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Re: Q Technology Consulting: Giving Credence to ‘Infrastructure Accelerates Business’

‘Digitalization’, a term introduced in the 21st Century, revolutionized the IT industry. It is Digitalization which made the consumer a king availing him the power of selection, which directly impacted the enterprises on the prime position. As the consumer has become the decision maker, enterprises have to mold themselves accordingly and show the flexibility, speed, and efficiency, bind together in a robust IT strategy.
Today, operating a business speed has become the most difficult part to handle for the organizations, which is the direct result of getting infused with the agility to adapt as rapidly as customers and the market demand. When it comes to providing a better user experience, enterprises need to predict the changes beforehand and make changes accordingly in the infrastructure.
Req Technology Consulting Co. Ltd is pacifying the IT infrastructure needs of the companies by offering world class IT Infrastructure Services on each stage of the IT Lifecycles such as Planning, Design, Implementation and Test. Re: QTC is enabling enterprises to be in a constantly ready-state, building business context service delivery, simultaneously speeding up delivery by unlocking trapped value.
Having some of the most impressive credentials in the IT Vendor landscape, as one of its best assets, Re: QTC is helping companies around the world deliver faster and better business.
IT companies are always in the puzzle when it comes to align IT with strategic business initiatives, built-in flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing global market, or to strategize, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed to remain competitive. To solve this puzzle for the IT companies, Re: QTC completes high quality troubleshooting which other companies cannot provide at the same level and by structuring system with newly released software products.
As a result, four major Japanese system integrators recognize Re: QTC as one of the most trusted IT infrastructure service providers. Re: QTC received The Most Valuable Technical Partner Award from one of them.
Mentation, the Prime Aim
With an abundant hardware and middleware knowledge, Re: QTC has the capability of dealing with a database system. As an Infrastructure Consultant, Re: QTC can evaluate database server compatibility form the totality of circumstances and build database system infrastructure in accordance with the requirements. This proper mentation of a situation when it comes to solving a problem is Re: QTC’s core competency.
Re: QTC has received great comments from their clients, in the distribution, industrial, financial, services sectors, like, Re: QTC’s support has been one of the important factors for the project success.
Journey that has been an Inspiration for All
With the fast pace modern world, IT technology is evolving day by day. Being in the list of one of the top IT service providers, Re: QTC has proved to be a high-quality IT service provider in the market, engaged in numerous projects which requires design and construction of large-scale projects and mission-critical systems. These challenges have only enhanced the technical skills of Re: QTC’s team.
Re: QTC has been collaborating with major product vendors and System Integrators to carry out feasibility study and performance test. Re: QTC also built a verification environment within the company, while performing testing for new functions.
When it comes to describing the inspirational journey of the company, the positive participation of Re: QTC in projects is remarkable. Re: QTC gets involved in difficult troubleshooting which other companies cannot deal.  While doing so, the company uses multiple newly released software products to build infrastructure systems. These kinds of projects become an appealing example and contributed to earning customers trust for Re: QTC.
‘You Bring the Difficulties and Re: QTC Will Fetch the Answers’
In this exciting journey of Re: QTC, the company has handled many satisfied clients. But, the narration of the journey cannot be concluded here. Once, a major travel service company approached Re: QTC with the same issues under the existed system. Their system provided tour search, travel reservation, marketing to analyze enormous tour data and the vast volume of accesses every day.
Even though the vendors participating in this project were major HW vendors and application vendors, the customer’s CIO wanted a professional who were able to support system replacement from the end user’s point of view. After learning about Re: QTC he asked them to provide technical support and identifying the work that seems to be missing in practice.
The queries were major, like they were getting many complaints from in-house users, including sales representatives; the system response is too slow during the brisk period (event), opportunity loss had occurred that customers moved to another WEB site during the tour search. Not just that, there was an insufficient computer resources (CPU / memory / IO), the system stopped occasionally due to hardware trouble, software malfunction, the customer planned to replace the server with high cost performance, but it required to stop the systems for several days for data migration and server replacement. On top of this, they were concerned about recent cyber attacks and internal corruption, protecting confidential information and personal information could be at high risk.
Though the problems were huge, Re: QTC approached all the issues with great solutions. They extensively calculated how much computer resources are required and figured out necessary resources (CPU / memory / IO) in consideration of peak event time. After that, they thoroughly diagnosed and analyzed database performance statistics, in the result, it avail a stable performance even at peak times with the most access. Going further, Re: QTC proposed a data migration tool which other vendors could not come up with due to a lack of know-how. As a result, this powerful tools made available to move huge amounts of data to the new infrastructure with minimum system downtime.
