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Eric Pike, CEO, Pike Corporation

Pike Corporation: Leading Infrastructure Modernization with a Strong Work Culture

With our nation’s increased focus on infrastructure modernization and the energy transition, the ability to incorporate innovative processes and enhanced worker training have become essential for organizations to expand their experience and maintain a strong foothold in this critical sector. With its 75-year track record providing services and solutions for the nation’s infrastructure network, Pike Corporation is one the largest leading engineering and construction companies in the US, covering electric, renewable, telecom and gas infrastructure.

Pike Corporation has a proven track record of partnering with utilities across the nation for its infrastructure upgrades; it has grown from a regional distribution construction supplier to a national engineering and construction partner across multiple service lines. At the helm of Pike Corporation is Eric Pike, the Chairman and CEO, who continuously guides the company toward significant growth.

What makes Pike Corporation a renowned organization in the industry is its quality workforce and the methods they use to perform their tasks. The company specializes in designing, building, maintaining and upgrading critical infrastructure in the US. It also mobilizes thousands of storm responders annually to restore power and normalcy after a hurricane or other major weather event.

Strong Set of Core Values

For over seven decades, Pike has maintained a strong work culture by implementing fine-tuned processes and strategies that foster safety, integrity, and solutions at every level in the organization. Eric shares, “Our customers and employees require industry-leading safety performance. We come to work every day to be the partner our customers can trust with their critical infrastructure. We provide them with solutions across our service lines. Our employees enjoy the challenge of what we do, the sense of accomplishment of safeguarding our nation’s infrastructure, and being a part of something much bigger than the individual.”

Service-Oriented Work Ethic

Going above and beyond the call of duty is a sensibility that Pike employees share. Pike Corporation also does community projects and charitable events in partnership with its customers across its operating areas. However, most people witness them during storm events when Pike’s teams work around the clock to restore power to communities and help life get back to normal.

Foundation for Growth

Pike states that he enjoys guiding the company to new levels of partnership and growth with its customers. He says, “I take great pride in our company providing great jobs that often turn into lifelong careers. I believe we will continue to grow and provide new services and value to our customers as we see the sector transition to a more resilient grid with renewable generation sources, as well as all infrastructure being enhanced with digital communications capabilities.”

Employee Words

Employees concur and share their words of praise for the company’s culture and work ethic. I have been at Pike Electric for four years. I still look forward to going to work daily because I feel like the work I am contributing to makes a difference. The management encourages collaboration and listens to our opinions. I am challenged daily, and there are multiple opportunities for growth. My coworkers are energized and always willing to help each other.

  • Cooper, Lineman

I truly value Pike’s commitment to fostering both Employee and Leadership Development. For example, Pike equips its leaders with courses/materials outlining the industry’s best practices and strategies for successful leadership.

Additionally, Pike supports all employees in pursuing continuing education courses, which is critical to upholding Professional Engineering (PE) and Project Management Professional (PMP) licenses.

Whether it’s hosting periodic “Employee Appreciation” events or soliciting feedback from its employees to continually improve the workplace experience, Pike is a company where employees feel valued. In summary, Pike is a great place to work because Pike values its employees and recognizes the importance of encouraging a work-life balance.

  • Allyson, PE, PMP, Engineering Manager

It takes special individuals to be a good fit with Pike, and I attribute this to our strong work culture, which in turn makes Pike the contractor of choice. Pike’s work culture is made up of hard-working, professional, tenacious employees that will not take “no” for an answer. Pike employees have serving hearts – from blue-collar field employees to leaders; we are all here to serve and help each other. Our main goal is to perform our jobs to not only better ourselves but to ensure the success of each and every project at Pike and the success of the company overall. Our strong work culture precedes itself with over 75 years of excellence in this industry, and we can attribute that to the characteristics presented by each and every employee.

When I interview potential employees or describe Pike to new hires, I always mention our strong culture and how important this is to ensure their employment success at Pike. As I stated earlier, we are a group of extremely hard workers that do not take “no” for an answer, which also speaks volumes for our leadership.

  • Molly, Vice President of Human Resources

In my time with Pike Telecom and Renewables, I’ve found that the company’s leadership does a good job of cultivating a community of trust among peers and within chains of command. The culture largely discourages micromanagement and allows us to really take ownership and initiative for our respective responsibilities. This kind of autonomy has allowed me to specialize to my strengths over time and become a direct stakeholder in the solutions I propose. The company treats employees as subject-matter experts and is very receptive to proposed process innovations. It’s exciting to be involved with a company that allows me to effect change that is tangible both in the organization and in the industry we support.

  • Bronson, Pike Telecom and Renewables Business Analyst

I started Pike in 2006 with the expectation that this was just another company to get me by till the next. I quickly found that Pike was different; they invest in their people at all levels and genuinely care about their employees. Through the years since I’ve watched as Pike has continued to grow yet kept the same core values of taking care of and investing in the growth of their employees. As I have moved into different levels of the company, it has always been clear from Eric Pike down that the employees are the number one asset at Pike, and that will never change.

Another distinguishing part of Pike is how forward-thinking we are, as we never seem to be satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for new cutting-edge ways to serve and train the employees and serve our customers, whether through new virtual training or new online applications.

Whether working internationally or in a rural town here in the states, there is always new opportunities and challenges for me and constant opportunity for self-growth, and the relationships I have made is why I love working for this company.

  • Dustin, Area Supervisor

I feel that the culture here at Pike is a culture that brings the company and its employees together like family. The way I see it is we are family as we work together as a team. The culture here shows that not just one person can do it all by themselves. The culture at Pike gives you the feeling that you always have someone that is looking out for you and being your brother’s keeper. Pike has many great cultures, but I think the culture of teamwork is a huge part of success.

  • Michael, General Foreman

Here at Pike, work culture is everything, and it all begins with leadership. We like to lead by example and use teamwork between all crew members with every task we are handed. It all starts with upper management keeping us informed about what is going on companywide. Quality leadership plays a big role in the work culture at Pike by inspiring strong and innovative work.

One of the biggest parts of our work culture here at Pike that we cannot preach enough is safety. We want every employee to make it home safe every day. We make it our number one goal to be our brother’s keeper. To summarize our work culture here at Pike, it is all about being safe, working together as a team, and getting the job done safely.

  • Joseph, Foreman

“Safety Is Not our GOAL; it’s our JOB.” This here is a quote from the face of our company, Eric Pike. This is what you hear the first day you start with Pike Electric, immediately setting the tone that going home to your loved ones is more important than how much profit you made on that job you completed this week. To show up to work enduring the dangerous tasks we’ve signed up for a day in and day out, knowing that the man whose last name you wear on your chest cares more about your livelihood rather than how he can profit off of you makes you want to show up and do this job to your utmost potential. The culture you buy into when hiring on with Pike Electric is we’re a family, and safety comes first.

  • William, Foreman