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PROMIS@SERVICE: Offering Exemplary Multifunctional Performance Enabling Solutions

PROMIS@Service is an innovative high tech company whose mission is to support organizations in private and public sectors, to be better on their way to continual improvement towards excellence, by being compliant with the demanding requests of regulators and standards, by enabling integrated business management for compliance and governance in an SME, association, institution or corporation. The company’s multinational and multi-disciplinary team, reflects the demands of the heterogeneous SME market and the SMEs’ need to enter international markets. It asserts to nurture a culture and approach embracing interdisciplinary teamwork, multilingualism and the capability to understand and respect sectoral and national differences, while striving to integrate commonalities at international level. The company relies on an experienced professional management team with direct and hands-on knowledge of the compliance projects, as well as extensive experience in working with SMEs, applied research, technology transfer and international strategic marketing skills.
An Impeccable e-Platform
PROMIS@Service is a spin-off of well administered research and innovation co-funded by the European Commission and selected private investors that resulted in the Business Enabling Open Innovation e-Platform, PROMIS®.
PROMIS® is a multilingual, multi-country and multi-client Software-as-a-Service and Intranet e-Platform of interactive services, enabling small organisations and international corporations to cut their budgets for compliance management by half, decreasing the compliance risks dramatically. It is an e-Platform that organizes and tailors integrated process management, legislation, online communication, learning and training and helps to capture structure and interlink all relevant information in an organization. In addition, it supports knowledge structuring and sharing, online collaboration and communication, community building of experts, eMentoring and the generation of new services out of the knowledge and content available in an organization.
The Solutions offered by the company focus on various purposes including structuring and sharing individual and institutional knowledge in multiple languages, collaborating, communicating and working interactively online in the mother tongue while being understood internationally, generating new services out of the content and knowledge existing in an organization, keeping transparency and order in an organisation through an integrated management system that supports evidencebased compliance and faster decision making which conforms to norms and other legal requirements.
Comprehensive Leadership 
Caterina Berbenni-Rehm is the Founder and CEO of PROMIS@Service. She started her marketing career at FERRERO OHG, Germany followed by the responsible direction of a cultural exchange’s organisation with 153 people. She was the CEO of FUTUREtec for 14 years, leading an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of ICT, knowledge transfer from research to SMEs, rollout plans and project management.
Caterina is a recognised thought leader and keynote speaker at international conferences and has been the co-founder of the ‘European Entrepreneurial Regions Initiative’ taken up by the Committee of the Regions. She is the former Vice- Chair of the EC Commission’s High-level Advisory Group DG RES for SMEs, member of the Ethical Review and an Advisory member of AI& Society “Artificial Intelligence & Society” Springer Eds. Caterina holds a PhD in modern Philology.
Knowledge is Capital 
PROMIS@Service has learnt so many things in its professional tenure. It believes that knowledge is capital and a most important asset for the organization. Hence it must be structured and channelized effectively at all levels. According to the company, communities of knowledge develop ideally when the source of knowledge is respected and the tools acknowledge the owners of the data and content. The knowledge providers are well versed with the needs of their clients. Therefore it is crucial to offer tools and services that support the interaction and collaboration among them.
According to PROMIS@Service, entering into any type of organization is a challenge if the e-Platform does not involve and values all existing tools, and also does not reuse the data and information already available in the organization. It was a challenging and a long term endeavor for the company to develop such disruptive innovation which would not have been possible without the support of the European Commission and the EU Parliament.
‘ALL in One’ Approach 
PROMIS@Service offers the cutting-edge e-Platform in the domain of integrated compliance and governance with a comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ approach in 9 languages (content included) and integrated human- and machine translation technologies, which at present is second to none. Software programs such as CRM and ERPs are strongly synergetic to PROMIS®. SAP, Tenaxia, Intelex, Enablon, and others are both partial competitors and synergetic partners.
Aspiring Market Leadership 
PROMIS@Service aims to be at top as the recognized leader in providing SMEs and corporates with a new kind of multilingual knowledge management and integrated compliance- and governance-based business enabling e- Platform of interactive services at international level. To achieve this, it is intended to bring the work on ‘Terminology Policy’ to OASIS ( for the final phase international standardization. More than 20 years working relations with the European Commission and related institutions has enriched PROMIS@Service with interdisciplinary people and expertise concerning not only funding, as well as technology & knowledge transfer of R&D projects’ results, but most important, new business models, pre-competitive deployment, and rollout of innovative research results and industrial projects. Such experience is highly valuable for companies striving for the wish to remain at the forefront of innovation.
Reflection of Excellence 
“I can only congratulate you on a solution like PROMIS®, which –in the long run – stands to allow both industry and public bodies to save billions of Euros through highest efficiency ! – Rainer Tielsch, Prof. h.c. Dr. rer. sec., Dipl.-Psych
“Being responsible for the supply of medical materials, I have always looked for a tool that could help me in a flexible way during my work, adapted to my needs, as well as to those of our organization, i.e. the growing need to comply with the ISO standards, the new GDPR standards and Health and Safety at Work. With PROMIS® I have reached a point of excellent management of everything that is under my responsibility, I have seen that nurses and doctors are satisfied with the simplicity of the management system and, above all, I am pleased that PROMIS® follows and meets all my needs to be at the service of AVIS and the blood donors.” – Vanghelis Spiridon, Technical Coordinator, AVIS Milano, Italy
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