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Prodoge Julian Kopald | Vice President | Product Development

Prodoge: Where All Your Digital Payments Needs are Catered.

The onset of an everything-digital era has been evidently showcasing signs of an endless influence over the commercial world. It has been impactful to such a level, that as end users or consumers, our day-to-day tasks and needs are now effortlessly achievable and attainable.
The change-driven adoption of this digital transformation by the finance industry has opened up a myriad of doors for both financial institutions as well as the common public. The need for an extended explanation wouldn’t arise, taking into consideration the nature of the FinTech industry, the related market and its benefits to customers.
Pertaining to this evolution of the financial industry into a much sophisticated yet easily adoptable models and functioning, we at Insights Success, through this edition, bring to your desk, 2020’s Most Trusted Payment and Card Solution providers; featuring companies striving to provide best-in-class solutions.
One prominent name among those companies is Prodoge. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Prodoge began as a Dogecoin processing company in 2019 and has grown to become a crypto wallet supporting Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Digibyte, while offering all the tools anyone needs to do business with those crypto currencies along with fiat currencies.
These tools include peer to peer payments, invoicing, point of sale, shareable payment links, online checkout widgets, and a global marketplace where people & businesses can promote themselves, send messages, and list & sell their goods & services without merchant fees.
In the following interview, Julian Kopald, Vice President of Product Development, shares valuable insight into the current digital currency market and how Prodoge strives to sustain its competency.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
What is your opinion on the current scenario of digital payments?
The future/present of payments will see the market split between “custodial” solutions offered by banks, card networks, and other “legacy” fintech providers, and “non-custodial” solutions offered by crypto currency focused businesses. Non-custodial solutions will grow as people & businesses seek greater privacy, more control over their funds, and embrace the near instant and nearly free global value transfers offered by crypto currencies.
What are the major contributing factors behind Prodoge’s success and why?
Prodoge really takes crypto beyond mere speculation and gives anyone the tools to become a global merchant in under a minute. It’s not just a payment solution, but a new way to do business and promote
goods and services, with it’s own global marketplace to list products, profiles for merchants, and instant messaging all built into one platform, alongside traditional tools such as invoicing, point of sale, website checkouts, and shareable payment links.
Why should customers choose Prodoge? How do you distinguish your offerings from your competitors?
Prodoge is perhaps the only solution available that allows people and businesses to send or accept both crypto or card based fiat payments in over 200 countries. Add to this that Prodoge has zero merchant fees for listing products, or doing transactions, along with nearly instant global settlement when using crypto, and doing business with Prodoge can quickly yield positive returns in both time and money.
How do you amend your offerings and criterion according to the rules and regulations of the different countries it serves?
Prodoge is a non-custodial solution, so our clients become their own banks, control their own funds, and are in total control. Our role is to provide a great platform for doing business and we actively monitor our marketplace to make sure it’s being used lawfully for legal business use cases.
Security is a primary concern when it comes to payments. How does your company ensure security and safety?
Prodoge clients control their own keys (seed phrases) to their wallets, which puts them in control over their funds instead of relying on a 3rd party.
What aspects of Prodoge display its foothold in the market?
Prodoge clients love being able to send or accept either crypto, or card payments (through our integrations with Stripe & Paypal). This allows them to continue to do business in the “traditional” way, while expanding into the new world of digital payments offered by crypto, where global transactions can settle almost instantly and for free.
All of our solutions are also mobile-centric, so people can invoice, take payments anywhere with the point of sale, or even online with our multi-currency web checkouts. Our shareable payment links are also popular, as people seek to get paid faster and easier over social media and through channels like WhatsApp and others.
What can be expected from your company in the coming years?
Prodoge will be continuing to improve our marketplace, merchant profiles, and making it easier for businesses to both promote themselves and find each other. In addition to this, we will be looking into adding exchange services for crypto & fiat, so that our clients can manage their funds with greater ease. Already, through Prodoge’s integration with Zapier, merchants can export their data to over 1,000 apps such as Quickbooks, or Salesforce, and in the future, we expect to continue opening our solution via API’s to list products or perform actions from anywhere.