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RhinoDox: An Advanced Solution for Securing Documents, Content and Data

Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have existed on the market for quite some time. The goal of these solutions has always been to help users manage the documents and data that exist across an entire organization by eliminating paper and digitizing things. Traditional ECM solutions have decreased costs, but they haven’t been able to take full advantage of all the content that exists across an entire organization. Documents are still getting misplaced and lost, and processes are still coming to a halt because someone’s out of the office, or approval timelines are taking too long.
One organization that’s taking ECM to the next level and fixing these common pain points is, RhinoDox. RhinoDox is a cloud-based, Intelligent content solution that automates tasks and simplifies search, making it easier than ever for employees to do their jobs.
A Powerful Tool 
RhinoDox is more than an ECM tool – the organization is offering a brand-new approach to search, semantics and workflow technology, all in one platform. The platform stores all of your organizations’ documents in one place, and interprets the data in those documents with its Machine Learning capabilities. And, through use of its API framework, the RhinoDox platform even has the ability to integrate with your current technology investments.
The search engine technology, powered by the RhinoDox platform, ensures that users never lose, or even struggle to locate documents and content. By searching through document titles, document content and document metadata, the chances of losing a document are impossible. And if that’s not enough, the platform uses semantic search to enrich the content even further.
Semantics allows users to search for similar words and phrases to the ones being typed in the search bar – think of it as synonym library. By pulling in synonyms from public information sources, ontologies of industry specific terminology and employee enrichment, users are guaranteed to find what they’re looking for. For example, if an employee saved a document, ‘Project Rhinoceros’, but their co-worker was searching for the document by typing in, ‘Operation Rhino’, the semantic library would acknowledge that the two phrases could mean the same thing and would pull up results for any documents including both ‘Operation Rhino’ and ‘Project Rhinoceros’.
While semantics is a very important piece of it, the platform wouldn’t be complete without its robust workflow tool that orchestrates data and content seamlessly through an organization. Users can simply drag-and-drop to create customizable workflows that ensure tasks get completed every time. Once a workflow is kicked off, the platform will assign a task to responsible parties, and ensure that it gets completed in a timely manner by sending reminders until it gets done. Employees no longer have to send email reminders, or corner each other in person to get a task completed. And all the data, documents and content from these workflows are automatically stored and searchable within the RhinoDox platform.
Intelligent Content Analytics 
The RhinoDox platform and its advancements and innovations in the technology space have led the platform to be labeled as an ‘Intelligent Content Analytics Hub’. What that means is, businesses have a vast quantity of content saved in the form of video, audio, documents, etc. Inside all of that content is a variety of different risks, revenues and valuable information. Traditionally, a person would have to read/watch/listen to that content in order to make sense of it. The RhinoDox platform analyzes your data, documents and content with Machine Learning, enabling you to work smarter.
A Passionate Technologist 
Justin Ullman is the Founder & CEO of RhinoDox. With over twenty years of experience in the Technology and Content Management industry, he’s learned a lot about what it takes to run a successful company.
Along his journey, Ullman realized that the largest impact he could have on outcomes revolved around people. He says, “Employees want to show up to work and perform at their highest skill set, creating the most impact. I’ve found that when we focus on an individual’s ‘Natural Genius’ and can tap into what they are great at and love doing, we see the needle move further than anything else.” 
Ullman also comments, “I believe we are at a moment in time where we’re only limited by our imaginations when it comes to technology, and challenges are going to come at us every single day.” 
Ullman’s main goal is to enhance the innovation and technology at his company, so that clients can work more productively and efficiently, ultimately improving their business performance 100%. But people are the ones that make that happen. That’s why RhinoDox takes the time to invest personally and professionally in all its employees, and challenges them to go beyond what they think is possible. That’s where true progress comes from.
The Future as We Know It RhinoDox is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Chicago. In addition to its award-winning platform, built for documents, content and data, RhinoDox has built an empowering work environment that creates opportunities and spurs growth at an unprecedented pace. In the future, we can expect RhinoDox to update and enhance their product and grow its employees personally and professionally, all while having a little fun along the way

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