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Raffi Jamgotchian: A Pioneer in Crafting Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Solutions

With a vision to empower smaller enterprises to keep the business pace intact without compromising on their IT needs, Raffi Jamgotchian established Triada Networks in 2008. He is the President and CTO of Triada Networks which provide cutting edge cyber security solutions to SMEs. Under his leadership, Triada Networks has built a reputation for delivering pragmatic and cutting-edge solutions for cyber related incidents for small and medium enterprises. A proponent of mixing automation with human review, he helps his clients reduce risk by with a layered defensive approach backed up by post-breach detection.
About the Company Providing Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Solutions
Triada Networks was established to assist small investment firms manage their IT, compliance and cyber security operations in an efficient way. The organization understands the need of talented manpower and its impact on the company’s growth. Small and medium enterprises generally face the dearth of adept cyber security and IT professionals that are needed to compete with the large enterprises. Labor arbitrage is a solution that can provide the services and support that smaller firms need to compete with their bigger counterparts. This has been Triada Networks’ mantra to flourish since they opened their doors in 2008. The organization acts as the extended arm for its clients’ IT division in order to take care of their IT security needs. For the majority of smaller firms that don’t have technical staff, Triada Networks works as their IT and Cyber security department and provides full IT support (remote and onsite), and Managed Security solutions.
Their various IT solutions keep businesses protected from cyber threats. They also provides cutting-edge Business Continuity services to keep businesses running even when things goes out of control. Triada rounds out their support offerings with cloud managed phone solutions, servers, and desktops.
Life Prior to Triada Networks
Raffi Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and then soon after graduating, he started working for Crestron Electronics, a multimedia control system manufacturer. During a video conference project, he met with the Director of IT of an investment firm that was a recent spinoff from Citibank and there started his IT.  The team was lean so Raffi had a hand in a lot of parts of the organization including database operations, help desk support, networking and scripting. It was here that Raffi built their first firewalls with Checkpoint running on Solaris machines.  The company was acquired twice and was now a 5,000 person organization. By then, Raffi had become the Director of IT Infrastructure for New York, obtained an MBA from Fairleigh Dickenson University and was lead or had a significant role in several global initiatives. In 2006, an opportunity presented to help an investment firm start from scratch. That leap of faith in own abilities assisted him to successfully launch his firm, Triada Networks in 2008 with his wife Aline.
Assisting Clients in Smart Technology Investment
Raffi always puts his clients at the center while crafting unique solutions for them to ensure that client investments always aligned with their business objectives. During the startup of that investment company in 2006, Raffi learned about the deft of tools for small businesses that enterprises enjoyed, especially around cyber-security.  What he found is many small businesses were either underspending in the short-term which lead to overspending in the longer run. As a  business owner himself, he understood the power of technology and the importance of smart technology investments as well. Therefore, he started assisting small enterprises for smart technology investments that last for long time and that can help clients in growing their businesses and increase profits through cost cutting.
Raffi’s Source of Motivation
Raffi’s family is his biggest source of strength and inspiration. He feels blessed of having a wife who stood behind him and encouraged Raffi to believe on his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. “My wife and I started Triada Networks so that we could provide our family a living and potentially a business they can step into in the future. I draw on inspiration from a lot of areas. We have entrepreneurs on both sides of the family and there are a great many others in the industry who are very giving of their knowledge and experience,” asserts Raffi.
An Expert’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
Raffi believe it is important to be fearless in trying different approaches in order to come up with a unique solution. Many times the same, conventional method does not lead towards an innovative solution and hence the end result would not be as fruitful as it could be. He recommends those new to the industry to join groups that share the common goals and who want to achieve greater heights in life, as joining such groups can nurture the thought process and also let the people to gain some meaning insights regarding the industry and technology in general.  Raffi asserts, “Always be curious to learn new things. I’m still learning new things after being in business for almost ten years. And always be grateful with whatever you have. Find people to model after but not envy.

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