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Qualcomm Unveiled Most Powerful and Compact Snapdragon Processor: 835

Qualcomm has unveiled the technical details of the latest flagship product in the Snapdragon range, the Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 835’s name was quietly mentioned last year when it came to light that the US chip maker was working with Samsung to produce the new range of chips based on Samsung’s 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology.
Qualcomm says the use of this new form factor, complete with over three billion transistors and improved IP blocks. The Snapdragon 835 processor is 35% smaller and uses 25% less power than previous designs, providing maximum performance and also gives vendors the option to slot bigger batteries in their products. Qualcomm has also included new Quick Charge 4 technology for today’s power users, which can give super fast charging and longer battery life.
The Snapdragon 835 provides superior virtual and augmented reality experience with immersive visuals, heightened 3D sounds, and intuitive interactions—with less of the lag or latency that causes motion sickness. It supports 4K UltraHD display and recording.
It has full compatibility with authentication technologies such as fingerprint, iris scanning, facial recognition and voice print, plus other security features that are designed to safeguard personal information.
Qualcomm added some unique technologies and supports like; LPDDR4x dual channel, SD 3.0 (UHS-I), USB-PD and USB Type-C, UFS2.1 Gear3 2L, Integrated X16 LTE modem, Bluetooth 5.0, CPU with 8x Kryo 280 CPU Up to 2.45 GHz with 10nm FinFET process technology, Adreno 540 GPU.
The Snapdragon 835 is in production now and is expected to ship commercially in devices during the first half of 2017.