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RM Applications: Offering Cutting-Edge Bespoke Solutions

RM Applications Sdn. Bhd. (RMA) is an MSC Status boutique software company based out of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). RMA is an ISO Certified i.e ISO 9001:2015. RMA is founded by a group of experienced professionals with the motto “Why it can’t be done”. This is where the journey of RMA began to venture into the development of bespoke solutions to address the pain points, niche requirements, which can’t be addressed through off the shelf solutions. RMA specializes in offering bespoke solutions in the area of Digitalization and Data Management Landscape.
RMA is driven by passion and vision to strive for excellence by delivering comprehensive and customer oriented solutions. The team, RMATEs is passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking and continuously upgrading its solutions to serve its customer needs effectively in digital payments, data management and analytics landscape.
The company successfully delivers leading- edge technology solutions in areas such as Digital Remittance & Payments, ALM & Liquidity Reporting Data Mart, Data Management (ETL) Consulting & Development, Bespoke Data Mart, Localization and integration of Partners’ Solutions. Remittance & Payment, Data Management (Developing Bespoke Data Marts), Analytics and Regulatory Reporting is part of RMA’s larger vertical focusing on provide bespoke solutions in the areas of Domestic & Cross Border Payments and bespoke DataMart development.
The Key Services and Offerings
OmniData: Bespoke DataMart Development: Developing of bespoke data marts, which were fast, easier and deliver more value by serving the purpose of Clients i.e. make the semi- processed data available, which can be directly fed into the Risk and Regulatory Reporting engine to generate the reports and for analytics in the area of ALM (Asset Liability Management), AMLA (Anti Money Laundering), Basel 3 (Liquidity), FTP (Fund Transfer pricing), MFRS9 and Other Regulatory Reporting Data Mart.
OmniReports: Analytics, BI & Reports Development: Development of customized Reporting, Dashboards & Alerting solution for various Business Verticals largely in the area of Compliance such as ALM, Basel 3 Liquidity, AMLA, CRS (Common Reporting Standards), Regulatory and Management Reporting.
OmniRemit: (Remittance Solution Suite) enables end to end automation of Remittance and Payment Solution and is our flagship products tailor made for Financial Institutions. The solutions support Mobile & Online Remittance, Branch & Agent Remittance, Remittance Back Office solutions and are in compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia requirements and AMLA (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines. Lately, Money Changing Module has been added to the suite to make it a full fledge solution. The solution facilitates bypassing conventional method of using SWIFT or other payment network, instead there is a direct integration with pre-designated overseas counterpart for processing payment using web services. The solution is MoneyGram ready and support straight through processing and real time interface with cross border remittance corridors for transaction processing.
VIMS (Vehicle Inspection Management System): VIMS is a web based, mobile ready solution to meet the needs of value-conscious used vehicle buyers. The solution facilitates streamlining of used vehicle evaluation and inspection task, which is beneficial for Used car dealers, Seller and Buyer. Certified Used Car ensures the quality based on standardized scoring, transparency in inspection process and this builds up car’s credibility, which will ease the trading process.
The Virtuoso Co-founder
Lokesh Gupta, the Co-founder and CTO, is having 17 years of experiences in Financial Solution Consulting, Regulatory Reporting and, Project management. Currently, he is involved in Asset Liability Management, Basel III, Risk and, Regulatory Reporting Data mart Development as well as Remittance & Payments Solution implementations in the region.
A firm believer of being a ‘Doer’, Lokesh always remains ready to jump in, explore options, work hard and like to get involved in finding solutions. He has been a driver for the bespoke solution.  At RMA, Lokesh has established a collaborative environment together with his employees, where he practices flat organization structure, also known as RMATEs, and develop his team, creating customer-centric innovative solutions.
He acknowledges that Business is all about ‘relationships’ and ‘trust’ which got to be earned. His core strategy is to collaborate with the client and have their continuous feedback to design and deliver a solution that meets there expectation and industry demand. Beyond tailored solution delivery, he takes customer support very seriously, which is very important to address the pain points, which may arise due to operation and business as usual activities.
Contribution to the industry
The future will be for Big Data as at present largely the clients are focusing on automation and processing of structured data to ascertain the quantitative aspects. More and more clients are now exploring Data Lakes and usage of Big Data for Data Management and Analytics.
From financial industry per say ‘R’ and ‘Python’ is picking up especially in the area of Data Modelling. RMA also is now strengthening its skill set on ‘R’ Modelling as it will be helpful in crunching the data and building up Data Models especially in the area of Credit Risk, Liquidity, Basel and Regulatory reporting such as MFRS9. This is the way to go and RMA has already started walking on this path and also developing skill set in the area of Big data. In addition RMA has also started developing skills on upcoming open source databases like MongoDB and the team is exploring of using MongoDB for its existing Solutions.  RMA is also in the process of integrating Blockchain and Digital Assets with OmniRemit i.e. Remittance and Payment Processing solution.
Offering Customer Centric Solutions
RMA has achieved success with its capabilities and delivering customer- centric solutions. This is the core strategy, which helps in meeting its customers’ expectations. The company listens to what customers want, get insights into their expectations and accordingly design and deliver their solutions. The team believes in building a simple and customer- driven solution with an emphasis on digitalization of data, workflow process, reporting etc. Beyond solution delivery, the company takes customer support very seriously, which is an important post- implementation.
The Roadmap of a Brilliant Future
RMA is continuing to be expansive, both in terms of the broader product offerings and broader regional expansion. RMA strategy is to ‘Stay Agile’ in adopting new technologies and ‘Collaboration’ for expansion.
RMA is a company that is providing an advanced innovative and value-added solution in the remittance and data management landscape leveraging on Big Data technology. The company wants to achieve a position where they are providing digital technology- driven solutions to move away from Cash- based payments to digital payments using advanced hybrid technology with QR Based, Blockchain and using Digital Assets as a method of processing remittance and payments. The company is building its clientele in the regions such as Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and, Thailand.