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Putting the “Silicon” in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the place to be for anyone who is seriously involved in technology. The name “silicon” is a literal reference to a silicon component that is usually present in electronics due to its semiconductor properties. Some of the biggest tech companies and innovations call this tech haven home, and the use of silicon as a manufacturing material is still as important as ever.

Why is silicon such a reliable and widely used component of tech products? Read on to find out.

  • It Works as a Semiconductor

There are two main features of silicon that make it appealing to tech companies. As a semiconductor, it has the ability to conduct electricity or, alternatively, it can be an effective insulator. Sili-con is heat resistant, which is essential for maintaining safety in products that are powered by electricity.
The versatility of this product is what makes it unique, and it can be used in a number of ways depending on the desired outcome.

  • The Opportunity for Modification

The properties of sili-con can be modified with a process called doping. Foreign atoms are added to the mix, transforming it into something new.
The resulting product is called an extrinsic semiconductor, and it could be used in a transistor or printed circuit board. Sili-con can even be heated into a semi conductive wafer material, which could be used in a circuit, microchip or solar panel. While these processes may sound complicated, for tech companies the adaptability of sili-con is what makes it so widely used.

  • An Affordable Material

As silicon is actually a chemical found naturally in the earth’s mass. In fact, it is so abundant that the only element in the world that is more prevalent is oxygen.
When manufacturing on a large scale, tech companies need something that is reliable, readily available, safe, versatile and cost effective. Sili-con ticks all of these boxes, and it is unlikely to be replaced by a competing product any time soon.

  • Common Silicon Components

Silicon is one of the most common elements used in manufacturing and will be a component in most computer chips. It isn’t just a traditional computer that will contain a chip, though, you may find one in a phone, tablet or even a credit card. Silicon may not be an element most people get excited about, but for tech companies, it is an essential ingredient in their designs.
Silicon o-rings are also widely used. These will often come in standard sizes, but a seal manufacturing company such as Apple Rubber can customize o-rings in different materials, quantities and sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Putting the Silicon in Silicon Valley

Sili-con is a diverse material that has a wide number of uses for both homes and businesses. Sili-con Valley was actually named after this product, which shows you how important it really is. It is a heat-resistant semiconductor that can be modified to suit a variety of purposes, including o-rings and computer chips.
Sili-con is readily available, making it an affordable product for use on a large scale. Tech companies have embraced sili-con, and it will continue to play a key role in electronic innovations for many years to come.

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