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Qualityze, Inc: Simplifying Lives, Delivering Value

In an interview with Insights Success, Chandra Shekar, the founder and CEO of Qualityze, shares insights over the organizations provision of a reformative cloud- based enterprise quality management solutions which are highly configurable and deliver ease of usage. He also notes upon the company’s ceaseless expedition and also its foresight of a global ascent.
Following are the highlights of the interview:
Give a brief overview of your company, its solutions and services? 
Innovative businesses are focused on customer-centric approaches to doing business in this competitive environment. Qualityze on the Salesforce platform is a game changer for quality systems going forward. With its Next Generation Enterprise Quality Management Solution (EQMS), Qualityze prepares its customers for competitive changes on the horizon while enabling them to solve traditional quality issues without being concerned about technology. offers a secure development platform that leverages a comprehensive portfolio of services, such as automation of sales force tasks, customer service, marketing, analytics, application development, collaborative productivity tools, IoT and professional cloud services. Harnessing technology strengths like analytics, Chatter, IoT, Community Portals, AI; along with our next generation user interface, keeps our customers competitive and able to achieve greater success through quality while we continue to be focused on staying current with the industry regulatory, compliance and certification process changes; it’s a great combination.
How do you diversify your Audit Management solutions in ways that would benefit your clientele? 
We have done that by making the solution highly configurable; meaning having the ability to add ad-hoc tasks to a preconfigured workflow in minutes not hours. Change/Hide/Add filed labels in the same amount of time. Uploading your existing checklists, working off-line to complete them, planning, scheduling, executing, and managing your findings while easily tracking all of your audits, is what it is all about.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company. 
We avoided outdated technology models that are more expensive to develop, maintain and deploy. These old technologies encourage customizations that are expensive to maintain and not needed when a highly configurable alternative is available,
and that is aligned with global regulatory, compliance and certification bodies. These are the lessons learned from our extensive experience in quality management practices in the Life-science industries for the past 20 years.
How does your company contribute towards making the contemporary Audit Management industry better? 
There has been a quantum leap in technology in the last ten years and continuing to use applications that look and act like an excel database will no longer be accepted by the next generation of end users. It is more about how your user interface compares and drives like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. With a Salesforce lighting enabled user interface, Qualityze brings together a whole new application interface experience that embraces these trends with the ability to easily integrate future AI and IoT requirements into its core products.
Where does Qualityze see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals? 
“There is a huge opportunity to elevate quality to a strategic discipline.” As an industry leader, Qualityze will continue to expand and offer a unified quality centric source of truth that delivers accelerated leadership visibility to identify quality trends, mitigate risk, enforce accountability and drive continuous product or process improvements among all industries. We are attacking the status quo and are positioning ourselves to be the leader in Quality Management software solutions.
Could you highlight one of Qualityze’s use cases to justify its position in the market? 
Qualityze worked with a multibillion-dollar enterprise organization to reduce manual efforts and improve the accuracy of information gathered for their quality management system. Qualityze helped connect their customers through a quality portal. Previously, customers communicated with the company through phone calls, emails, or even postcards, now they have thousands of customers communicating through this portal to provide qualitative records of the products utilized. This reduced the client’s cycle time by 70-80 percent while allowing consumers to analyze the products and provide feedback. This led to a reduction in intensive labor and high risks from the manual systems. Qualityze EQMS integrated with enterprise CRM and ERP applications in just weeks bringing manufacturers and its customers to interact closely with a customer-centric approach.
We seek customers that are looking to create, maintain and expand a “Culture of Quality”, by including everyone in the organization to improve product and consumer outcomes through leveraging “best in class” quality processes. Our superior quality processes are developed, maintained and updated by staying aligned with best practices endorsed by industry experts such as ASQ, ISO and the FDA.
A Deeper Insight 
Having worked as a quality management consultant and industrial leader for more than 20 years, Chandra Shekar has experienced that regardless of industry, companies can differentiate themselves with a commitment to excellence and maintaining an environment that supports a culture of quality. With a keen focus to bring next-generation technology into today’s quality space, Chandra Shekar has laid the foundation to simplify customers’ lives and promote positive product and customer outcomes.
Qualityze delivers the next-generation cloud-based quality management solution with industry “best practice” workflow processes and incorporates a cost-effective implementation methodology to truly simplify and lower the cost to install a quality management system. The solution has been designed to be naturally intuitive, easy to implement, deploy and maintain.
“Qualityze was born with the intention to engender a culture of quality that provides value to our customers,” Chandra expresses. The company has successfully partnered with to provide its customers the best technology platform to ensure the security, scalability, performance, and reliability the market requires. Utilizing features such as Community Portals, analytics, Chatter, IoT, AI with a Lightning-enabled user interface Qualityze enables its customers to achieve greater success through creating and maintaining a superior quality focus.