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Raj Vattikuti: A Technology Visionary and Acclaimed Business Leader

Technological changes are the biggest, most disruptive forces that have been challenging mankind for decades. Bringing an intelligent and endearing entrepreneurship into this portrayal of a tech-enabled world is not an easy task. One has to be remarkably resilient in order to paint the success canvas in an inspiring way.
Raj B. Vattikuti is one such committed philanthropist and serial entrepreneur, aiming to create organizations that can steer the world towards a sustainable future where the end-user is more empowered.
Before stepping towards his entrepreneurial journey, Raj started his career with Chrysler Corporation from 1977 till 1983, followed by a stint with Yurika Foods Corporation from 1983 to 1985. In 1985, the entrepreneurial bug led him to venture on his own with Covansys Corp. – initially named Complete Business Solutions, Inc. He led Covansys to become one of leading software services provider globally. It was acquired by Computer Science Corporation in 2007. Meantime, Raj also founded the Vattikuti Foundation, Synova, Inc., Davinta Technologies, Vattikuti Technologies, and Vattikuti Ventures.
After seeding a string of successful enterprises, Raj Vattikuti founded Altimetrik in 2012, with a vision to create a global organization that catalyses digital and technological transformation by continuously investing in talent, platforms, and capabilities.
About Altimetrik
“We fundamentally believe that our customers know their business and their customers the best, so we act as the catalyst to them to deliver solutions and functionality at a speed they didn’t think was possible,”, says Raj.
Raj founded Altimetrik with a vision to challenge the conventional IT industry. Unlike the traditional players that sell projects, outsourcing, and time and material resources, Raj built Altimetrik in a way that helps customers digitally transform themselves using their people and their technology. He propounded an ecosystem comprising people, unified teams, pathways and platforms that, when combined, helps customers see and feel a new, more productive (and energized) way of working.
Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Altimetrik has offices in the USA (Southfield, Princeton & San Francisco), India (Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune & Mumbai), Uruguay (Montevideo), and Singapore. Currently, his sheer determination has allied Altimetrik with the biggest players in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and automobile domains to engage in transformational programs in their organizations.
The Ardent Leadership
Raj is the key driver, aiding Altimetrik to successfully propound an ecosystem that addresses the three main facets of transformation – talent, culture and technology. This ecosystem named Playground has developed a truly digital environment by bringing together highly collaborative and explorative teams. This initiative enables a digital culture in the organization comprising people, pathways and platforms, making the perfect use of technology through DevOps, Agile, SCRUM and other advanced processes.
With a philosophy to transform the way organizations approach IT, Raj stated, “We want to create an IT environment that is highly collaborative, innovative and effective. This will not only help the businesses to focus on what they do best but also constantly advance their customer experience.”
A Comprehensive Vision
Raj has set the foundation of Altimetrik with a vision to enhance the role of technology vendors to strategic partners who can envision the roadmap for organizations to achieve their transformation objectives. As a part of this synthesizing end-user centricity into their DNA is an imperative. He is consistently striving hard to make business models and processes more simplified and straightforward. By contextualizing this approach in every aspect, Raj proclaims that “People will be able to live better lives, do better work, and achieve more value in everything they do.”
Being the founder of Altimetrik, Raj dedicates his success to his employees. He believes that profitable business outcomes emerge from the inspiration he gets from his employees. He encourages every engineer in the company to develop and apply a product mindset in whatever role they are into. He further adds, “The most inspiring moment, the greatest motivation happens when I see my employees achieve a solution that is truly transforming and future-ready.”
Illuminating the Young Minds
Raj suggests budding entrepreneurs to focus on building effective business models and innovating pathways to uplift its scale. Rather than focusing on making money, he encourages new entrepreneurs to prioritize employee engagements that bring in a culture of collaboration and lead to bigger outcomes. His advice to the young minds is to build a work-culture, where the employees can seek opportunities to transform themselves. “This will also develop a consultative strategy not just in technology transformation but in the area of transformation that will be truly seminal including talent and people,” added Raj.
Plans for the Future
Addressing his employees, Raj states, “I want to see Altimetrik helping at least 50 organizations go through their transformation journeys in the near future. That to me will be the greatest achievement.”
He aims to achieve this by honing and nurturing millennial talent to achieve their full potential. With Altimetrik, he is planning to help organizations evolve to a truly digital culture and cultivate pathways and platforms for the organizations that can match with the speed, freedom, and intelligence of the next generation.
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