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PSSC Labs: Delivering Hand-Crafted HPC & Extraordinary Big Data Computing Solutions

Innovation and evolution are the two other names of technology and change is the other name for improvement. Every innovation begins with experimentation and ends with adoption, unless it leads to destruction. Experts say that in the long term, there will be greater adoption of Hadoop as an enterprise solution. The ecosystem of Hadoop is constantly evolving and while observing its history of development, one can state that this technology have just begun to hit its stride and has much more potential in terms of progress and adoption than it has expressed so far. With the continued disruption in the traditional storage and analytics platforms, companies are finding in difficult to maintain the status-quo older system which is becoming too costly to maintain and is ultimately leading to the rise of Hadoop technology, which experts consider as the ideal low cost, expandable and flexible enterprise solution.
To expand the potentials and show how businesses can benefit with the Hadoop technology, PSSC Labs comes into the scenario with over 25 years of experience in delivering hand-crafted HPC and Big Data computing solutions ensuring relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership. The company has set an exceptional record by offering companies custom-built options outside of expensive proprietary designs offered by larger solution providers ─an option once only considered variable─ for enterprises with massive infrastructure needs.
With missions to disrupt the status quo and deliver enterprise solutions to the most demanding industries, PSSC Labs is offering the lowest cost of ownership via unique, customized solutions that deliver high performance, high density, flexibility and scalability while reducing overall footprint and power usage. This extraordinary service of PSSC labs has not only satisfied hundreds of small to mid-sized business to deliver the best in US manufactured servers and clusters, it has made a mark on the minds of some of the most well-known organizations in the world including NASA, Harvard University, MIT University, Shutterstock and U.S. Defense Forces. PSSC Labs is also known an Intel Premiere Partner as well as an Intel Data Center Specialist.
I interviewed six companies. PSSC Labs was the most honest and sensitive in addressing our needs. They did not try to push unnecessary technology or products on us, but tried to best address our needs and wants,” asserts Robert Yelle, Harvard University Research Scientist.
About the Man Redefining Company and Leading the Industry
During the early ‘90s, Alex Lesser, Chief Strategy Officer at PSSC Labs, joined the company to redefine everything in the industry and help clients achieve their desired goals. More than 25 years ago, PSSC Labs was founded by his parents, Janice and Larry Lesser and was a family business, but everything changed and started rolling towards better way since Alex started defining strategies for the company. He worked hard to move the industry away from selling expensive proprietary technology of a few mass providers and instead focused on developing commodity based, open source solutions that incorporate inventive design, custom notification, and the latest hardware to produce those.
Alex is a man of excellence with his academic background from University of California, Los Angeles, and more than two decades of work experience in the industry. Under his guidance, the company not only provides the industry with better solutions but allows PSSC Labs to maintain its commitment towards producing and servicing its products 100 percent in the USA.
Offering Customized Solutions for Better Results
While trying to break the mold of traditional infrastructure or over-reliance on cloud-based set ups, PSSC Labs is redefining things and building up new empires of business technology. The company currently focuses on working with its customers to provide solutions that not only stays within their operating budget but also maximizes speed, density and energy savings. The company designs each Hadoop solution while keeping in mind the specific business needs of its clients and ensures that their solutions are more flexible, reliable, scalable and at the same time, it offers a lower total lifetime cost of ownership than any other solution on the market.
Winning over Challenges to Walk Towards Success
PSSC Labs considers that their name is among the known vendors in the industry which is dominated by big names like HP or Dell. “The challenge is constantly working to get our name out there and convince decision makers to think about the infrastructure in a manner they might not have considered. PSSC Labs must constantly work with enterprises to evaluate their long term plans and get them to consider Hadoop as a viable solution, convincing them of the lower footprint and lower energy cost, as well as performance benefits that Hadoop can offer,” says PSSC Labs.
Besides the known benefits of Hadoop technology, one key aspect of PSSC Lab’s success is their ability to customize Hadoop solutions of their customers, ensuring that they are not upsold on hardware they don’t need while still delivering the best product within their budget. The company is always developing themselves and seeking ways to deliver better service for the benefit of their client’s business. PSSC Labs is innovating and bringing new products and technology to enterprises that is expected to maximize value while lowering the total cost of ownership of the products for lifetime. While staying at the forefront of the computing technology 1960, PSSC Labs is dedicated to fulfill its commitment to provide the best US based engineering support.

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