safety, and Supplier Compliance, which can be purchased separately or as a complete suite.
The platform includes data tools for capturing and analyzing data in your facility using mobile forms. Also included is a comprehensive document management tool that makes it easy to store, edit, and share compliance documents and align with any ISO or GFSI standard. And most unique is SafetyChain’s powerful analytics tool that includes a simple engine for building reports, dashboards and real-time alerts for everything from compliance to Statistical Process Control (SPC) and more!
Beyond Conventional Compliance
SafetyChain was innovatively designed to empower food industry practitioners with unique features to manage their compliance programs, including food safety protocols, GFSI, quality, and regulatory requirements.
The industry has often demanded a single system for food management but the lack of a comprehensive solution meant that they were forced to use multiple platforms to fulfill different requirements.
SafetyChain now makes it possible to have a complete solution under one roof to support Quality, SQF and Lean initiatives. The flexible platform allows companies to start with what they need but scale with the same software.
The result is a software solution that provides the features every food company needs with the power and flexibility to expand as they continue to the technology transition for all of their operations and facilities.
From Belief to Innovative Platform
Barry Maxon, Founder and CEO, founded SafetyChain with the unshakable belief that new technologies could transform how the food industry managed quality and safety.
Seeing that the emergence of new governmental standards would drive change, he recognized that the convergence of mobile technology and the cloud created a historic opportunity to drive down cost, while increasing effectiveness. He foresaw that these new solutions were viable in the complex food industry, with its high volume, low margin, and challenging operating environments.
Barry Maxon brings to the company over twenty years of resourceful experience in software and consulting management. Barry inspires innovation while ensuring accountability and customer success. Before assuming his role as CEO and President, Barry led SafetyChain’s sales and consulting team and facilitated the accelerated growth and adoption of SafetyChain’s technologies in the marketplace.
Prior to SafetyChain, Barry was a founder and executive at Enwisen Software, where he helped the company with actionable insights and led it to a market-leading position. He was also a management consultant at A.T. Kearney where he helped companies optimize their operations.
Barry is a retired U.S. Navy officer.
Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly-Changing Industry
Barry admits, “Building SafetyChain has been a fun, exciting and rewarding process but not without its challenges.”
The industry has faced a number of major shifts in regulatory and non-regulatory compliance which demanded quick adaptation to ensure compliant solution delivery. The initial growth of the company was based on the adoption of FSMA. Eventually, it centered its focus around quality and operational excellence in food production and has proved its value beyond compliance in customers’ ability to continuously improve their operations.
Driving adoption of new technology solutions in an industry that has traditionally relied on paper has also presented a considerable challenge, and it is another hurdle that SafetyChain has successfully overcome.
Maintaining Efficient Operations
SafetyChain has positioned itself as a leader in Quality Management Software (QMS) for food and beverage companies by providing real-time data and analytics that drive continuous improvement and revenue growth. The production of safe, high-quality food represents clear top line and bottom line benefits for the company’s customers.
It places great emphasis on understanding client issues and solving them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This client-centric focus has helped the organization to cement its reputation as the leading quality solutions provider in the industry.
SafetyChain is a growing repository for many different types of quality safety and operational data. It envisions finding more efficient ways to collect information, and improving the analytics algorithms that give valuable insights that can be used to improve quality and efficiency.

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