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Polyglot Group: Helping Businesses Grow Globally

Founded in 1995, Polyglot Group is a leading global boutique consultancy dedicated to helping businesses expand & optimize their operations both locally and across borders. As a one-stop-shop, the company’s mission is to ease business growth by breaking through cultural barriers. It does so by providing tailored and comprehensive solutions in HR Consulting & Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition, Payroll Outsourcing, Translation & Interpreting as well as Business Incorporation and Registrations.
Polyglot Group aims to bring humanity back to business, by working towards a more collaborative, diverse & open world; one where cultural boundaries are no longer barriers, so that businesses and their people may expand. The organization aims to provide a one-stop shop for its clients’ needs. Through its worldwide partner network and Polyglot offices, it brings together, under one roof, a wealth of expertise and experience that makes the difference for its clients in achieving strategic goals and commercial objectives.
With a global footprint spanning over 9 time zones, Polyglot Group makes a client’s business hours its own. The company opens the doors to the world’s largest markets and key emerging regions, giving its clients a competitive advantage for success. It gives clients the answers to the questions they don’t even know to ask, so as to generate sustainable business growth for them.
Exemplifying Excellence and Leadership
Corinne Bot is the Founder and CEO of Polyglot Group. She has an unfaltering will to leave a place better than she found it. As a true believer and supporter of equality and diversity, it was hard for her to face discrimination as a woman and mother in business. From that moment, Corinne knew she wanted to make a difference in this regard and create a culture that was fair to all.
Corinne believes in human-to-human communication and relationships. She states, “Businesses are run by people, for people. With this in mind, we strive to get to know the people behind the business and work with the people that make the business.” Her ultimate passion is to work with people and help them grow and flourish. Whether through mentoring or collaboration, she seeks to empower others, and regularly shares her knowledge and expertise at seminars and events, and also through podcasts.
Both of these passions were a defining motive behind the creation of her business and are still driving her in life. Having moved to Australia from France and been welcomed there with open arms, Corinne wants to continue enhancing the multiculturalism and diversity that makes up Australia’s DNA.
Corinne is also proud to have been selected as a French Foreign Trade Advisor more than 10 years ago. This role enables her to foster a more prosperous relationship between the two countries. For her enduring commitment, Corinne is deeply humbled to have been knighted with the Legion of Honor from the French Government in 2016. It recognizes French citizens who have demonstrated outstanding merit for at least 20 years.
With Business Development skills and over 20 years of experience in multicultural HR Consulting, Recruitment and Business Solutions, there is no surprise that her dream has now expanded globally across Europe, Africa & USA. Corinne continues to be a huge supporter of entrepreneurship as well as partnership. Starting out as a one-woman company, Polyglot Group now consists of brilliant cohort of individuals all over the globe and is ever-growing due to her passion and trust in others.
When asked about the future endeavors of her chef-d’oeuvre, Corinne says, “We want to be present on every continent, to be available for our clients in all time zones and be able to provide our support everywhere.” She also adds, “Another critical goal for us is to keep our family-business DNA worldwide internally while we grow.”
Distinctive Competency
Polyglot Group believes in people, and its goal is to inspire businesses to see the value in their teams. The organization focuses on enterprises expanding beyond their borders, which need a unique form of support: answering the questions they don’t know to ask. The organization’s presence in key global markets gives it expert local knowledge, offering clients the most comprehensive local and global growth support. Speaking more than 28 languages and coming from all ends of the globe, the company’s Polyglotters bring local expertise to accelerate clients’ business growth, ensure continuity and business success in key market segments.
The organization believes that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and no growth journey is the same. Because of this, Polyglot is client-focused and tailors every solution to suit the client’s individual business needs at every stage of their evolution, in order to develop long-term sustainable success. The company excels to deliver tangible outcomes and not just reports & opinions, and its Polyglotters strive to be more than just consultants.
Satisfied Clientele
“Thank you for the opportunity to see and understand more about the core and spirit of Polyglot from you. Like Owner; like Business – passionate, confident and always aiming for quality. Thank you for the consistent good-quality services in the past few years. With your leadership and great team around you, the world is Polyglot’s oyster.” – Alcatel Lucent Enterprise.
“We have been working with Polyglot Group since 2015, and all in all, the service they provide, the candidates they present and the staff we have eventually chosen have been, and continue to be, excellent. They have truly assisted us to expand in a controlled manner with talent we are working to provide a long-term future for within the business. I would recommend Polyglot in a heartbeat. – Finance Director of Naval Group.