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Randek AB | Johan Larsholm

Randek: Building the Future with Disruptive Technologies

Little did any of us imagine that the sci-fi moves we watched in childhood would become a reality. But it is a fact that we are witnessing emerging technologies in every sector every day, and the saying, ‘swim against the tide,’ cannot be applied here if you want to be successful. The automation industry is no exception to this fact.

Technology has made one thing loud and clear for the automation industry – if manufacturers want to have a stronghold in Industry 4.0 revolution, it is imperative to incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the like.

Ahead of the race in the automation industry is Randek, a pioneer in creating innovative automation solutions for its customers. We had the opportunity to learn more about how the company is leveraging technologies to deliver its best and stand out of the herd.


Randek always had a global focus, with the strongest being in Europe, North America, and Australia. It has the highest capacity and automation level for walls (auto wall, zero labour system), floors (auto floor system), roof trusses (AutoEye Truss System). It is a technology leader in the business. The company’s latest launch ZeroLabor System 3.0 is even more automatic and adaptive to produce building components in steel and timber frames. Video here: Randek ZeroLabor 3.0 – YouTube

General Randek delivers high-quality solutions. The company’s employees are down-to-earth people owing to which it is easy to do business with them. Their USP includes developing machines together with customers.

Randek has products from manual systems to fully automatic ones. It has a robust technology platform (software, mechanical design, etc.) developed over decades and a strong market presence.

Establishing a Stronghold

Randek Robotics is the company’s task force for robotic solutions. This subsidiary alliance company has grown in innovation and has offered complete robotic solutions for industrial companies for 20 years. The customers are mainly within the housing industry.

Simplicity, security, higher output, and productivity have been instrumental in increasing profitability and making Randek’s service unique.

Randek has developed and manufactured high-performance machines and systems for prefabricating walls, floors, ceiling, roof trusses, cut saws, butterfly turning tables, and specialized machinery since the 1940s.

Today, 90 percent of Randek’s production is being exported from its factory in Falkenberg.

Besides, a high-performing team across the Randek family is currently developing customized high-performance solutions for prefabricating house manufacturers across four continents and forty countries.

The Torchbearers

Ola Lindh, CEO, and Johan Larsholm, Owner/Marketing Manager, have a long experience in this business and have been active at Randek for many years. Ola started his career at Randek as a design manager and has been CEO for approximately 10 years.

Beating the Pandemic’s Challenges

Like every other sector, the COVID-19 pandemic threw challenges at the automation industry, and Randek was no exception. But the company did not give up in the face of challenges and has sustained operations while ensuring the safety of its employees.

“Initially, the customers reduced activity to see how the pandemic would affect their business. After some time, business went back to normal. Currently, the business is solid. Although we have a big need to visit customers, many activities are solved using online services. The pandemic in the long term has increased the demand for automation even more,” shared Ola.

Robust Operations

Having braved the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Randek now boasts of once again capturing the market with its original zeal and innovations.

“Sales are currently very strong, and our product portfolio will most likely increase the demand even more,” said Ola.