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RPMG: Unveiling Black Light Revenue

For the last 40 years, CEO’s have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in the quest for consistent sales growth. Invested in everything from recruitment and sales training, to new product development, to wave upon wave upon wave of technology innovation, from CRM to Marketing Automation to social media. All have delivered only disappointment and frustration. Like the quest for the Holy Grail, this quest also has been futile.
Successful and sustainable revenue creation needs a combination of insight into where opportunities for improvement in the revenue creation process lay, and the ability to bring those opportunities to life – to crystallise the revenue. Many of those opportunities lay hidden in plain sight within organisation’s existing revenue systems; they just can’t see them. Since 2005, RPMG has helping organisations across multiple industry segments reveal and surface what they call Black Light Revenue, and bring it to life employing Marginal Gain Theory. A combination of advanced revenue performance analytics embodying more than 300,000 hours of deep, consulting-driven expertise in revenue improvement makes their TelemetRy analytics solution immense unique and RPMG one of the 20 most innovative companies to watch.
The era of Big Data is providing more problems than solutions for many companies because they simply cannot ingest and glean insights in a timely fashion from the huge amount of data being produced every day.  RPMG offers a managed service that ingests qualitative and quantitative data on the performance of key revenue drivers in a series of snapshots taken at regular intervals – time series photography for revenue.  The movements in the drivers between snapshots – the time series deltas, reveals changes in organizational marketing and sales behaviors as they happen.  Using highly sophisticated predictive analytics TelemetRy map a series of updated blueprints for activating revenue based on the insights gained from analysing the time shifts.  Absent TelemetRy, that revenue lies unseen – hidden in the noise.
Meet the Maestro behind RPMG
Craig McKell is the founder and CEO of RPMG. Born and educated in Sydney, Craig, went on to become a partner at Ernst Young.  A chance conversation with an associate inspired him to begin examining the actual “revenue performance” of companies – not what was merely observable on the surface.  In other words, how good were companies really at generating and importantly improving their ability to increase the size and velocity of their revenue pipelines or funnels.  Over many thousands of hours and hundreds of clients, he and his team discovered and then proved that small, incremental – sometimes invisible changes to the key links in the revenue creation process produced disproportionately large improvements in revenue output.  Over more than 140 clients to date, a CAGR in revenue of 24% is testimony to the strength and validity of Craig’s original hypothesis.
“It’s just like the movie Moneyball.  People get so used to seeing things in a particular way they lose the ability to ever view anything any other way.  It’s exactly that way in sales and marketing.  People with 30 years of experience are astonished when we show them how a simple 1% improvement to the rate of pipeline conversion can increase total revenue by 5% – and profit by 32%.  It’s hiding there in plain view, but they can’t see it.  But TelemetRy can!”.
Uniqueness of RPMG
RPMG has the ability to reveal hidden revenue – Black Light Revenue, that lays hidden in plain sight within companies.  As it is a new business discipline, in the future RPMG sees revenue specialists being as important to a company as other regular disciplines like accounting and marketing. As of yet, apart from other consulting firms who specialise in various niches, RPMG are yet to find a like competitor with the combination of analytics, technology, people and process across the entire scope of the revenue process. The current predictive technology is being improved all the time which is enabling RPMG to help companies close the gap on real vs. forecasted revenue and provide greater certainty to the business.
Without adding cost to business, RPMG has been able to achieve year-on-year revenue gains for clients at an average of 23%. “We have had 143 clients in 10 years including Google, and as such, we can see our scale and potency increasing and low growth market and big data slowing revenue velocity,” says Craig McKell.
TelemetRy embodies more than 300,000 hours of marketing, sales and management experience gathered from working with some of the world’s best known organizations – including Google, IBM, Microsoft, Optus NTT, Westpac, Telstra, NEC, Symantec and McDonalds.
Flagship Product
RPMG has developed state of the art revenue analytics software, RPM TelemetRy™, bringing prescriptive analytics and insights to marketing and sales by revealing and quantifying the future financial impacts of changes to the marketing and sales tactical mix.  The software will objectively measure what stage of the sales process buyers are at and how quickly they are moving through the pipeline.  It has been designed to measure every aspect of an organization’s revenue performance to produce insights enabling continuous improvement into the future and quantifying the ROI from specific marketing and sales campaigns and activities by measuring contribution to revenue, margin, profit and value.
Remarkable Examples of Successful Clientele
“Armed with the RPMG process and my plan on a page, I went back to my leadership team and assessed our USP and ICP and came up with a couple of targets to aim for. By June we had worked a couple of those targets and established two long-standing agreements for revenue in excess of $100M annually.  Thanks for the great tools to implement in our business,” – Brendan, CEO – Sirromet.
“Completely changed our outlook on the way we engaged with our market and customers. The ability of the RPMG Team to engage our team and get them switched onto “the buyers’ journey” was fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend them to any CEO or business leader – whether they think they have a problem with revenue or not,” – Stuart, CEO –  Google Enterprise.