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ProcessPro: Committing to Provide Best-in-Class ERP Solutions

The pace of change in business today is now greater than ever before, so companies require a robust ERP solution designed specifically for their industry that streamlines their business processes and provides timely information for critical business decisions. ProcessPro develops, sells, implements and supports a complete ERP software solution for companies that execute batch process manufacturing in highly regulated industries. This focus allows them to deliver solutions with very robust functionality that provides a tremendous value to the customers. Also, this allows their employees to gain significant expertise in those industries, both regarding their business processes and the regulatory bodies to comply with.
ProcessPro functions as an independent subsidiary of Open Systems, Inc., with whom they merged in early 2016. This novel structure allows them to leverage shared investments in their joint software platforms and ongoing R&D and provides them with experience and expertise as they look to entering new international markets.
 A Pacemaker of ProcessPro
As the CEO of Open Systems, Inc. and ProcessPro, Michael Bertini is passionate about fostering a culture that places the customer first. His team’s primary objective is to help clients to succeed, become more productive and transform their organizations. Michael confidently believes that organizations need the right information provided efficiently to the right people, at the right time, to adapt to their markets in real-time. He has the vision to invest and grow vertically oriented businesses, like ProcessPro, that can provide significantly more value to customers than a more generic “one size fits all” ERP solution.  By linking functionally richer vertical solutions, deep vertical domain expertise and a shared investment in adaptable core technologies and platforms, Michael believes he can promote his customers’ success in a way that few other ERP systems can.
Promising Services with Brilliance  
ProcessPro serves a comprehensive ERP solution for batch process manufacturers, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, cosmetic and personal care and specialty chemical. Their solution footprint encompasses every aspect of their business which includes selling, to planning production, managing, manufacture, shipping and generating financials. They deliver these solutions on the current state of the art technologies which they will continually review. A full set of services from ProcessPro includes training and implementation of their software, industry-specific business process consulting and highly responsive “help desk” support.
By focusing on the industries that ProcessPro has expertise in, they can deliver richer practical solutions to their customers, provide superior and deeper industry insight specific to their business and stay current on the regulatory and business environment changes that impact those industries.
As a software solution built on a flexible platform, ProcessPro can address the few, but significant differences a particular company might have without compromising their capability to stay current with their latest releases. Inclusively, they provide the right balance between size and capacity to specialize, and as a result, they dramatically improve their customers’ return on their initial and long term ERP investment.
Advanced Strategies ERP Software
First and foremost, ProcessPro works diligently to stay connected with their clients, industry organizations and internal teams to ensure that they discern how customers’ businesses and markets are changing. They are also leveraging the broader investment of their overall organization in R&D to ensure that they are up-to-date with technology and are aware of upcoming trends or innovative technologies that might create an impact in the future. Their ability to emphasize on the unique requirements of their customers’ markets, as well as invest in a high technology and platform research, provides ProcessPro the overall ability to better lead their industry than either their larger or smaller competitors.
Delivering Uniqueness by Understanding Clients’ Needs
The standard, unique capability across their separate vertical markets is the capacity to manage recipes or formulas effectively, account for changing units of measure (weight to volume, etc.), changes in state (solid to liquid, etc.), yield (loss of moisture, chemical reactions, etc.) and precisely trace lot level information on all inputs and outputs related to the manufacturing process. Also, their platform includes unique development tools that allow them to extend or modify standard functionality in a way that does not impact the ability or cost of incorporating their latest releases into customers’ business.
For each industry ProcessPro serves, they understand and meet the unique demands of the client’s business. For food and beverage manufacturers, they provide the ability to meet FDA requirements for cGMPs, the Food Safety and Modernization Act and product control and traceability.
They provide the operational controls, formulation, auditing and reporting required to meet the FDA compliance needs of cosmetic and personal care business manufacturers. For nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers, they assist with the compliance of regulations such as 21 CRF Part 11 and achieve validation of their internal processes and systems with the FDA. For specialty chemical customers, they aid them by complying with both local and global standards for the handling, labeling, and shipping of hazardous materials such as GHS. In all, ProcessPro helps customers effectively manage their business while supporting the demands of their industries.
Forwarding towards Future Goals
Innovation is ProcessPro’s life. Their products are constantly evolving to best meet the needs of customers and the industries they serve. They’re very excited about the next release of their software. It has the ability to deliver on mobile features and reporting on any device, interactive analysis, user personalization and configuration, support for preventative controls and compelling forecasting tools to truly drive compliance and control. It also increases user productivity and delivery of critical business metrics, which are the key factors in realizing a return on investment in ERP!
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