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Proactive Worldwide: A Global Leader in Strategic Intelligence Services

At first glance, business research and consulting firms seem somewhat similar. True, their staff qualifications, capabilities, presentations, and fee structures don’t appear to vary much. However, the devil’s in the details. These firms can differ greatly in philosophy, processes, tools, and overall success rates in facilitating a client’s business outcomes. Proactive Worldwide is a case in point. Unlike most other consultants, PWW specializes in serving clients through its expertise in strategic intelligence research and related services.
Proactive Worldwide has leveraged the power of Big Data as the catalyst for innovations in evidence-based competitive intelligence and market intelligence.  To achieve these ends, PWW works with software partners and emphasizes research and development (R&D).  As a result of these innovative strategies, PWW has become a global force in integrating data analytics with cutting-edge expertise in primary market research to deploy more constructive strategic intelligence solutions.
 Providing Trailblazing Solutions
In today’s volatile market economy, any firm needs to take advantage of the best business strategies to survive and prosper.  Proactive Worldwide excels in this arena.  The PWW experts help customers from a wide range of industries to outdo the competition through the use of Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Customer Insights.  The PWW cultural and operational approach has been honed through many years of experience in developing customized evidence-based solutions to address market, customer, and competitive challenges.
Proactive Worldwide shares its expertise by presenting workshops that always have an enthusiastic following. Among the most popular workshop topics is a discussion of ROI and the way that is affected by using evidence-based intelligence when making business development decisions in emerging markets.
Meeting the Man at the Helm
Gary Maag is the Co-Founder and CEO of Proactive Worldwide. With more than 25 years of experience in competitive intelligence (CI) research and consulting, he directs all of Proactive’s global business development, sales, and marketing activities.  For his achievements, Maag has received the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Catalyst Award as well as Northern Illinois University’s Distinguished Marketing Alumnus Award.
Partnering with Software Developers
More than most strategic intelligence professionals, Proactive Worldwide’s executive leaders engage in significant R&D with their software partners to develop new innovations. The organization’s advanced rapid response service, “Ask an Analyst,” is one typical endeavor. “Ask an Analyst” was developed to help organizations quickly authenticate their positions on any number of strategic/competitive/marketing/customer benchmarking metrics to provide insight and direction toward more profitability and growth.
Developed by PWW’s President David Kalinowski, the firm also offers a highly strategic War Gaming service.  As Kalinowski sees it, “War games are particularly relevant in a fluctuating global marketplace, and when done right, can expose more predictively reliable pathways to help businesses tactically strengthen their position among their competition.”
 Staying Ahead of the Pack
Proactive Worldwide works incessantly to incorporate new technologies as they arise and to build more inclusive models around exponentially increasing volumes of available data. To do this requires a highly trained and knowledgeable staff.  Fortunately, its stellar reputation has made PWW a mecca for both attracting and retaining high caliber people who share the firm’s vision, professionalism, and respect for each other’s talents. Proactive Worldwide credits its team mindset with formulating a positive growth strategy and intentional direction within the organization. Every member of the team brings to the table a unique skill-set that contributes to the firm’s overall expertise and to the knowledge base.  As a result, the firm has grown and prospered.
 Providing Specialized Tools
The team at Proactive Worldwide never rests on its laurels. Now they are taking evidence-based findings to a higher level, particularly through strategic simulation, competitive response modeling, and scenario planning. The organization’s leading practitioners are well-known for their development of standard practices in Competitive Intelligence (CI), and they provide information to those in the CI space at prominent forums, workshops, and conferences throughout the year.
Proactive Worldwide’s proven service model stresses collaboration with clients to increase their ability not only to gather data, but also to organize, categorize, and disseminate information efficiently.  Proactive Worldwide creates customized intelligence web portals to make this easier for their clients. These web portals are a highly effective way to sort and share critical intelligence with those who can most benefit. These customer-specific web portals help customers make critical business decisions in near-real time.
 Stepping Up to Aid Growth Industries
Changes in technology and methodology occur so rapidly today that many industries find it difficult to keep pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the burgeoning healthcare industry. Proactive Worldwide has solutions. Currently, the organization is developing cutting-edge technological innovations that will have an impact on decision making in various areas, including insurance coverage, mergers, and patient compliance. One of Proactive Worldwide’s newest product entries, “MedForecast™,” is a subscription-based model that tracks new drug-treatment solutions as they go through the approval process.
Emerging markets around the world are also on the horizon. The PWW team looks forward to these new challenges.

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