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Robin Media: Your Personal Concierge for Live Experiences

Music is not just an art, it’s a lifestyle. There is nothing more soulful than being able to appreciate and enjoy music.  For any major event, acquiring tickets is a headache. There is nothing worse than when the tickets are either not available or sold out. The feelings that rush in start with anxiety and end in disappointing heartbreak when you inevitably miss being able to watch your heroes ‘live’. But one company has solutions to all these problems: Robin Media
What makes Robin different? The answer lies in two words: Artificial Intelligence. AI may make half of today’s jobs outdated in the coming twenty years. With the innovations in technology brought by startups like Robin, there are limitless possibilities of AI. AI has been redefining and strengthening to combine and run human-based businesses in a new and improved ways.
Robin Media: The Inside Story  
Founded in 2016, Robin Media is a personal concierge for live experiences. Robin aggregates and helps customers and businesses get tickets to shows of their choice through personal data points. The man behind this refreshing thought is CEO Adam McIsaac.
This technology startup mines consumption and social data from customers to help them discover and access the best live events and experiences that are relevant to their needs, budget and preferences. Robin provides tickets for shows including, theatre, concerts, sporting events and any other live event.
Unlike many other businesses, the hassles of acquiring tickets are minimal; here the tickets are just few clicks away. Tickets can even be acquired by just dropping a text to the ‘Robin’ team and can even makes tickets available before they even go on sale.
Standing Apart while Outshining its Competitors
Embracing new opportunities and breaks, Robin has also launched Robin Professional to help SMB and larger organizations to help their employees experience live experiences for corporate entertaining, gifting and employee rewards.  This was launched as a result to their discovery of need gap for business and has launched with major success. Robin partners with businesses to procure amazing live experiences for a corporate offering.
Embracing Technology  
The advancements in technology have opened a new platform to all kinds of business in the market. Like many other organizations, Robin has welcomed and accepted this change. The team at Robin Media is excited about ‘Machine Learning’ and how it can be used to match consumers and suppliers in the live experience space. They also agree that personalization would be one of the key themes for all e-commerce companies. “We think personalization is going to be a key theme for all e-commerce moving forward” says Adam. “The application of machine learning ensures that a store and its products are tailored to each individual customer’s needs and desires. New customer, new store.”
Winning Titles
Robin’s first milestone achievement was being a part of the Techstars Music program in Los Angeles soon after their launch – ahead of more than 1,000 applicants. Adam comments on this opportunity as “an incredible experience to be able to work with the leaders in the industry”. Robin has also successfully launched an experimental project with a national professional services firm to help all their employees access amazing live experiences for clients – and also they have been selected to be a part of the SXSW accelerator program in 2018.
In Store for Future
In the coming years Robin sees itself as an essential part of everyone’s life – including businesses –  and making sure that the end needs are pulled together. They are working towards eliminating the crisis of people getting bored and providing them with an easy and simple answer of ‘what should they do tonight?’ while giving businesses a simple tool for corporate benefits and entertainment.  However, their long-term goal is to be the ‘Netflix’ for live experiences where no one would run out of options.  The team is currently aimed at making ‘Robin’, a household name.
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