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RoomAR: Empowering the AR-commerce with Vision and Innovation

Furniture is an integral part of a house. In other words we can say that it is like the meat and potatoes of a meal. A home without furniture doesn’t have much charm. It makes your home warm, welcoming and complete. When buying furniture, it is important that you pick up functional and timeless pieces that will fit your space and budget in just the right way.
Is it possible to try out and see how each and every furniture piece that you plan to buy would look in your house? Your answer might be a big NO, but hello you are wrong. Thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence, you can now visualize furniture in any part of your house with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and see if it fits perfectly in your living space and style or not.
Enriching User Experience via Image Recognition Algorithms
Founded in November 2017, RoomAR is a tech startup that is originally based in Berlin. This company aids revenue increase of its clients by providing solutions that involve the latest technology. The technology used in this app is based on augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The company participated in the popular Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator program in Berlin (now Axel Springer Porsche Accelerator), and they were so successful that they got funded even before the program came to an end. Along with a team of exceptionally skilled professionals, the company is about to launch its first product, i.e. RoomAR.
RoomAR is modular software that is targeting the manufacturers and the retailers of the home furnishing industry. This app helps the manufacturers to increase their online sales and also gets data-based business insights. The app “uses state-of-the-art technology” and the best part about it is that its user friendly. The Room AR core visualizes the virtual furniture product in the real world using an augmented reality mobile app. The app also recommends personalized products according to the style and taste of every individual using this app.  This app can be highly useful at showrooms and trade fairs and also for the end users.
About the Visionary and Entrepreneurial Leader
Mrs. Naimah Schütter, Founder and CEO of RoomAR, has tremendous understanding for data driven business. She has a knack for strong sales and is a contemporary art and design enthusiast. Her innovative and creative ideas have helped her achieve whatever she has worked on till date. Her experience working across varied industries, like Oracle and The unbelievable Machine Company, has brushed up her sales and key account management skills. She also owned an art gallery at Berlin´s famous Auguststrasse and this is the reason she thinks on the lines of digitization combined with a sense of fine arts and aesthetics.
Naimah asserts, “AR is a technology that scales imagination and brings products to life. A sheer fascination for AR and the potential of a market with an estimated annual growth rate of 40%, led to the establishment of RoomAR.”
Envisioning Incredible Experiences with AR
Facing Challenges Head On
Openness for new ideas and aspirations without any fear has lead to the success of RoomAR. The talented team of RoomAR plans to shun off the fear so that they can reach the epitome of success. They believe that with the help of AR they will be able to change the way everyone perceives the world. A good balance is what keeps this company going. The applications that are being developed are bringing value to different industries. To bring these applications in the market some courageous first movers are required. Just as RoomAR’s creativity is fostered by their ability to stand up against the consensus.
RoomAR is a very new and impressive way of shopping. Imagine that you can picture a coffee table from a furniture website standing right in front of you, you can walk around it and with just one swipe you can change its color and its position. This experience is so much fun that it can take the sales of a manufacturer or retailer to just another level.
Future of the company
RoomAR positions itself as one of the key tech companies empowering AR-Commerce to accelerate sale and increase efficiency. The current focus of this company is on the interior market and slowly and steadily they plan to expand further. There is a huge scope of growth in the Industries that are selling consumer goods. They consider that the combined use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence brings lots of value to both B2B and B2C. With a multidimensional business model and a huge potential to position different industry-specific solutions for visualization, recommendation and data analytics, RoomAR is on their way to tremendous growth and success. They aim to become an attractive, cool employer and a leading tech corporation or to say it in own words: The next dimension of retail.