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Resource Edge: Presents Front-End Recruitment Software Solutions

Working with the clients directly in every feature it builds, Resource Edge, works with clients from idea conception through testing to deployment. By engaging their clients through the solution development process, the development team is able to take client input, identify business pain points so that the business management solutions they build include features defined not by Resource Edge, but by the clients who use them, every day.
Resource Edge is a software development company that designs prospecting search and candidate management solutions. It offers the TalentHook product, a recruitment solution that provides a broad range of resume source types including paid and free career websites, search engines, colleges, military websites, professional organizations and social & professional networks. The product has evolved over the course of 17 years – giving staffing companies, corporate recruiting teams and independent recruiters the most diverse and comprehensive reach for prospects available online.
In 2016, Resource Edge plans to expand its service beyond search to job promotion and contact management. Resource Edge has integrated with many popular job posting outlets like CareerBuilder, Monster, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and hundreds of others to capture and streamline another major element of the front-end process – job posting.
Set of Administrative and Reporting Tools
The TalentHook Cloud product features a powerful set of administrative and reporting tools that automates many of the most time consuming aspects of a recruiter’s daily process – organizing and prioritizing search results and candidates, ranking resumes, tracking and reporting on recruitment activity, marketing jobs and daily communication with candidates like pushing out interview reminders, directions and important follow up communications that keep top prospects engaged through the hiring cycle.
In 2012, Resource Edge launched InsuraSeek, and quickly established its product as one of the only industry-specific recruiting applications in the industry. The InsuraSeek product includes unique differences within its search and the administrative framework that is geared exclusively for Insurance and Financial Service prospecting including industry established search libraries with over 10,000 available search strings that eliminate Insurance and Financial Service recruiters from having to develop their own search strategies.
In future, both products will feature some exciting new features that transition both products from front-end recruitment solutions to comprehensive, fully customizable contact relationship management (CRM) solutions that allow its clients to fully centralize their sales activities, vendor management and business processes.
Phil Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Resource Edge
Phil Gonzalez, Founder of Resource Edge, launched the business in 1999 after building and managing his own IT staffing firm in the Silicon Valley. Through his experience building high performing recruiting teams during a time when IT recruitment was explosive and still being defined, Phil identified the need for systems that would help recruiters manage high volume recruiting and streamline the online sourcing process. Phil was instrumental in the concept and development of TalentHook, the first recruitment solution offering from Resource Edge.
Developing the Candidate Management Side of its Products
Leveraging over 17 years on the recruitment solutions marketplace and over 20 years of collective experience in recruitment technology, Resource Edge is currently dedicating its focus on developing the candidate management side of business solutions to give clients the ability to streamline more of their contact and business management activities and provide much deeper dashboard reporting capability. Resource Edge distinguishes their solutions development as focused to designing features that help managers run their business with a simple but powerful interface. The development team is committed to presenting an easy interface, with powerful capability without hundreds of “bell and whistle” features that look great but are rarely utilized in real-world business management.