Unbelievably, all this transition completed in just 2 hours with almost no system outage. It offered a product which does not cause obstacles as much as possible, stable and continuous operation. Also, it proposed a redundant configuration which eliminates single failure point as much as possible. At the end of the day, after the operation with a new infrastructure, there was no system outage due to obstacles.
Services That Meets the Industry Standards
In the era of building system in combination of OS, database, middleware, server, storage and other products by various vendors, Re: QTC was started from the voice of customers who wanted to have a vendor which can deal with complex issues of building infrastructure with a sense of speed.
Re: QTC provides Designing and Building Database System, Database Assessment Service, Database Operation Support Service for Incident Recovery and Periodic Diagnosis, Database Appliance Implementation (Designing and Building) Service and Database Security Service.
Re: QTC’s DB service covers a wide range of customer needs from designing and building database to migration, incident recovery and database performance improvement which is designed by others. Especially, for those customers who are considering database server migration and its method of migration, Re: QTC’s assessment service, with hearing the customer for their system requirements and current issues, supports the customers to decide the direction of the system including hardware and middleware selection, as well as it makes a valuable contribution to customers to migrate their systems, and it brings the customer shorter lead time, smaller application impact, less anxiety, and fine tuned investment.
Re: QTC provides professional services in the areas of Virtualization, Storage, Network, Cloud Computing, Clusterware, Network Security, etc. Additionally, Re: QTC offers database security services for all the cycles, including drafting database security, the development of it, and database operational security services.
For example, Re: QTC’s database security diagnosis system proposes security enhancement plan based upon the then current system set up and operations. In addition, Re: QTC also provides services for access management, implementation of preventative measures against unauthorized misappropriation, security design changes and set ups, building systems based on Oracle security products, security enhancement plan, and performance fine-tuning.
Far ahead in the Race
Though there is a tough competition in the market, Re: QTC is far ahead in the race. Re: QTC’s competency is to build infrastructure for the database systems by determining adequacy and appropriateness of the DB server and by satisfying customer’s specifications utilizing various experiences as a infrastructure consultant, not just based on database knowledge, e.g., Oracle database. It is the never ending efforts of Re: QTC, which is keeping the company ahead in the competition. The company continuously gives technical trainings to all of its engineers and shares new technical information and solutions for troubles, these efforts make Re:QTCcompetitive in the market.
Shigeru Kamiya, Visionary behind Re: QTC
With a whooping experience of more than 25 years in the area of enterprise systems, Shigeru Kamiya is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Re: Q Technology Consulting Co. Ltd. Shigeru started his career as a sales professional with a European IT company. Joining a US Hardware Computer Company in 1991 later, he achieved over 100% business target for more than 10 years and received awards for a number of times.
Later on he joined another US hardware company in 2002 as a Director and then got promoted to a senior level Director. A glittering achievement to be mentioned here is that Shigeru grew the system consulting department from 7 SEs to approximately 30 sales representatives and 100 consultants in just 5 years!
It was later in 2008, Shigeru and his colleague incorporated Re: Q Technology Consulting, which he is leading as a President till this date. It is just the result of Shigeru’s extensive experience and especially his excellent communication skill and industry knowledge, that Re: QTC experienced a steadfast growth in its business.
IT Service Industry  from Shigeru’s Viewpoint
Having a vast experience working in the IT industry, Shigeru’s viewpoint for the industry is like, IT companies have focused particularly on market share, growth rate, and profit margin of investment. However, they are unduly ruled by these numbers. When it comes to talking about the Artificial Intelligence, Shigeru opines that, IT companies around the world have been concentrated on developing and marketing AI as product software, but it looks like they are fascinated by the fight for market share and being the market leader.
As per Shigeru, the role of IT companies is not only selling AI systems to their customers, but also building AI systems to fit for the customer’s particular purposes. In this accordance, IT vendors have to work on introducing cloud systems, implementing adequate security enhancement, completing data migration and data construction. What customers are looking for is building the service for information system and deployment of it rather than AI as a tool, adds Shigeru.
Plans ‘Down the Road’
The development of IOT and big data, need for security is and will be on the verge in the future. What corporations tend to have is the highly confidential information, but there are many cases where the data management system does not possess adequate and proper security measures. If the database is not adequately protected, it can easily allow someone to steal, alter and destroy the data.
Keeping this in mind Re: QTC is planning to be a professional services provider with 1,000 architects with expertise in big data infrastructure, IoT based Knowledge, and Cloud-based Server Storage Network Security Architects.
While throwing light on the same Shigeru adds, “In order to deploy global expansion, Re: QTC started the business in Singapore in 2015, and the next steps are establishing businesses in ASEAN major countries soon as well as in North America and Europe within a few years.”