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Qumu Releases Advanced Analytics for Market Leading Enterprise Video Platform

New functionality adds both real-time network monitoring and comprehensive user analysis from a single dashboard
Minneapolis, March 12, 2018 – Qumu, the leading provider of best-in-class video technology for the enterprise, announced the release of advanced analytics for its video management platform. Called Qumu Advanced Analytics, the release enables clients to optimize video resources and infrastructure by collecting, analyzing and visually displaying real-time network and usage data. Qumu Advanced Analytics also provides organizations with real-time visibility into employee engagement and the overall end-user experience, for both live streaming video and video on demand (VOD).
“Video is a unique content type from an analytics perspective, because in terms of sheer size and bandwidth it can cripple your network if not properly monitored,” said Vern Hanzlik, President and CEO of Qumu. “But at the same time, video lends itself to the collection of micro-level usability statistics that can directly affect organizational profitability. Qumu Advanced Analytics provides IT and business leaders with actionable insights at both the network and the user level.”
Built on Qumu’s enterprise video distribution infrastructure, Qumu Advance Analytics offers comprehensive visibility and alerts for both live and VOD users when there are issues with buffering, bit rate and latency across internal networks, VPNs and external CDNs. Visual dashboards can also be set up to monitor network performance by operating system, device type, browser, channel and even individual user. In addition, Qumu Advanced Analytics provides corporate communications leaders with critical end-user engagement information, by mapping essential metrics like watch ratios and active viewers directly to geographic, network and functional groups.
“What makes Qumu unique in this space is the fact that we push well beyond pure network analytics, which are only one piece of the visibility puzzle,” noted Chance Mason, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “Qumu Advanced Analytics also gives communications teams full access to real-time viewer and audience data, from anywhere in the world and on whatever device they choose to analyze it on.”
Parties interested in learning more about Qumu Advanced Analytics may visit the Qumu website at or call (612) 638-9050 to request more information.
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