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QA Mentor: A Software Quality Assurance Expert

With the creation of large chunks of data and rapid advancements in IoT, mobile and cloud technologies in banks and financial institutions, the software testing industry is slowly changing the way how organizations interact with their customers, employees and partners. Also the penetration of digital information into banking and finance sectors has made individuals to demand improved connectivity and on the go access to information, which is making banks and financial institutions to be more agile and flexible while offering services and deliverables.
Catering to Industry Needs with Dedication
QA Mentor is an award-winning independent software testing service provider that offers more than 30 unique QA services and test automation solutions through its own unique methodologies, proprietary frameworks, and developed QA products. They support over 250 clients from startups to Fortune 500 organizations within nine different industries using a hybrid approach with flexible on-demand testing services and solutions at low prices.
The Torch Bearer
Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO of QA Mentor, is a person of high motivation and rich work experience background. Prior to establishing QA Mentor, Ruslan worked for almost 10 years in financial industries serving some of the famous global banks. At QA Mentor, Ruslan and his team were the one, who could sense an enormous opportunity to help conventional banks move into today’s technology and aim for the business of today’s customers. Ruslan’s experience in the banking industry also helped him in building world class financial testing solution packages for the global banks.
Rendering Solutions with Modernism
QA Mentor’s way of delivering solution starts with a QA audit of the company’s existing QA processes, methodology and approach, specifically for financial and banking applications. This comprehensive QA Audit Methodology for financial institutions consists of 127 checkpoints which allows them to understand the strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and limitations of the QA department in terms of maturity, technical knowledge, and expertise, tools, process and organizational structure. QA Mentor’s significant transformation framework aims at building a world class quality engineering facility that creates a competitive distinction for businesses in the market through accelerated time-to-market, improved service maturity, and reduced cost of quality. This framework helps their clients achieve their business objectives, value, and efficiencies in order to achieve Level 5 in their Quality Maturity Model for their QA organization.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
QA Mentor’s team believes in adding new services regularly. Recently they have successfully launched three new services which include Agile Transformation Testing Services- that helps clients with a reduced delivery time, a high ROI, improved quality, and more efficient process.  They have also rolled out ETL & Data Warehouse Testing Services that ensure the reliable extraction, transformation, and loading of data without impacting overall performance, scalability, or reliability.
They also have a number of high demand services as well, such as –“Testing in Your Time Zone Service” that helps make offshoring easier and even more competitive by giving clients resources that work on their preferred schedule.QA Mentor has an extensive array of on-demand services where they design, create, and execute test cases on an as-needed basis for customers. Their QA Audit and Process Improvement services allow them to help multi-billion dollar companies in their QA transformation initiatives that can include using QA Mentor’s TCOE establishment services.
Making Uniqueness – a Tradition
Delivering unique services is QA Mentor’s forte, they have an extensive line-up of unique services not offered by anyone else, such as – Architecture Inspection Testing Services that ensures a client’s architecture is solid and scalable so that it can easily handle the expected growth.  And, since they believe in helping their clients to help themselves, they also offer corporate QA training services, public seminar services, and e-learning courses via QA Mentor University. They also have their own Test Management Platform, QA Coverage, which allows their clients to learn how to manage their own testing as they see fit, with guidance from their professionals.
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
The banking solution industry is evolving with many new technologies to replace legacy platforms. So, QA Mentor is ready to support companies to come over this transformation phase, and for that reason they have leveraged their expertise in Data Warehouse and Big Data testing as well as other resources available to support the testing of big Mainframe systems. A lot of banks are moving towards mobile platforms and that’s the reason for QA Mentor, to be specially equipped with the State of the Art Labs that includes over 280 real mobile devices.
Taking Client Satisfation to the Next Level
One of the major benefits that clients get while working with them is that they don’t just get labor resources, but also their proprietary methodologies and best practices that can be adapted and implemented by their professionals.  This includes the following best practice implementation:  Test Metrics Framework, Agile Testing Methodology, Static Testing Implementation, Defect Life Cycle Management process, test cases coverage strategies, security testing methodology, risk-based approach techniques, automation testing solutions via proprietary frameworks, eLearning QA courses, and their own test management platform and much more.
Future Perspectives
QA Mentor’s key to success is to be aggressive as they move forward. Their first goal is to become the most cost-effective service provider in the world, then to spread their methodologies, best practices, and unique approaches to every single country in the world. They devotedly want to continue to be the advocate of Quality Assurance and Assistance, to educate decision makers on the importance of QA. They aim to continue expanding in lower cost areas in order to provide the most economical QA services and solutions to their clients. Their next Testing Center will be opened in the Philippines later this year and also they are planning to launch another 5 new QA services this year

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