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Pinkerton: A Century Old Leader in the Risk Management Space

Pinkerton’s origin dates back more than 165 years, when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850. Back then, they aided law enforcement officials in hunting down and apprehending criminals across the country. They also protected railroad shipments for several mid-western railways; but most notably, Pinkerton thwarted an assassination plot against President Lincoln, guiding him safely to his first inauguration.
Since then, the organization has used its expertise to usher into a new era of security experts. As the industry evolves and clients’ needs become more complex, Pinkerton adapts by keeping up on the latest security practices and staying prepared for whatever they may encounter next.
Over the years, Pinkerton has constantly done its bit in order to meet the ever-changing needs of clients both in the domestic and international market. Nowadays, Pinkerton works with some of the great global enterprises on issues that are central to their long-term prosperity, providing critical corporate risk management services. Pinkerton provides a range of solutions that include everything from security consulting and investigations to executive protection, employment screening, protective intelligence, and strategic consultative services.
When Risk Management is in the DNA
Pinkerton believes that risk management is in its DNA. The organization’s passion for protection is what drives its commitment to help its clients meet their business goals. The company takes pride in the work it does, and the trust its clients puts into the company to protect their valuable assets is not something that Pinkerton takes lightly.
Helping to Mitigate Risks
A recent example of Pinkerton’s evolution and innovative nature is the creation and implementation of it’s all new Global Risk Index report. The report helps to recognize the need to understand what types of threats are most prevalent, and where Pinkerton has conducted years of research using numerous global data sources in order to identify common threats and pinpoint where they are occurring and to what extent. The company has also developed a proprietary algorithm, which is used to determine the prevalence of those threats in every country around the world and the probability of them impacting business operations for organizations working within those countries.
A Veteran Leader
Jack Zahran is the President of Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations and has been leading the organizations’ strategic efforts since 2012. Jack’s leadership and business development skills are among the best in the business. He utilizes his extensive experience in the security & investigations industry, and his immense understanding of crisis management, risk management, operations management and private investigations to guide Pinkerton towards a successful future.
Under his able leadership, Pinkerton has expanded its footprint to more than one hundred countries with offices spread across the globe. “Risk continues to become increasingly globalized, meaning that the events taking place halfway around the world are impacting the ability of businesses down the street to achieve their goals,” Jack mentions.
He continues by saying, “This isn’t an industry where you can sit idle, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today, more than 165 years after the company was originally founded, if we didn’t continuously evolve our services and ways of thinking about risk.”
Pinkerton – An Industry Leader
Pinkerton is the industry’s leading provider of risk management services and solutions, and works with some of the largest companies in the world to provide risk mitigation services including security consulting & investigations, employment screening, executive protection and protective intelligence.
Pinkerton’s holistic approach to risk management considers every threat facing an organization and what those could mean for the operations of a firm. After threats are identified, a risk profile is created that outlines how its services can most efficiently be utilized to meet the needs of its client, and keep their people and property safe and secure.
A Trusted Source in Risk Management and Future Roadmap
Pinkerton’s rich history and constant innovation of industry best practices makes it stand out amongst its contemporaries. Staying attentive to emerging trends in the industry and adjusting risk analysis operations accordingly, helps solidify the organization’s reputation as a trusted source in risk management. Pinkerton has realized, in order to stay on the top, it must keep reinventing itself as each passing day the organization encounters newer and more complex threats.
When it comes to future, the world of risk management and corporate security is evolving at a massive speed, with new threats popping up almost daily. Pinkerton believes that it is the job of the organization to help its clients safely navigate the risk landscape and equip them with the necessary knowledge and resources to do their jobs safely no matter what types of threats they might encounter.
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