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Ivan Shumsky, co-founder and director, Regula

Regula: A Renowned name in Authentication Tech Industry

Document authentication is the process to certify the authenticity of a document. Today, much of running a business involves working with banks and lenders. Having of good standing authorized is critical for international lending and for making sure your good reputation follows your business. Regula is a leading manufacturer of forensic equipment for authenticity verification of documents, banknotes and securities. The devices produced by Regula are supplied to more than 135 countries and in terms of innovation have no equals in the world. Every day, the company solutions are used by the specialists of the ministries of foreign and internal affairs, border control and customs services, airlines, banks, insurance companies in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Ivan Shumsky, co-founder and director of Regula, asserts “Regula is a full-cycle company. And it is a unique phenomenon and a great rarity nowadays.” He further adds “Everything is going on here – from an idea to the final product release. Our company’s building accommodates offices, laboratories and production shops. We are very flexible and mobile. We make decisions quickly. We are independent of anyone. And these are our unique features. As we develop, we go deeper into technologies. Ten years ago, business gurus advised us: ‘Outsource everything you can, eliminate everything that is superfluous – keep only the key competencies’ But we decided the other way: all competencies are still with us. That is our path. And we like it.”
Comprehensive Authentication Solutions
According to Ivan, the company’s founders come from the scientific laboratory. He believes the scientific laboratory is a place where you are by yourself and you do everything yourself. Regula is still moving strictly towards complete independence in all processes: from product prototyping to production, implementation and marketing. A substantial scientific background in precision mechanics, optics and electronics has become a fundamental base for its developments. And today the company is one of the three world leaders in the business of hi-tech forensic equipment.
Regula is experienced in creating information reference systems of documents and banknotes –it is the leader in this field. The enterprise is the best in making forensic devices for document authentication. The combination of a strong scientific background with extensive practical experience in implementing unique technological developments allows us to create modern equipment and offer the best comprehensive solutions from one manufacturer to the market. The company has representative offices in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Brazil, the UK and Germany. Regula has concluded distribution agreements with 85 companies from 75 countries.
Updating with New Advancements
Now, when many business processes are suspended, logistics are difficult, independence at all stages of production is Regula’s key competence. The pandemic will fundamentally change the market, disrupting old schemes. Contactless technologies will take the lead and the company is already working in this direction. Just as people recognize each other from a distance, using Regula solutions they will recognize the document and its owner remotely – for example, from a distance of one meter. Moreover, Regula will be able to authenticate the provided document. And that is a relatively near future. Mobile technologies such as online banking, onboarding and so on, will actively go on developing. All information technology innovations will be available via a personal mobile device.
The specialists of the company have developed a new generation of devices that can be even washed with soap. Now it is creating a mobile device (IP68 rated) that is protected from all external factors: one can go to a sauna with it or wash it in a washing machine. All these moments become very important and relevant during the pandemic.
Innovation is the Key
It is almost 30 years since Regula is on the hi-tech market. During this period, the company got convinced that integration of the most innovative developments is of paramount importance. As Lewis Carroll said “We must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere, you must run twice as fast as that!” Ivan rephrases “to stand firmly on our feet and constantly be a leading player in the market, we do a lot and actively move forward. But, of course, we do not always run.”
Learn from an Expert
On advising emerging entrepreneurs, Ivan Shumsky says “Everything is very simple. If you believe in your idea, if you have energy and desire – you will succeed. Money is not so important and is not primary. What really matters is a good idea and, of course, fundamental knowledge. Without it, you won’t make progress, won’t become a pro, a guru in your business.”
Leading for a Reason
When Ivan Shumsky started building the business, the main advantage was that he developed rapidly and had very deep professional competence. It is still his priority and it keeps the company on the move. Today, Regula has over 80 partners all over the world. “We are smart, quick, mobile and up-to-date. It makes us stand out in the business environment and be attractive for cooperation,” says Ivan.
Regula not only manufactures equipment and develops software but also creates information reference systems and provides training on document and banknote authenticity verification.
Successful Projects and Cooperation
One of the key events for the company was the development of the world’s first device that allowed recognition and authentication of any US driver’s license. Regula together with Vision-Box (Portugal) implemented a project to modernize the system of border control in Brazil in the run-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In 2014 a special terminal of King Khalid International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) was equipped with document authenticity verification devices produced by Regula. The terminal accepts passengers heading for the Hajj. In 5-7 days about 2 million passengers pass through this terminal. Within the framework of a joint international project, Regula supplies specialized equipment to the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.
In 2017 Regula supplied 100 devices to secunet (Germany) for integration into e-gates of all international airports of Austria. Regula effectively cooperates with the Border Control Department of the Ministry of Public Safety of China. Since the beginning of 2018, Regula’s system of machine-assisted document verification has been used at Shanghai airport.
The leading manufacturers of e-gates, major system integrators, airlines, banks, e.g. Vision-Box, Mühlbauer, NEC, MiTAC, SITA, IATA, AirAsia, Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Daon and others prefer Regula solutions.
About the Leader
Yury Rahazhynski is the company’s co-founder and first deputy director and having over 40 years’ experience in the hi-tech industry. Being involved in the manufacturing process and product development, he manages all the technical issues. Under the leadership of Yury Rahazhynski, Regula has created a powerful R&D department that develops and launches unique products.
Yury Rahazhynski is a developer and co-owner of more than 40 patents, inventions and software products. Yury’s secret for success “Do what you enjoy doing. And success will come.”
Ivan Shumsky is the company’s cofounder and director, PhD in technical sciences, and having 33 years’ experience in the hardware industry. He is involved in product development, a comprehensive development strategy and promotion on the international market. Under the leadership of Ivan Shumsky, Regula has become one of the three world leaders in the production of hardware and software for document and banknote authentication. Ivan Shumsky is a developer and coowner of more than 40 patents, inventions and software products. In 2003, he defended his thesis “Automated image-based analysis of the authenticity of passports and banknotes”.