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Ran Rachlin, Co-Founder and CEO, Ubertesters

Ran Rachlin: Leading by Empowering Employees

CEOs of the organizations should have the competence that drives efficiency and should have soft skills that leads to building sustainable connections with people. Competence has more to do with assessing opportunities, taking calculated risks with full confidence and courage. Great leaders should also take care of their all resources especially employees with their soft skills. Ran Rachlin is one such CEO who considers it is essential for a CEOs of the organizations to have the balance of both competence and soft skills. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ubertesters. Ubertesters is a crowd-based, complete mobile apps/web testing solution provider.
In an interview with Insights Success, Ran Rachlin shares his journey and about his contribution through Ubertesters.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Ran Rachlin and Insights Success:
Take our readers through your journey being at the help of Ubertesters Inc.
From a very young age, I trained myself to become an effective leader with a global view. My first job was sales position in a Hi-Tech Israeli company that sold products globally. My goal was to gain cross- cultural experience. Then, I moved to the USA so I can live and study (I did my MBA in the USA) in the ‘center’ of where things actually happen. I advanced in roles, holding several high-profile management positions, doing business in all 6 continents and different industries, and with several large companies. I bring to Ubertesters this massive global experience, managing, and leading companies from inception to significant sales, as well as leading during times of prosperity or global crisis.
What were the challenges you came across in your career as a CEO at Ubertesters and prior working at other companies?
In general, as CEO of several organizations, I can say that there are three major challenges. The challenges are: People, communications, and alignment. People are the most important part of any organization; thus, the challenge is to hire and maintain great employees that are committed, engaged, and accountable. Communicating the right message internally to encourage collaboration (especially during the COVID-19 remote work culture). Lastly, it is about aligning business units and people to make sure they are all on the same page (and remain there).
What is your idea of impactful leadership? What style of leadership do you personally prefer and have implemented at Ubertesters?
Many call my leadership style the “transformational style” spiced with the Coaching leadership style. I wish to transform (improve) the company and I do so by empowering the team members in order to upgrade the company conventions. This allows me to focus on the “big picture” while empowering the employees to take full responsibility and accountability for their work. This style keeps me personally connected with the team members, it increases morale and employee retention.
What makes your organization’s effective Consultation and Advices a preferred choice for your clients over the competition?
Ubertesters is the only company to offer a complete, holistic QA solution to customers. While the competition either offers Crowd testing only, or SaaS product, or offshore QA resources, we, at Ubertesters, offer the entire package of all services under “one-roof” and with a single account manager that is familiar with the customer’s needs.
The second, and most important factor, is our DNA of superior customer service and support. We realized in the early stages that the most important part of the service is the project manager that is assigned to manage the customer’s testing cycles. Thus, our project manager’s goal is to exceed customer’s expectations. They get to know the client, help the client with the test documentation, and respond as quickly as possible.
Lastly, while the competition only sticks to high-cost retainer business models, we have a more flexible business model and more affordable to allow medium companies and startup to find their best testing package.
According to you, what essential traits should a CEO possess to thrive in the present-day cutthroat business ecosystem?
There are two main levels for the CEO to handle. Internal and external. Externally, the CEO must have the ability to take calculated risks. To see an opportunity, analyze the risk/reward, and have full confidence in taking the risk. This is the only way to grow. Internally, the CEO must take care of the employees. So, The CEO should have strong communication skills, be able to build a good relationship, have good listening skills, and have the ability to read people and adapt management styles accordingly.
In what ways have you or the company contributed to the community? If given a chance, what change would you bring in Technology industry with innovative growth strategies delivering real-world results?
I strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and through that we contribute to the community. Our CSR activities are divided between several aspects such as Community-related activities (we support and sponsor local community QA events or mobile events, and we try to choose suppliers that are socially responsible), or environmental related practices (following friendly environmental practices such as recycling, “green thinking” printing and reduce paper waste, allow employee telecommuting, use LED Lightbulbs, etc.).
Lastly, we support and sponsor the local IT Soccer League in our Ukraine offices.
What would be your advice to the upcoming startup Industry?
My advice is for the aspiring entrepreneur. The most important piece of advice is ‘Take Care of Your Team’. Trust your team and let them shine but also be prepared to accept responsibility when things don’t go as planned. Help your employees advance their careers and always respect them. Maintain the ‘personal touch’ and communicate clearly and often to your team. Second – I strongly believe that we must create “good” for others. This is the only way for success – creating a product/service that can truly benefit others. This is the only way to improve your community and to make a profit as a result.