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Popmap: Reflecting Your Taste of Art, Design and Fashion

The scenario of ecommerce industry is changing every day. Ecommerce vendors are innovating new ways to penetrate the mind of buyers, whereas, consumers are demanding more and more facilities. The people are demanding their vendors to be interactive, easy to navigate, more graphical, designed with augmented reality, filled with offers and cash back schemes. As days are passing by, the expectations of the consumers are rising to the sky-level. To fulfill these demands and stay relevant in the industry, companies are striving hard to discover new ways to impress the consumers.
Giving the best product from the actual manufacturer is what all the ecommerce vendors do. There are some manufacturers who have their own ecommerce websites through which people can directly purchase and get their desired product delivered at their door step. But there are some excellent art works hidden behind the big brands, and even if the consumers are craving for that kind of products, they are hardly available, nor they are in limelight. We all want those amazing hand-woven and hand-drawn art works by extraordinary artists from all over the world to be displayed on the walls of our hall room, or to gift an artistic jewelry or accessory from the finest craftsmen to our loved ones. But most of us fail since we don’t know where to get them or the boutiques are too far and the products are too expensive.
Fulfilling those desires turned from a dream to fast reality with the launching of Popmap in 2015. Popmap is an ecommerce website, transforming the way people shop by opening the door to the best independent boutiques and designers from around the world to help buyers shop things from all over the globe and enjoy the feeling of a locale. It is giving you the convenience of browsing what is kept on the shelves of hundreds of designer boutiques in a single sitting.
While talking about the experience Popmap offers, the company officially has stated, “We believe that a truly local experience is the best experience one can have. We are building a global network of local boutiques empowered to share their stories online through our e-commerce platform.” To enrich the taste of art and extraordinary fashion of the people from all across the earth and help them discover their artistry, already 900 boutiques have joined Popmap from 40 countries to make it successful.
About the Man behind this Extraordinary Idea
While searching for a pair of pearl earrings for his partner, Idris Sersoub, Co-founder, and CEO at Popmap, came up with the idea of this innovative business. Fascinated by the unique craft items offered by a variety of independent boutiques, designers, and artisans in Hong Kong, Sersoub realized that the shops had no online presence. He found the idea of window-shopping at different boutique stores to be tricky and much hassle-filled. It was his idea to build a global network of independent designers and boutiques so that shoppers around the world could buy from myriad outlets in a single transaction via a universal check-out cart, without boarding a plane and regardless of where the stores were located.
While talking to the CEO of Popmap about what it feels like to have success, Sersoub said, “Like a fresh morning excited to get working on what you enjoy.
Comprises of a Team Passionate about Beautiful Craftsmanship and Elegant Aesthetics
The Co-founder of the company considers Popmap to be a small business which is led by a team of people who are passionate about beautiful craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics. These are the people who are dedicated to deliver fantastic art, extraordinary design and unbelievable fashionable items to the people who are excited to wrap themselves and their houses with a rich feeling of art or want to gift their loved ones with an immense design which is absolutely perfect for an exceptional memento.
For any business, challenges and hurdles are part of their journey, but the way in which a company tackles all those difficulties and overcome all those roadblocks are some of the strategies defining company’s position in the market. Popmap manages to keep a strong team spirit and a transparent communication, this is what they claim to be their secret to face and overcome challenges. The company says that it was important to set solid foundations at the start to be able to evolve in new markets, knowing that the base is solid allows them to be flexible.
Acting as a Discovery Tool for Global Customers to Explore Local Shops and Products
In each and every day, Popmap receives numerous requests from diverse places like Paris, Melbourne, Stockholm, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Kiev to join their platform. The company selects each boutique with clear precision and care to maintain their uniqueness. The company states that most of their customers are mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Asia. The reports suggest that their overseas consumers in New York, London, Geneva and Singapore are pleased to see such unique items on Popmap’s website which they cannot find in their city shopping hubs. Even after having a very good global presence, the company plans to expand their reaches as some countries like Japan have numerous unique artisans and designers which will appeal to their customers globally.

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