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Protect your WordPress website with the free Security Ninja plugin for WordPress

Security Ninja Plugin

If you have a WordPress site, the last thing you want to worry about is getting hacked. Unfortunately, people become complacent thinking that hacking is only something that happens to big corporations, but this is not the case. Everyone is at risk, but that could be taken away by using the Security Ninja plugin in WordPress.
You don’t need the experience to use the free Security Ninja plugin; instead, you just click on “Scan” and the plugin gets to work ensuring your scripts and information are safe from hackers. Not only is the plugin able to detect issues and give you results by way of color coding, but it also allows you to follow detailed instruction as to how to fix the problem and how not fixing it could affect your security.
The tests performed range from very simple to more complex, but you do not have to be a computer whiz to keep your site safe whether it’s an informative blog or an online store. You can test the plugin and its modules by opening the official website, and you can get some of the security tests even without installing the plugin; just test your site with the free online Security Scanner.
Security Ninja plugin was created to be simple enough for all site owners to use and has a proven history of being effective.  It has already protected and continues to protect thousands of people and their sites as well as giving users access to the premium support should they require additional help with any security issues that may have occurred. It has been tried and tested to ensure you have everything you need in this one plugin to keep your data and site safe whether just yours or that of customers, clients, and/or visitors.
Each time you start the plugin it will perform more than 40 tests as well as detecting any brute force attacks and vulnerabilities in your site so that any attack can be prevented. It stops script kiddies from being able to hack into your site and means that your site will not need downtime for issues to be resolved. You can use the code snippets that are included with the purchase and even get extra add-ons that will be suitable for your usage giving you even better protection.
If you want to completely protect your site, you should know that that are four different modules in the PRO version which will take care of your core files, watch out for malware, allow you to schedule scans and even log everything that’s being done on your site.
The help available is extensive making it easier than ever to protect your website, and you will always have access to support, extensive descriptions and information as to preventing and solving any issues should they arise. Included in the Security Ninja plugin is the capability to test the strength of your password to ensure brute force attacks are thwarted. A WordPress options test ensures your settings are up to date on your usage and even database configuration tests and auto update tests are available so that new hacker methods are not a threat to your site and the information it contains.
Some hackers are ought to cause anarchy whereas others are out for personal gain by using the information they could not get access to legally.  Either hacking attempt could be damaging to your reputation and of course the hard work that you have put in to create the site. Prevention is always better than cure and websites are no exceptions. Protect yours today with Security Ninja Plugin.

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-Ivan Jurišić