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Roku to compete with Google and Amazon.

Google could now revoke the software licenses from Android Tv makers if they lean towards devices that run similar forked versions such as their competitor, Amazon Fire TV. If any of the TV makers were to partner with other companies, those TV makers would no longer be able to run the Play Store and other Google Apps on any of the devices they manufacture, that includes mobile phones and tablets.
These policies that fall under the Android Compatibility Commitment, make sure to spell out those devices who want access to the Play Store should run a version of the android which is compatible with the Google-approved version of android. This basically means that all the TV makers who also manufacture phones, LG and Samsung, would not be able to partner with Amazon.
The protocol also states that Google has the liberty to bar some or any of its partners from working with its rival Amazon. Anyone who wishes to go against Google’s policies would be in serious trouble. That would mean that they would partner with Amazon and Google would completely bar them from its apps, including its phone apps. The company also argued that they provid secure and consistent software on better versions of Android.
In light of recent events, Google and Amazon are both facing tough competition from ROKU against TV OS adoption. Almost, over 30% of the new TV streaming devices ran ROKU software, where Amazon Fire TV ran 12% and Android accounted for 9%.