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Pollux: Making Automation Industry Smarter, Efficient and Productive

Automation is already here. From day-to-day activities to high scale industrial work, people are developing artificial intelligence and robotics to make work and life easier. Every new day brings an innovation and some change into the lives of human beings. Recently, a major change has been observed in the industry: the shift from traditional robots to collaborative robots.
Pollux, a company who believes that robots can completely change the reality of shop floors, is leading the automation industry and helping businesses overcome some obstacles in implementing robots in factories. The innovative company offers a “Robots as a service”, a solution that includes mapping the manufacturing process to uncover opportunities for robot use, simulation to confirm technical viability, engineering to define accessories, risk assessment, installation, programming and ongoing support.
With robot as a service, Polux’s clients can rely on their excellent and permanent support, new products inclusion, maintenance and spare parts. The pay-per-use/rental model eliminates the obstacles related to traditional robotic implementations like the lack of flexibility, need for Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), total cost of ownership for tech support, spare parts and the need for programming the robots.
Pollux understands clients’ problems and efficiently helps them. The industrial technology company is known to make factories more productive, efficient and smart while delivering innovative solutions, allowing customers to win in an increasingly competitive global scenario. By providing amazing services, they have earned recognitions from multiple organizations including Endeavor, Ernst & Young, CNI (National Confederation of Industry) and FINEP Technology Innovation Award. For five years in a row, the company has received the prestigious award GPTW (Great Place to Work). Along with all the respected awards, Deloitte 2016 has also acknowledged the company as one of the Top 3 fastest growing SME´s in Brazil. Industry giants like BMW, Fiat, GM, L’oreal, P&G, Renault, Volkswagen and Bosch trust on Pollux for their extraordinary technologic solutions.
About the Foundation of the Leading Company
With a rich experience of more than 25 years in industrial automation, José Rizzo Hahn Filho, the founder and CEO at Pollux, leads the company on its way to excellence. Graduated from Iowa State University, Rizzo represents the company and the country at numerous worldwide technological forums like Industrial Internet Consortium (USA) and Industry 4.0 (Germany). His efforts have earned him positions like the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young and Endeavor Entrepreneur. Being the founder and first President of Brazilian Association of Industrial Internet, Rizzo strongly supports the causes of entrepreneurship, innovation and industry competitiveness in Brazil and abroad.
Services which Makes Pollux a Leader in the Industry
Founded in 1996, Pollux is the most innovative industrial technology company in Brazil. The company acts as a market reference for technology integration and offers solutions in pay-per-use model. With a team of 140 employees and more than 450 clients, the robotic solution provider company is known to deliver services to Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer’s Good, Food & Beverages and many other industry segments all over Latin America. Pollux has implemented over 1000 projects and has structured its services in 3 primary business units as:
Pollux Automation – Pollux holds the experience to deal with highly complex projects, building solid relations with their customers by helping them in development and implementation of automated assembly lines, robotic cells and machine building solutions that are more efficient to provide a high degree of technology, based on advanced manufacturing concepts and Industry 4.0.
Pollux Robotics – Pollux is the only company equipped with the expertise to offer robots as a service (including Rental + Engineering + Support)  and known to deliver Collaborative Robots that can work side-by-side with people.
Pollux Digital – It acts as a convergence between Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT). Pollux adopts a consultative approach while mapping opportunities and delivering industrial internet projects, SaaS, Track&Trace solutions, and systems for Inspection and Tests.
The company boasts about its excellent technical team consisting of professionals graduated from some of the best universities in Brazil, United States, France, Italy and Germany. With a team of specialists from various engineering fields, such as industrial automation, computer programming, software, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, project management and others, the company is strategically positioned at the most important industrial centers providing very fast and qualified response to their customers and partner’s technical assistance needs.
Showcasing the Future
Over the years, Pollux has built a powerful ecosystem to drive robot implementation to excellence, including some world-class technology suppliers, such as Universal Robots, Cognex, Visual Components, Schunk, Robotiq and Dassault Systèmes. It is in the DNA of Pollux to act by integrity, build positive and long-term relationships, endeavor and innovate.
The innovative company is now presenting the “Robotic 4.0” concept: collaborative robots equipped with remote monitoring system. This new solution, aligned with industrial internet and industry 4.0, improves client’s productivity and provides real-time management, predictive maintenance and quality while reducing costs related to operational flaws.
Pollux has successfully installed over 150 robots throughout Brazil and expects to reach a benchmark of installing 2,000 robots in 5 years. The company has grown 4 times its revenue in the past three years and their global customers are pulling its services abroad Latin America, US and Europe.

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