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RxNT: Redefining “Better Way” for Prescribing and Practice Management

A notable shift in the healthcare landscape has taken a place over the course of the last few years, with a focus on embracing technology and transitioning towards value-based care. As technology continues its impact on healthcare, the adoption of new IT options has been able to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Electronic Health Records (EHR) has emerged as a pre-eminent part of value-based care which not only improves modern medical practice management but also increases practice efficiencies and cost savings. EHR enables healthcare providers to have access to comprehensive and accurate information which enhances their ability to diagnose diseases and prevent medical errors, improving patient outcomes, and ultimately delivering better medical care. This growing trend aligns the desired outcomes of providers while substantially improving the overall health and well-being of the patients. The majority of healthcare institutions and providers are embracing the evolution of healthcare records and practice management from paper to digital, but despite a broad consensus on the advantages of these new technologies, some health care providers across the country have been reluctant to adopt EHRs and health Information Technology. Constraints exist as they correlate to the resources required in terms of time and capital, as well as fears over the disruption of existing workflow models and operation of individual practices.
Annapolis, Maryland-based RxNT has taken on the challenge of assisting healthcare providers succeed with the highest quality of Electronic Record Management and Practice Management (PM) systems which help to deliver better patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency.
RxNT, a healthcare software solutions provider, offers innovative practice management, electronic health records, and electronic prescribing solutions for today’s ambulatory practices. RxNT has accumulated healthcare IT knowledge, gathering the best and brightest in software development to forge a tightly integrated suite of products leveraging proven technologies in EHR and PM. The company strives to offer the highest quality products at a cost-effective price.
Meet the Protagonist of RxNT
Randy Boldyga, Founder & CEO of RxNT, started this venture 18 years ago in his basement with the intent to revolutionize the way healthcare providers wrote prescriptions for their patients and accessed patient data. He continued to run the company from his home for five years until he could afford to buy the first office building. Boldyga has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He worked for many years as an IT guru in the Information Technology field before starting RxNT.
“We offer a very high-quality product at a very affordable price that all doctors can afford, it distinguishes us from our competitors,” Mr. Boldyga says proudly.
Inception Story
Like every business or venture that has a story to tell, RxNT’s story begins with an IT consulting firm which Boldyga started when he was made aware of a newspaper article that detailed the death of an infant who unnecessarily passed away from a medication overdose. The pharmacist misread the physician’s handwriting and prescribed a lethal dose of medicines to the infant. Mr. Boldyga said, “There has to be a better way” which lead to the research and eventual development of the electronic prescribing system now known as RxNTeRx: a cloud-based ePrescribing solution that is like no other. RxNTeRx was the first of three very successful and highly adopted products which make-up the RxNT Full Practice Suite used by tens-of-thousands of providers today.
Today, RxNT has grown to provide a full line of Healthcare IT products meant to improve a healthcare provider’s workflow. With the addition of Electronic Health Records and Practice Management solutions, the company’s solutions can function as stand-alone solutions that can be fully integrated to any size of practice.
Mr. Boldyga states, “Currently, there’s a lot of competition with more than 800 EMR vendors vying for their share. We believe the best-valued solutions will be the ones that survive and we also believe that we have positioned ourselves to be a major long-term player in this space. Our products are intuitive and competitively priced, and we’re seeing a groundswell of physicians spreading the word.”
Services & Products Transforming Medical Practices
RxNT offers solutions designed to maximize the front and back office of any medical practice from patient records, to medication management, patient scheduling, and medical billing, they have the full suite. RxNT solutions are all cloud-based and available on iOS & Android devices. The company’s robust solutions are designed keeping in mind the modern medical practices, clinical and back-office workflow, and operations to deliver solid financial results and optimal patient satisfaction.
The three foundational healthcare solutions include –
Practice Management Solutions: RxNT|PM solution offers flawless integration with existing eRx and EHR solutions in order to facilitate the most complete eHealth solution available. RxNT PM manages the front office (scheduling), and the back office (billing) functions in one solution. With built-in code scrubbing and ICD-10 drill down technology, billing is a breeze. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and an option for a third-party biller have attributed to an increase in revenue for existing practices using RxNT|PM. The Central Billing Office (CBO) functionality included in RxNT|PM has helped large practices (with multiple locations) and billing companies increase their billing and collections efficiency. Using CBO, they are able to access all of their practice locations or practice clients using a single login. They also have access to aggregated reporting.
E-prescribing Solutions: RxNT|eRx solution processes and transmits electronic prescriptions. It helps to reduce doctor shopping, forging prescriptions, and medications errors. RxNT|eRx provides prescribers with the ability to prescribe controlled and non-controlled substances. RxNT’s Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is DEA and Surescripts Certified and contains the identity proofing process right in a prescriber’s RxNT account. This ePrescribing solution is available for iOS & Android applications.
Electronic Health Records Solutions: RxNT|EHR solution offers medical practices specialty-specific templates which allow a medical practice to streamline and maximize a provider’s workflow potential and patient encounters. With the ONC-certified solution, RxNT|EHR makes charting, requesting labs, and ePrescribing a streamlined process. RxNT|EHR fully integrates with RxNT|PM, RxNT|eRx, and RxNT|Scheduler to assist in running a more efficient practice.
Mr. Boldyga explains, “There are a lot of really excellent features in our EMR, but the features that are making it better for physicians and their patients are those that add the most convenience for both parties. Electronic prescribing provides lots of convenience for the doctor and the patient. There’s nothing worse than being sick and having to wait at the pharmacy for your prescription. With electronic prescribing, the physician can be at the ballpark with his son and write a prescription for his patient. Meanwhile, his patient can be driving to the pharmacy, and by the time the patient gets to the pharmacy the prescription is filled. This sounds too good to be true, but it is a reality with RxNT’s EMR through our mobile iPhone and Android apps.”
“Our high-caliber product reinforces patient safety by reducing error, drug incompatibility issues, and illegibility,” states Boldyga.
Approach Towards Challenges Dictates Journey Towards Growth
RxNT’s rapid success is due in part to Boldyga’s personal attributes which are infused into the company. He is drawn to the creative side of life, but he is also a fierce competitor. His approach and determination towards learning from challenges are the core values of RxNT, which empower them in strengthening their efforts to deliver more value. He explains, “We have faced a lot of difficulties. Early in the journey, the challenges were mostly related to capital. Next, the challenges were mostly related to employee roles and responsibilities, but we have outgrown the challenges in that area too. Now, we have a lot of what I call real challenges, they are related to how fast and efficiently we can grow our business.”
“Challenges don’t stop us, they propel us towards success,” says Boldyga.
Randy’s advice to the young entrepreneurs
To start an EMR business today might not make sense because the market is already oversaturated with more than 800 existing vendors. Having said that, the Medical IT field is large, and so his advice would be to find a niche in this vast market and make the best widget possible and partner with other companies that can leverage your widget and you will do well.
Future Prospects
The future of the EMR is going to be more competitive than ever, but RxNT has positioned itself nicely and believes they will thrive in an ever increasingly competitive market. The company will continue to solidify existing EHR-EMR solutions with enhancements necessary to support a wide variety of strategies while also looking for ways to make solutions adhering to the modern medical practitioners.
“We believe that empowering our employees to learn and use cutting edge technology is how we stay competent. If our employees are encouraged to acquire new things then they will want to come to work every day and will want to work their hardest.  This is what separates us from others,” asserts Boldyga.

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