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Proactive Worldwide: An Upfront Strategic Solution

Proactive Worldwide was founded as a specialist enterprise committed to serving clients through its expertise in primary research and strategic intelligence services. By providing Intelligence-based solutions, PWW helps customers from a wide range of industries to identify and propel more robust business growth through Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and customer insights.
Since its inception in 1995, Proactive Worldwide has evolved from a two-person operation into one of the world’s leading Strategic Intelligence firms, with delivery teams spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.
An Oxygen Provider for Corporate Environments 
The company believes that strategic planning provides “oxygen” for corporate executives, allowing them to think more clearly. Honed through years of experience, PWW’s cultural and operational approach has developed evidence-based solutions to address market, customer, and competitive challenges. The team uses strategic simulation, competitive response modeling, and scenario planning to achieve its goals. The PWW emphasis on team effort, improved strategic intelligence, and state-ofthe- art research methods, has had a significant impact on executive solutions.
Client collaboration is key to success in working with PWW. The firm also helps associated clients with data collection, organization, and categorization. This strategized information is disseminated efficiently through customized intelligence web portals. These web portals are a highly effective and important way to sort and share critical intelligence with those who will benefit most. And they can make optimal business decisions in near-real time.
Proactive CEO Gary Maag 
Proactive’s Executive Team Head and CEO, Gary Maag, is a prominent leader in the competitiveintelligence consulting landscape. He has honed his innovative approach to competitive-intelligence gathering over the past twenty-five years.
Maag is a prominent educator and regular speaker at industry workshops and conferences throughout North America and Europe. Along the way, he has been honored for his achievements: he has received the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Catalyst Award as well as Northern Illinois University’s Distinguished Marketing Alumnus Award for his productive strategy-planning excellence.
Teamwork: The PWW Mantra for Success 
Proactive Worldwide credits the creative and adaptable mindset of its executive leaders for PWW’s success in overcoming challenges. These capable professionals provide vision and dedicated commitment. Because they have the utmost respect for their associates’ talents, they have empowered these people to be innovative and to do their best.
The executive leaders have been extremely fortunate in both attracting and retaining such employees. The company requires that every employee brings a unique vital-skill-set that increases PWW’s expertise and adds to their knowledge base. Consequently, the firm is able to grow and prosper in the best possible way.
Proactive Worldwide was in the forefront in developing the concept of support services that link an evidence based market with competitor intelligence. The company is also dedicated to maintaining its position in co-related services. Teamwork is vital to this endeavor.
What Will the Future Bring? 
Proactive Worldwide is proud of its past accomplishments, but the team predicts that some of its best work still lies ahead. For example, the healthcare industry is particularly volatile. The PWW team is currently working on developing cutting-edge technology innovations in the healthcare industry that will have an impact on a number of concerns, including insurance coverage, mergers, manufacturing capabilities, and especially, patient compliance, a key component for any future healthcare business striving to be successful. One such PWW new product entry, “MedForecast™,” is a subscription-based model that tracks new drugtreatment solutions as they go through the regulatory approval process.
Research and Development 
More than most strategic intelligence professionals, PWW’s executive leaders engage with software partners in significant R&D to drive new innovations. Proactive’s advanced rapid-fire-response service “Ask an Analyst” is one typical endeavor. “Ask an Analyst” was developed to help organizations quickly authenticate their market position on any number of strategic, competitive, marketing, and custom benchmarking metrics. This tool provides insight and direction toward sustainable profitability and growth.
Proactive’s highly strategic War Gaming strategy, developed by President David Kalinowski, stated that War games are particularly relevant in a fluctuating global marketplace, and when done right, can expose more predictively reliable pathways to help businesses tactically strengthen their position among their competition.” 
Prospects for the Future 
In the future, PWW will continue to solidify its position in high-growth markets, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, financial services, and technology, to name a few. The firm’s commitment to education in the field of Competitive Intelligence remains strong. The executive team’s future travel schedules to promote continuing industry education are impressive. Their workshops and speaking engagements already draw large attendance. A portent for the future: even now one of the most popular workshop topics involves demonstrating ROI and the importance of evidence-based intelligence for decisions concerning business development in emerging markets.
The PWW team believes the road ahead promises to be a shining pathway toward continuing growth and prosperity for the innovative company.

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