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RxNT: Rediscovering Better Ways to Develop the Medical Industry

The Medical Industry is developing every moment, ever since its inception. With improvement, comes more competition and more players enter the field. Every company wants to be the first choice of their customers. The current scenario suggests that more than 800 EMR vendors are competing with each other. Experts say that the companies delivering the best-valued solutions will thrive in the fight. RxNT is the leading healthcare solution provider reinventing new ways to improve the Medical Industry and tackling all the odds to be ahead in the race. RxNT is expected to be the major long-term player in this space. With goals set high and an aim to double revenue each year, the company is working hard to take RxNT to the ultimate level by delivering better and improved solutions every step of the way.
RxNT introduced one of the first e-prescribing solutions to the medical industry. RxNT|eRx is among the most widely used ePrescribing solutions in the United States of America. RxNT is a Maryland-based company which has taken on the challenge of supporting the healthcare industry with the best quality Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management (PM) systems to deliver better patient care without compromising revenue and the efficiency of the medical practice.
The Story behind the Company
Two decades ago, the medical industry was entirely different than it is today. During that time, most patients frequently complained about the difficulties they faced while decoding the words written in the prescription by the professional medical practitioners. It was in the late 1990’s, the Founder, President, and CEO at RxNT, Randy Boldyga came to a point in life when he was made aware of a story in which a pharmacist misread a physician’s handwriting and prescribed a lethal dose of medication to an infant. It greatly impacted Randy’s life and led him to start searching for better ways to improve the healthcare industry.
Only one phrase was revolving around Randy’s head, “there has to be a better way”, which ultimately led to the research and eventual development of the electronic prescribing system. And RxNT|eRx was born. Slowly, RxNT, started to evolve into a multi-solutions provider. These solutions were created with the intention to help doctors’ offices improve organization and workflow in their practices while maintaining the best patient care. RxNT has a clear vision to enable doctors and their staff to focus on improving patient care by providing them with user-friendly and intuitive e-solutions.
Milestones of the company and the Industry
RxNT is winning the hearts of their customers with their best-in-class medical solutions. They have designed desktop, Android and iOS applications which enable medical practitioners to virtually write prescriptions from anywhere and send immediately to the pharmacy of their choice.
RxNT reached another milestone when they introduced RxNT|PM, a cloud-based solution that provides one’s practice with important medical billing information including Provider Charges and Payment Snapshot, Aging Snapshot and Practice-Specific Alerts. It is a fully integrated practice solution that saves time and increases cash flow.
RxNT|EHR is an electronic health record solution that offers a full range of features and benefits including custom patient encounters, simple and efficient charting, Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), fully integrated ePrescribing lab results and orders, a flexible scheduler and a secure patient portal.
Randy is the Pillar of RxNT
In 1999, Randy Boldyga started RxNT in the basement of his home and ran the company from there for five years until he bought their first office building in Annapolis, Maryland. He is a highly qualified man with a Mathematics degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. With a rich experience of more than two decades, Randy is known to be the IT guru in the field of Information Technology. He focuses on building a strong bridge between IT and medical industry.
Under Randy’s guidance, RxNT helps its employees to work in an environment that’s fun and focuses on customer satisfaction. RxNT prides itself with convenience and consistency for their customers, which means they encourage customers to reach out to them when they need help.
“Being Better” a Goal of RxNT
While talking about how the company stands out to be the most remarkable solution in the field, Randy said, “As I said before, RxNT is very hands on. If clients have a question, we want them to come to us first so that we can teach them how to use our solutions as efficiently as possible. RxNT prides themselves by putting a personal touch with their products that puts it apart from the competition.” Along with the features of virtual prescription, RxNT offers solutions which are cost effective and easier to use than similar healthcare software solution providers.
Every day is new, and every day is a new beginning of an innovation for RxNT. With motivation to be better with each passing day, the company is expected to continue to grow and adapt to fit its customers’ growing needs. While making improvements in the industry, RxNT stands firm on their goals to help doctors remain organized and improve their practices while accommodating patients.

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