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PractiTest: Transforming Test Management Tool to the Next Level

In today’s technology world, companies are dedicatedly working on developing and testing software which provides the entire spectrum of functions and services in the traditional software delivery lifecycle. In today’s economic world, these service providers are becoming more competitive.
An Israel-based company, PractiTest is leading the revolution in technology and methodology offering Application Life Management and a Cloud-based Innovative Test Management tool. The company provides an end-to-end Test Management tool which offers a common platform for all stakeholders in an organization. It also enables full visibility into the testing process and deeper broader understanding of testing results.
PractiTest provides fully customizable tools which can be adapted to the ever-changing needs of Quality Assurance (QA) teams. It also includes a vast array of third-party integration with common bug trackers and automation tools and robust API for the rest. Fast professional and methodological support ensures clients avail maximum efficiency, so companies can release great products according to their user’s needs.
Offering Unified Solutions
PractiTest is a QA Management platform, designed to help businesses to control their testing and development process. The solution focuses on both effective management of the project and its information and also how to communicate the results of testing to everyone in the organization. The system can get the result from almost any Automation or Scripting Tools such as Selenium, J-unit, Soap-UI, QTP, Ranorex, and others.
Insights of a Leader with Technology Expertise
Yaniv Iny is the CEO of PractiTest. He is also in-charge of Marketing, and R&D for PractiTest. Yaniv has over 20 years of experience in the field of Innovation and Technology.
Yaniv is an MBA graduate from Tel Aviv University with a focus in Strategy and Finance. He also has an extensive experience under his belt of building startups and contributing to the overall development of established companies. Having experience in Management Consulting firm, he helps small companies to enlarge, evolve and become successful. Ensuring Best Testing Tool for Seamless Integration PractiTest integration includes all testing information at once central place. There are some methods majorly used for seamless integration such as,

  1. JIRA Test Management – This method offers end to end Test Management Solution for Two- Way Integration with JIRA Cloud & JIRA Server. PractiTest’s powerful two-way integration for all JIRA platforms provides a seamless test management, QA, and development process solution.
  2. Pivotal Tracker Test Management – It includes an end to end Test Management Solution for Pivotal Tracker which provides a powerful Test Management Solution, enhancing advanced Agile Project Management functionality.
  3. Redmine Integration –PractiTest’s Redmine plugin is used to synchronize the issues and tests. This integration method is simple and is automatically updated with issues arising during testing with PractiTest.
  4. Bugzilla Integration – Standard Bugzilla integration works like all other PractiTest integrations. It works when tester clicks on the Fail & Issue link in a test run, it will open a new bug form in Bugzilla.

Using Unique Hierarchical Structure
Being a light SaaS QA Management Tool PractiTest was designed for the Agile process. Hierarchical filter trees structure, combined with customizable visibility and seamless integration create a unique data organization that allows a user to slice and dice his data to extract real actionable items. The platform can work with external tools such as Bug Trackers, Automated Testing Tools, CI and many more which is sometimes crucial for the agile workflow.
PractiTest provides benefits to its clients through unified Test Management Tools such as display information in multiple ways at once, providing relevant information to each stakeholder and duplicate data or generating complex Database queries easily.
Setting Benchmark in the Market
The company is stepping up with a unique approach to enclose organization data using unique features available only to PractiTest users. PractiTest treats its clients as partners and helps them achieve their goals, including methodological help and the best responsive support. This has been made possible by the inspirational approach PractiTest has adopted over its development period.
PractiTest is inspired by changing needs of the market. The company has always changed its approaches according to the technology and trends in the Test Management Process. The company also believes a tester must be an inherent part of the development process from the very beginning to the very end to be able to reflect quality issues throughout the process.
CEO of the company, Yaniv Iny stated, “We believe that a tester’s job is not about finding bugs, but about assuring quality.”
Stepping Towards Future of Test Management 
PractiTest started its journey as little company with a big vision to make the life of the QA professionals better and easier. With a lot of team effort and devotion to the goal & mission, the PractiTest Team always put the client first and sees the clients as its true partners.
Now, PractiTest is working on new features to enable more possibilities for Data Management and Visualization. In the coming future, the company’s unified tools will become a point of communication and clearance to all project stakeholders to get better Test Management output.
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