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QROi: Your Leading Telecom Service Provider

The boom in the usage of smartphones and data intensive devices has amicably boosted up the number of mobile subscriptions,and networks have become the highways of data traffic to carry lower latency content with lightening fast speed. But there are numerous risks related to the technology transformation in a live network. To evade these risks, QROi has come up with unique solutions of providing technical consultancy services for mobile operators and vendors primarily in Asia but at the same time expanding to Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.
Pioneering the Modern Mobile Communication Network Industry
Founded in 2011, and supported by a core group of leading industry experts with experience dating back to the beginning of modern mobile communication networks, QROi has also established itself as one of the leading telecom service and technology solution providers in South East Asia. With more than 160 extraordinarily talented professionals in their team, they provide a full range of end-to-end services and technology solutions to telecom operators and all major telecom vendors.
The Company’s Brainchild
Having worked for more than 22 years in the telecom industry, both on the operator and vendor side, Helge Raitanen, Founder and Chairman of QROi decided to set up his own company to capitalize his management team and their network experience gained by working on various projects with different operators and vendors. Since 1989, Mr. Helge Raitanen has been providing his valuable contributions for the managerial and executive level positions with some of the globally renowned Telecom Operators and Vendors.Prior to setting up QROi, he has worked for some of the famous telecom network providing companies like: Turkcell, Telsim, Nokia Networks and TeliaSonera Eurasia, where he was the Group CTO, responsible for handling operations in seven countries – Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Nepal.
Success is a Journey not a Destination
Helge Raitanen and his team have extensive experience working in and with Telecom operators and vendors, especially in emerging markets. Starting from day one they had the understanding about their target customers, their needs, expectations and how to address them in a fast and robust way. This enabled them to make a quick access to business and become a big player in the industry in the tenure of six months after the company’s establishment following a sustainable growth in their business.
With every step of success arises great challenges and responsibilities. Putting some light on differentiating the challenges and opportunities, Helge says; “Challenges are arising because operators are struggling to maintain Quality of Service while deploying an increasing number of technologies on multiple frequency bands and vendors are lacking capacity and capability to deliver the existing as well as new technologies in time and with quality.”
“Opportunities are paving the path as QROi foresees great opportunities to be an end-to-end service and technology solution company to support operators and vendors at the time when they are extensively outsourcing the network’s development and operations.”
Tailor-made Services and Solutions for Businesses 
QROi’s Services & Technology Solutions are divided into three areas: Technology Solutions, Business Solutions, and Deployment Solutions, together these make up what they call is Network Modernization.
Team Work is the Dream Work
QROi’s Management Team consists of three former CTOs from the Asian Market and two experienced Network Architects with over 20 years of experience in the network industry.QROi has excellent access to world class experts through its wide and trustable network in the industry. With dedication and hardwork QROi has been able to ramp up any form of qualified service organization for customers in just a few months. They distinguish competition by offering tailor-made services & solutions, which are measured by the customer’s satisfaction quotient (KPIs, SLA etc.) Typically their competitors are selling heads/consultants with no commitment to their deliverables and performance. QROi through its long term partners has acquired all the specialized tools for each service function. QROi is also cost competitive because they have low overheads and they only charge for actual deliverables. Recently QROi has successfully participated in the Mobile World Congress 2017 (for the second successive year) with its partners at QROi’s booth. While there they addressed the current and future hot topics in the industry: 5G, IoT and FTTX, but their sole focus was on Bandwidth and Internet of Things.
On the Way to be the Mogul in the Future
QROi foresees its strength in concentrating on the emerging markets where they have extensive experience from the past 20 years. Their focus area is mainly in Asia but they have frequent requests to support different operators and vendors from Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. QROi has an ambition to become the trusted, end-to-end Service & Technology Solution provider company for mobile operators and vendors in their targeted market. In future QROi intends to have an operator as a customer which concentrates only on strategy, marketing and sales – QROi have eminent future plans to design, implement, operate and maintain the whole network on behalf of the customers. QROi’sstate-of-the-art services and solutions makes them completely vendor and technology independent as they are unique with their services and technology solution offerings.

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